Email CC & BCC V1 is Live!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so we have some Awesome announcements today so get ready And strap in so first up ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls conversations Page Cece and BCC for emails version one So this is pretty fantastic so let's Walk this down and we'll look at some Visuals and we'll go through it so the CRM team is excited to announce they've Rolled out the ability to view and Respond to CC users in an email that's Right so if users are marked as CC on an Inbound email Um you can look at the details like what The CC is obviously and you have the Ability to reply to the CC users marked In the email message with a reply Functionality the email events will be Captured for the contact recipient only And the functionality will work in Conjunction with both our two-way syncs For Gmail and Outlook as well which is Pretty awesome so note this is the V1 Roll out of this feature and the next Version will also consist in the ability To add CC and PC so this this is Hey Listen I got an email in it had a CC on It already or BCC on it already I'm Gonna go ahead and hit reply all Um or and then I'm going to kick it back Out to everybody in the future will also Add the ability to say oh you know what Actually I'm going to add a cc that

Wasn't here before that sort of version 2.0 so let's jump into the visuals real Quick so here you go when you look at The message details you'll now note that There's a cc line obvious but cool down There boom as you can see events are Currently captured for the contacts Email address only not the CC And then uh you can of course uh you can See which direction it was and all that So when you reply uh you can see that it Went out to that person so anyways that Is that announcement for today um on That I hope you're pretty excited about It was one of the biggest requested Features we've had um on email for quite Some time and so with that um uh in mind I will see you in the next video thanks

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