Event Calendar Update Custom Slot Duration Now 12 hrs!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming to you from high level again Um wanted to just get this quick update Out on the custom slot durations for Calendars so basically um really simple Here with release of the users you had The ability or you have the ability to Create these calendars appointments with Slot durations right um and before they Were only eight hours in length and we Bumped that up to 12 based on feedback So all of that is there so real quick Just to remind you like what what are These custom slot duration calendars all About so these are the ideas of like Let's say I'm gonna have a workshop or a Webinar or a class Um or I'm at a chart or something or I'm Going to have a live event so it's the Idea where you can create a calendar Around that event right Um and before the event could only be Eight hours another event could be 12 Hours right and so anyways um these are Supported these types are supported both In unassigned events like just random Calendars as well as round robin we've Had this feature out before so it's not Exactly uh uh new but this enhancement Is absolutely new but if you didn't know You could do events based calendars that Is absolutely what you can do now this Thing to support like webinars and all Of that good stuff so anyways um all

That is out there on that note I'm I'm Going to drop and I'll just show you a Quick screenshot here uh so you can just Sort of see when you come in here slot Duration custom now you can actually say How long you want that slide duration to Be so that would be like hey I'm gonna Have an hour-long webinar or 12 hour uh Cruise or something so now you can do That I will drop the loom that is posted On here in the group as well so that way You've got it and on that note I hope You are having an awesome Wednesday and I will see you in the next video thanks

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