Faster Funnels Websites Background Images, Internatilization Updates, & WhatsApp Update!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean Company from high levels so check this Out we've got a awesome update to Funnels and websites today so uh for Those of you who don't know this we have The image optimization which we've had For a while where you can automatically Enable um image optimization but what we Didn't have is we didn't have it for did To do uh the uh setting for the Background images so we now actually Have added it for background images Um so you can check it out so background Images will now be rendered faster and In the webp format so for those who Don't know webp is like a like if you've Ever heard like jpegs or gifs or gifs or Whatever they call them or pngs webp's Like the newer cooler faster version of All that and this automatically will Convert your images into that format as Well as try to optimize the size of Those images as well Um also the existing optimization toggle Needs to be enabled in the website or Frontal settings for that to work so if You go into settings under the funnels You'll see right here that you can turn It on um with that little slider so Anyways go check that out it's an Awesome way to make things faster it Really just means your funnels are going To load faster your websites are going To load faster so huge props to that

Just a quick note as you can see Do not Announce but I love to announce anyways Um the workflows team is killing it on The back end here getting ready for Internationalization there's no real Visual here but just in general as an Update to internationalization for those Who haven't caught this in any of my Other previous videos the new UI that We've been rolling out everywhere has Internationalization sort of baked in by Default and what's really cool about This actually hold on let me see if I Can show you kind of a behind the scenes Thing I just caught in this channel here So check this out like this isn't Perfect so don't judge us too much but Notice like on this page here you can See that there are lots of things on This page that are in a different Language so this is kind of the back end Progress that we're working on now as Soon as we have one page I've made that I've made the team promise me one page I Think it's gonna be a calendar page uh Which you can see right here we're going To launch it but basically the idea is By the end of the quarter we want this Out in all kinds of different languages And again it overall we want to Internationalize the app across the Board so for those of you waiting for That I just want to let you know and Then one quick last note uh we got we

Are really really really close uh to Getting WhatsApp uh fully enabled and Live in the app um we had a great Meeting uh today with meta we've got got All the sort of our uh sorry arguments The uh uh documents out of the way that Needed to be signed for those and uh We're really just kind of running down All the final uh uh debugging and Engineering and approvals and and double Checks and all that wonderful stuff so Anyways on the Note hope you're having An amazing start to your Thursday and I'll see you in the next video thanks

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