Faster image loading + bump product stats funnel & website updates!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so uh check this Out we released uh image optimization a While back and this is on the funnels And this is on websites basically Um it was a scenario where you could Enable it went really well Um it really helped speed up things up So what we're changing today is uh image Optimization uh and optimized images Um on a load is now on by default Um so basically it'll be enabled by Default for all images on new funnels And new websites created Um so that's just a change where I think Before the switch was off and you had to Turn it on but now it's just going to be On so there were some rare cases where People had I don't know monster big Images or weird this or that where that Became an issue so if you for whatever Reason run into those small issues uh Just turn that off I guess and report it As a ticket if you would so we can Definitely take a look but 99.9999 of Funnels and websites just got radically Faster when we implemented this so that Is following website update number one Ignore ignore ignore sorry just rolling Through this look at all these updates These are gonna be in other videos here But I'm looking for oh oh there's Another one in here for the uh funnels And websites come on there it is okay

Cool check this out so uh funnel's Websites what do we change from now on You can see the bump tag so this is Around the stats okay so if you look at Inside a funnel you're going to see These awesome stats so check this action Out so this actually a huge props to the Uh FG funnels team Um and what happens is from now we can See the bump tag for the bump products In the stats tab so users will be able To measure bump product rate effectively So we're also making a maintaining a Record of whether it's a month product Or the main product so note if the user Is editing existing bump product to the Main product it makes payments Considered a main product only stats Calculations you can read all that we Still show the old bump products that Remain uh that old stats remain there no Change blah blah blah but the idea here Right Is that if it's a bump product you want To know it's a bump product and you want To notice you want to know how effective Is the bump being and so now we're Calling it out very specifically so you Know that and so this should make your Ability to optimize the the sales funnel A heck of a lot easier so anyways that Is now live in the funnel so that's the Funnels and websites update for today And I'll see you in the next video


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