Email A B Testing Live on BETA!

Hey everybody happy Thursday Sean coming At you from high level so I have a Really really really really really Exciting uh announcement for today we Have an awesome feature going out on Beta hold on let me see if I can oh it Didn't update weird okay okay hold on Hold on I'm gonna find oh there it is so Check this out this is amazing so okay So first heads up before I get into this If you want to access it you got to go To Beta dot Um and let me see if I can show that to You right here beta.go High Cool awesome that's amazing so next up That's right we have a b testing for Emails that is now live so what is this This is super cool I'm really excited About this the team has been working on This for a while but imagine you know You're sending out emails to people and You obviously want to know well what GMail is performing the best Um we want to look at subject line Variations we want to look at body text Variations we want to look at and then We want to judge based on Behavior right So let's just read through the notes Real quick and then we'll dive into the Screenshots so users will have the Ability to go to the editor the email Campaign enable a b testing as a toggle And then you'll choose do I want to Optimize around the subject or around

The content then we can choose the test Duration uh 30 minutes to 24 hours and The number of variations that you can uh That you have you want you can actually Test up to six which is really cool set The test size so basically you can use The slider to decide what percentage of Contacts we'll see for the different Variations obviously a minimum of 10 Contacts are needed for each choosing Winning criteria um you can uh based on Either open rate or click rate so this Is kind of cool right you can determine Kind of how you want to decide who you Know what is winning and what is not Um and then note during the duration That's set if there were no results We'll click and clicks or opens by Default the first variation will be set Out as a winning variation just as a Default after setting deliverability Details in the send uh schedule screen The user can whoops can test the Different uh variations preview them so Quick um run down here through the Screenshots And I'll show this to you in just two Seconds basically you go in uh to the Campaign you enable a b testing then you Can see right here what do you want to Choose you want to do uh do you want to Do a subject do you want to do content How long variations all that stuff uh And then here you go this is um now you

Once you do this now you can go in and You can actually click through those Variations at the top and actually then Make your modifications Um and then you can obviously uh do what You would normally do which is look at The desktop version the tablet version The mobile version Um obviously we have version history Which is so super cool and then you know As usual Center schedules you're going Out you can send now all that wonderful Stuff uh and then check this out look at These uh email statistics these are Amazing so you can very quickly see Um exactly how many were delivered Opened Etc you can see the winning Criteria you can see the A B test Results very specifically and of course All those amazing uh details down below As well so with that um obviously uh you Can just turn them on right there we Have a help doc here to do that I will That you could actually find just Sitting in the help docs right now so if You go into a you can Just search how to set up a b testing For email campaigns again remember this Is on beta.gohigh so you've Got to be there for it to work but just Huge props to the team for making this Happen Um also huge props to the uh to the team For writing such a great help article as

Well so anyways I hope all of you are Having an awesome Thursday and I can't Wait to bring you more features very Soon thanks

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