Enhancements Order forms, url shortener, and audit logs!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I actually did Take a vacation so I have huge props to Uh everybody on my team for doing an Amazing job letting me take three days Off Um so with that I am back and there are A ton of releases to talk about so first Of all Sean why are you uh sending or Showing or uh putting on screen this Crazy uh weird thing here well here's The deal Um so there are a lot of times there are Some great back-end changes Um and I really don't like to to not Talk about them because I think they Really show a lot of maturity in our Team and a lot of our focus on making Existing things better so first let's Dive into three of those together Um and let me pull up the release notes So we can read through okay so right Here uh the first one I was showing you Is the order form payment enhancement And it says do not announce because I Think that they don't want us to like It's just like oh it's you know don't Don't worry about it no big deal but I Think it's a huge deal so you can look At this they reduced the order form Checkout latency by 1.45 seconds which Doesn't sound like a lot right but when You're trying to check out speed is like Super important and this is a massive

Massive upgrade and so I've been so Impressed uh with this with this update So just you know all you have to see Here is bottom line they may check out a Lot faster so anyways next we'll just go We'll go right to the release notes for This one this is literally URL shortener Updates they moved it to a new API so The URL shortening will be much faster And that actually Echoes throughout the Whole system so that just basically Means workflows will fire off faster Um we'll be able to scale up a lot Quicker you'll get a lot faster Throughput there just makes the system a Lot more a lot faster again you know It's not the kind of thing that you're Going to see a visual change on it just Means that everything's going to run a Lot smoother um and you're never going To you're going to get less workflows That you know it took longer than you Anticipated things like that so it's Just something I want to throw out there I think they did an awesome job and now Let's move on to something up with a Little bit of visual uh Okay so I got my test account up in here So let's talk about audit log so if we Go to settings and I just want to remind You of where this is under audit logs Under settings it's both at the location Level and also in my head here and at The uh agency level audit logs are

Really important they tell us a lot About what's going on in the app and Give us an opportunity to see like why Is that contact deleted who updated that Who made this change right like that Kind of thing it really helps us just do A better job admitting our accounts and Also just you know scaling things up Figuring stuff out anyways on that note We added some updates there and let me Pull those up here uh oh wait hold on Just two seconds Perfect so now when you go to the audit Logs you can see here that you can sort By opportunity and then when you go into It now you can actually see that the Pipeline information is here so before You wouldn't see any of the pipeline Stage change information so that's now Been added to the opportunity update Logs which is really cool and then if we Jump into the uh release notes Here we Can also see on the ux side they remove The filter functionality of the table Record level previously click on any Record at the table filters were used to Get used to get applied all the filters Can now it can all be applied at the Page level and there are some drop down Issues on a component that were fixed so Anyways all kind of like you know I Would sort of say like what seemed like Really small sort of backendy Enhancements but I wanted to package

Them together to show you kind of all The different things that these are Three different teams really focusing in On trying to make kind of everyday usage Better so anyways with that I'll send it Back to you and I will see you in a Minute for another update

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