Forms & Survey Folders Live!

Happy Wednesday everybody Sean coming at You from high level I am super excited This is a great release I can't wait so Forums and stormy team came out folders Forms and Survey folders are now live That's right folders Um so anyways let's run through it real Quick though Um so uh oh I guess for those of you Don't know we have forms and surveys but Whatever anyways so forms and Survey List page so we've added the folder Section with a new UI folders can be Created edited deleted forms of surveys Can be moved added option to duplicate Pagination is available for the table Last updated and updated buy can be seen For each of the forms and surveys so That gives you a lot more information Which can be kind of useful like who the Heck just modified that form and when do They do it um we also changed uh to the Marketplace API for requests that's a Back-end thing Um uh okay so uh forms and Survey list Analyzed with ad pagination and we Migrated some API stuff um form survey Builder API for the fetch save and um API for fetching a form saving a form And Survey added whoa that's cool um Form survey submission um select tag is Now use async so sorry just reading These for myself okay anyways so how Will this affect you the existing

Customers won't have any difference from The forms and services but moving Forward to be able to create rename and Delete folders which is amazing and you Can see some other engineering updates As well but let's take a look at the UI Um so boom check this out so um this is If you go under sites in the left-hand Menu and then you go to forms you should Now start to see this set up here um as You can see you've got a list you've got Folders um you can obviously come in Here look at all the folders you can uh Go in here and you can actually add your Folders to it you can add forms to it All that good stuff you can see right Here move move to folder duplicate share All of those options this is the new Updated UI too which I think looks so Much better than the other uh the older UI huge props to the team here obviously Creating the folders pretty simple and Straightforward you obviously can search Um Etc all good um obviously search Folder search forms Etc all that awesome Stuff so anyways this is a big release For those of you who create a lot of Forums a lot of surveys now you have This really great ability to organize Them so huge props to the team I know This was a big requested feature for Everybody to get done so anyways um have To also just remind everybody we are at The uh holding our Mastermind today um

Or this week rather in Dallas Texas at The Sattler Hotel super excited it's Twice as big this year as it was last Year cannot wait uh uh to check it out Um and we have some really special Guests as well which is kind of cool Um in fact um there was this really Crazy guy who just rolled by and so let Me see if I can find a picture of him Um oh well first of all that's cool that We just got to meet with mongodb team But Um maybe some of you guys know who this Is maybe you don't but anyways um he's Actually going to be here at the event Um this year I'm super excited about it So anyways on that note I'm going to Send it back to you and I hope all of You have an amazing Wednesday and we Will talk soon bye

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