Expanded Agency Reporting + Funnel Bug Fixes!

Hey everybody happy Wednesday Sean Coming at you from high levels so we've Got a couple updates here today so I'm Really excited about this uh so Obviously right here I am inside the Agency settings and I'm in the sub Account section now we have all this Really awesome reporting but we're Adding more to this so what I'm going to Do here is I'm going to go in and just Uh sort by text messages okay cool now If you click on the reports Some of you have seen these before right Now check this out so if you go down Here see the submissions SMS Appointments and deal overview so what's Happening here is not only are you Seeing all of this broken out really Nicely so check out like the SMS for Example so you can see how many were Sent and you can see like sent delivered Failed all that stuff which is really Cool by day but if you haven't seen this Already you can come up here And you can actually say Okay I want to Change the date range let's say Obviously it's you can't uh do January Quite yet because it's you know not the Not the year but whatever and then and Hit confirm you can actually change this Uh and you can see all of the all of the Stats for those time periods so that's Really really cool I think they did a Great job in fact I also like the fact

That you have like just these hotkeys You can hit this month or you can come In here the last seven days like all That kind of stuff which is really Really really cool so anyways this Reporting all down here is brand new so Definitely come in and check it out why Is this important how is it useful why Are you bothering to do this it's super Simple we want you to be able to know How your customers are doing right and If you come in and you see something Going on this will help you debug some Of it it also can talk it's really about Utilization as well right so um and Where is this all going where we're Gonna go with this is really simple We're gonna move towards a world where You can actually trigger off some of These things so or the lack of some of These things so for example let's say Somebody doesn't log in or submit uh a Form or or get an appointment or Whatever you'll know about them but in The meantime this is where you should Come in and take a look and drill down And see what's going on now obviously Over here if this were me and I were you I'd be like okay I'm gonna go look at The text message lowest first uh oh Affiliate recruitment that's that's That's a danger zone I want to go talk To that customer so that's something uh Of quick note now uh uh uh real quick I

We just have some bug fixes I just Wanted to highlight on the funnels be Right Okay so real quick uh getting duplicate Calls while removing funnel steps funnel Preview GTM body code was failing and Then forms and surveys it looks like Plus symbol of email field was getting Replaced while passing through query Params and I only cover these just Because a couple of things a I know There were just there could be one Person out there who really needed this So I just want you to know that it Happened Um And then also uh just just so that you Realize that we are obviously doing a Lot more than just Um excuse me new features behind the Scenes so anyways with that I hope all Of you are having an awesome Wednesday And we will talk soon thanks

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