From Solopreneur To 8-Figure Business Owner with Aleric Heck

A great ad is three big components it Has a hook draws people in captures Their attention it educates it provides Genuine value you have golden nuggets You're sharing real value tangible value On the ad and then you have a clear Emphasized call to action to get people Off of the video and into the rest of Your funnel wherever you're sending People so hook educate call to action [Music] Hi everyone and welcome to another Episode of the high level Spotlight Sessions where we showcase awesome Marketers doing awesome marketing today I am thrilled to be joined by Alaric Heck he's the founder and CEO of AD Outreach the number one Authority for Attracting clients through YouTube ads And video marketing Alex thanks so much For coming on yeah thank you so much for Having me on Chase I'm excited I'm Excited as well I feel like you know You're a a celebrity that we've all seen Across the internet for a while now Um which is really a testament to how Good you are at your craft I think Um you've gone from I mean solopreneur To eight-figure business owner in in What three years Yeah well I I would say Five years of that going from Solopreneur and AD Outreach has been Around for about six years but it was

Basically myself and for the first year There and then I remember bringing on uh Julia who's my CEO now but she came in Originally as an intern about five years Ago and and then now we've got 50 people And it's pretty pretty incredible so Yeah it's been it's been a great journey Nowadays you're known as you know the Expert for YouTube ads but in the Beginning was it that focused or were You guys doing a broader uh variety of Services yeah so it's always been really Focused on YouTube ads and YouTube and I Actually started out on YouTube 13 years Ago with a channel app find I was Reviewing mobile apps right yeah Teaching people how to use their iPhone And that kind of got me into the whole World of YouTube grew that to about half A million subscribers and then I started To discover the power of YouTube ads I Had you know particular mobile app they Sponsored me and they got a bunch of Downloads just by posting the video but They wanted to know how they could reach More people so I ran that video as an ad Got them you know a little over 11 000 Downloads in a week they were blown away And then uh then I started to realize Wait a second YouTube ads is the way to Go and the rest is kind of history but I Basically built up originally you know Running YouTube ads for companies and Then I shift to the model we have today

Which we've had for about four and a Half years four four and a half years Which is a done together model of Training companies on YouTube ads Helping them set them up but also Training and working with their Marketing teams so that they they're Able to know and take the skill long Term so yeah YouTube ads and YouTube That's been uh the focus for quite some Time So before we go deeper into YouTube ads I have to ask you about that transition Because as an outsider it seems kind of Crazy to go from like YouTube Star to Agency owner right like I feel like we Look at YouTubers as like man wouldn't That be the life to just have a huge Following and probably make a ton of Money off uh YouTube ad uh um what do They call it AdSense or whatever Um what made you consider making the Jump into a Services business yeah I've Always just been really fascinated with Video marketing and I really wanted to Get into the business side Um and so I remember exactly when the Moment was that I really decided that This is the direction I wanted to take Really there's two big catalysts Um the first was that initial success With YouTube ads that was while I was Still you know the YouTube channel was The big big focus and I started to hire

Other people like script writers video Editor I had some people they were all College students they're working Part-time contractors right to help me With my YouTube channel it got me got me Back some time let me Focus bigger Picture and that's when I had that Particular app that I mentioned where I Had my first foray into YouTube ads I Saw it was possible that was about eight Years ago now and what really kind of Sealed the deal though is I remember Going to the YouTube conventions VidCon Some of these different conventions and Just talking with other people how they Were a lot more focused on almost the Art of creating really great videos than They were the business side and so one Thing that I realized is I had more in Common Um I remember going to HubSpot inbound About almost exactly six years ago and That's when I really started to to dive In to Um building out like you know this type Of of online business I remember Um really thinking about do I want to go Down the YouTube path or do I want to go Down this path and it just it really Just called me I I love the business Side uh I wasn't as passionate about Making the best video I was passionate About getting the best result Um and that drove me to the business

Business you used to run the channel Yeah I still have the channel and run Right so run is a relative term so I Officially read I remember reading uh The four four hour work week and Actually it's kind of funny because in Some of the interviews I think he says It either later in the book or Um or maybe was an interview where Tim Ferriss talked about how he was going to Call it the one hour work week but People wouldn't believe him so he had The four hour work week and that's Really what I did with app find Um I I actually so basically I have an Hour call with um the person who manages The the channel for me uh every other Week and then I probably have about an Hour of admin every other week as well And then I have video editors script Writers somebody else who's the voice of The channel then somebody managing the Projects they like small team you know a Few people Um and that Channel runs itself on Autopilot and it still basically pays For my uh entire and not that I I in my My day-to-day life live that Extravagantly but like it pays for my Cost of living just having my YouTube Channel Um you know it'll spin off like 10 to 15 000 a month on average of profit and uh You know and I'm able to focus on the

You know ad outreaches as my main uh Main priority but it basically buys a Lot of that kind of freedom of having That channel that still pays dividends Uh even with with not that much work That's so awesome and would you accredit What you're able to do with that channel Two ads or was there a lot of organic Growth strategy in there as well so Originally it was a lot of organic Growth strategy but one thing that I Found later on was the ability to run What are called infeed ads to help the Channel grow Um and those are ads that help promote Specific videos in the search results or Alongside other videos so they're not The typical YouTube ads that we're Probably going to talk about later on in This in this podcast that appear in Front of videos those are more Conversion based ads what what I'm Mostly known for these were more in-feed Ads to help grow your channel grow your Viewership and so definitely run those Ads on on app find and we have Um we have ads that are designed to grow The channel increase the impact we have A specific sponsor sometimes they want Us to promote videos a little bit more Um at the same time it was a blend of Organic growth and ads and in the early Days it was it was all organic Cool so let's talk YouTube and you know

I feel like a broken record here but Until it changes I'm going to keep Saying it every time I speak with a YouTube ad expert I'm like I can't Believe that it still feels like this Secret weapon that the majority of Marketers are not leveraging and it Seems crazy to me because you can run These ads and if people skip them you Don't even pay for them right like a lot Of this is just free branding so I gotta Ask you why are we have we still as Marketers not caught on to this sort of Superpower that's just sitting right Here I no it's crazy I feel like I've Been shouting it from the rooftops for Such a long time one of my classic ads YouTube ad beat Facebook ads every time That's one of the classic ads that that You know I've I've ran millions and Millions of views on that ad and I feel Like I keep shouting it from the Rooftops and people are still surprised When they hop over they see the great Results from YouTube and they say why Didn't I do this sooner and I think a Big part of it is there is a little bit More of a barrier to entry which is one Of the things that actually makes it Better for the people that take that Leap because if you think about it if There's a higher if there's a little bit Of a barrier to entry you have to create A video then people are wondering okay

What type of video should I create which By the way I'll give you all the Frameworks give everybody listening Frameworks for that like I gotta create A video what type of video should I Create some people don't feel confident On camera I'll talk a little bit about That as well Um about how you can feel confident on Camera and how actually being authentic Is such an important part of video Because you know people aren't looking For the Polish you know celebrity person You know TV person they're looking for Somebody like them that's on YouTube That has their own natural quirks like You know is on camera can connect with Someone Um on a deeper level and the way to do That is by being your authentic self Um and I think that it's just some People they either are afraid of being On video or the barrier to entry they Don't know where to start and hopefully This podcast can be you know a great First step for anybody who's uh Interested and excited about video Because there's so much power on YouTube Ads and uh creating these video ads that Way well let me pick your brain uh Through two different lenses I would say First is you know our community agency Owners listening probably thinking okay How do I leverage YouTube for myself for

My agency right and I think you you kind Of just let into it there right be Yourself Um you know be who you are hop on camera Don't be afraid of it what's your advice On well what what do I talk about in the Video is do you have any quick tips on On video and how many videos should Should you make and run is it is it you Just need one and you're going to run That thing or do you need 10 of them That you you know rotate how's it work Yeah so exactly on on the YouTube ad Side what what we recommend and what I Recommend is creating Um creating multiple ads but from one Base video so what I can tell you is how You can actually film a dozen different Ads but it feels like only filming two Videos the way to do that is by filming Multiple hooks a couple versions of your Educate section your call to action so a Great ad is three big components it has A hook draws people in captures their Attention it educates it provides Genuine value you have golden nuggets You're sharing real value tangible value On the ad and then you have a clear and Good size call to action to get people Off of the video and into the rest of Your funnel wherever you're sending People so hook educate call to action Now let me dig in real quick because I Feel like I could I could really help

People here Hook how many seconds are we talking oh Great question so usually you want to do About 15 to 30 seconds in the hook and You there's a few different types you Can basically have a problem solution You could have a question uh bold Statement uh like the YouTube ads be Facebook ads every time uh you could Also do more of a curiosity hook so what If you could you know XYZ the thing that People are looking for so there's a few Different types of hooks that you can Create and you actually want to create a Few different hooks so that's what I was Alluding to earlier you want to have Hook one hook two hook three hook four Hook five come up with a question hook Right so what's the question that you Could ask your ideal client maybe a Problem solution hook uh Facebook ad Costs are going through the roof and it Almost feels like even when you have a Great campaign they're almost impossible To scale so what if you could use YouTube ads to you know dot dot dot Right so that's that's one hook then you Have a bold statement Hook YouTube ads Beat Facebook ads every time you have The Curiosity hook what what if you Could ethically hijack your competitors Traffic and send it directly into your Own funnel we'll show you how to do that On YouTube right so there's a few

Different types of hooks that you can do Um you know you can do a pure kind of Value hook uh uh this is my you know 200 Million dollar YouTube ads PDF you watch This video I'll show you exactly how you Can get it for free so you could Basically have these different types of Hooks and see what's going to perform The best for you Um on the back end so test different Hooks so a few of these different hooks 15 to 30 seconds the educate that's Where you could do about a minute and a Half to two minutes I actually recommend Adding real tangible value golden Nuggets and and why do we call them Golden nuggets well because they are Incredibly valuable but they're also Very small so they're small pieces of Value that you can give your viewers you Don't want it to go on and on and on Um you do want your ad typically to be Somewhere between two and three minutes Long Um however you also want to make sure You're actually providing value because The most common mistake people make on YouTube is they'll have a hook so be Like do you have this big problem okay We'll go you know sign up for my webinar Or download my PDF but There's not much value that's actually Being delivered there so people are Gonna be less likely to sign up because

You haven't uh reciprocated in value and So what you want to do is provide value On the ad give them those golden nuggets Uh maybe it's a few uh misconceptions That you're busting a few key things to Do maybe you're teaching them on one Topic a little bit for a minute and a Half whatever it happens to be providing Real value and then the call to action That's typically going to be about 30 Seconds long so you kind of add it all Up you know 30 seconds a minute and a Half to two minutes another 30 seconds You put it all together it's usually Going to be about two and a half to Three minutes long and that's what I Recommend with um with your YouTube ads Nice so let me ask you one more specific Question about the call to action I know YouTube is getting better at getting People from the the video to you know Through a link or whatever like you know Now I know on my Apple TV you can like Send it to your phone and stuff like That do you say do you like as far as a Call to action and you know click the Link or whatever or do you say like go To to claim whatever or you Know whatever the CTA is so I say I say I do say to click the link Um one thing with with uh TVs is we Typically will exclude those on Conversion campaigns so interesting for That yeah the reason for that is we've

We've done a lot of testing and one of The things I like to say too is we've Got depth and breadth right so we spend A lot on ads ourselves and we've got Literally thousands of clients Um that we were able to you know that We've been working with and help on YouTube and so we can see their accounts As well and typically TV is going to Work better if it's more of a branded Type of campaign you can do QR codes Pretty well on TV or like what you said Saying the URL Um but if you're going through YouTube QR that's interesting if you are Interesting yeah so you could do like a Little QR in the side and you could Basically have people scan it the Downside with that though is still You're gonna get conversions but what You're gonna miss out on is is the Conversion reporting is going to be Pretty bad because they're going from This device to this device TVs the way It shows up is very different so you're Really not going to get a lot of cross Device conversions unless they're really Actively signed into each device and so There's all these different factors that Are included there but what I would say Is for typically with conversions you're Going to want to exclude TVs do more Computer mobile tablet Um where you're going to have a little

Bit a little bit of a better ability to Send people directly to that next step Now there's exceptions to every Rule and Also retargeting TV can work really well Because if somebody's logged into their TV and they've opted into something on Their phone or their computer but they Haven't taken that final step you can Remind them on the TV you know hey don't Forget to book your strategy call or Don't forget to you know purchase this XYZ Um that's going to be a good opportunity Or even a testimonial showing up on Their TV that's a great opportunity to Get in front of them again but in terms Of conversions yes they have that where It can you know cross over to the phone But it doesn't not as many people do That and then also it's harder to track Those conversions on the back end even When they do yeah I mean every time I See it I'm like oh that's cool and the Few times I've I've gone to just test it The ads over before I even figure out What's going on you know what I mean so I feel like there's still a lot of work For them to do there but it's cool to See them trying to bridge that divide I Would say Okay so my next question for you is That all makes sense and those were Those were some great nuggets thank you For that as far as um all right how am I

Going to do this for my agency now when It comes to how am I going to do this For my clients Are you do you because in my mind I'm Immediately torn it's like okay is it I Need to get my clients to get in front Of the camera and that's going to be Really hard or is it I could scale this Some other way by creating videos that I Could use across my clients assuming I Work within a single Niche or something Like that like what are your thoughts on How to scale this out across clients Yeah so we've had people do it both ways And it really is going to depend Specifically on how your agency is set Up and the relationship you have with Clients what I will say is typically if If you're in more of a a personality Driven brand right where there's a Specific person getting them on camera Is the way to go because then you're Going to be able to have that you know Have them be that spokesperson of the Brand they're on video and typically You'd want to write out the scripts like That so you know I kind of alluded to it Earlier you'll have multiple hooks maybe Do a couple educate sections if you have Different call to actions you might do a Couple different call to actions and Then just put them all together like Lego blocks you know hook one educate One call to action hook you know two

Educate one call to action two you know Or whatever so you put them all together And it feels like you filmed a couple Videos but you end up with a dozen Different ads so that's going to be a Little bit easier if you're an agency And you're going to a client and you can Basically tell them hey we can actually Create 12 or even 20 24 different Variations of your ad it's going to feel Like you film two to three videos and we Can do this once and then we're gonna Have a lot of videos to test and so you Could go into a film shoot Um you could film all that in a half day Film shoot you could end up with really As much as 24 different ads that's one Of the things you know in our webinar That we talk about is if you put it Together if you do six different hooks You do two different educate sections Two different call to actions that's 24 Different videos uh combinations that You can create that you can split test And you could film all of that in an Afternoon and that's that's the power so If you go to somebody as an agency or a Business owner and you say hey we're Actually going to end up with 24 Different videos from this one film Shoot it's a lot more compelling for Them to actually want to do it because Then they know you're not going to be Asking every you know every every couple

Months or every month or every couple Weeks to do new videos and typically Once you have an ad that really hits the Average life cycle is about six months Um we have ads that have run for years We also have ads that you know sometimes Die out in a month or two it depends uh But typically the average life cycle That we've seen is about six months Which is way longer than Facebook and Also way way way longer than Tick Tock Where those can die out in in like a Couple weeks Um so that's that makes a lot of sense So what about the flip side of that can I make an ad uh using a an actor or Someone from my staff See that it works and then use that for Multiple accounts is YouTube okay with That does that can that work Absolutely so there's a couple different Ways you can do it here depending on Again how you're you're setting up the Agency so one way that you could do it Is you can create an ad that um you Could use across multiple clients and so We've had different agency clients do This like let's say you're getting Chiropractor leads well you could create An ad using an actor actress Um in that chiropractor ad and you could Get them as a spokesperson you could Also do an actual casting on location Shoot again it depends on where your

Agency is at what your budget is for This Um but different ways to do it then what You could do is just have that run Either that one ad or individually in Different accounts but here's the great Part you can connect multiple ad Accounts to the same YouTube channel and It's even easier if you have an MCC Manager account in Google so if you're An agency and you have a manager account You can link up that YouTube channel to Uh to you can look up that YouTube Channel to all of your accounts in one And have it be a shared resource you can Also create shared conversions and send People to a funnel so you know what you Could do you could use uh well you'd Want to do it on the back ends you Probably would want to do different um You know within and especially here in High level right you're going to have Those different funnels that you use so You use different funnels there's ways We've seen people do it where they kind Of sort out the back end of its Geography base because then they look at Like yeah we're seeing more and more of This hey yeah it's a franchise and they Want to generate leads at the top and Then disperse them out across the Locations and stuff like that so I see Where you're going exactly so that's one Way that people do it but the other way

That people do it is they just have Individual funnels for everything and What you could do is just have the Shared resource the the YouTube channel As a shared resource in different ad Accounts and you just clone that funnel Across your different uh different Clients and then run it that way and That's exactly what you can do you have That one great creative that you know Works and then just spread that out Um what some people do as well is if you Want more hyper localized you can also Hire a spokesperson to say the specific Area that that franchise might be in or That particular business might be in Which which will give a boost in Conversions but there's obviously also The the time and monetary cost so you Have to weigh the pros and cons uh it Just again depends on what your overall Strategy is but anytime you can localize Especially if it's a brick and mortar Business you're advertising for Um it's going to give you a boost up Because think about how many ads do you Actually see on YouTube not Facebook There's a lot more on Facebook but on YouTube that is a hyper localized like You know here in Austin or here you know Whatever it happens to be like very very Rarely which to me again it just seems Like such a golden opportunity because For me at least I see the same ads all

The time and I'm like man there is Really no inventory out there like Nobody's bidding after me it's crazy Um I wanted to ask you you know going Back to like actually having clients Film ads and stuff I don't know have you Messed with the new continuity camera From iPhone to laptop I mean I played With it the other day and being able to Use your phone camera now I feel like is A game changer you know if I were Running an agency I feel like it'd be Way easier for me to get video out of my Clients like really good quality video It is a game changer the iPhone camera Is so good Um what I typically will recommend is Just people film an ad on an iPhone and They get a simple tool a gimbal you can Pick these up on Amazon they're anywhere From well some are a little bit less but The good ones are usually from like 100 150 is this Gimbal and you could put Your phone on the gimbal you can Stabilize it the one that I like is the DJI osmo mobile I think we're up to five Now it's either five or six but whatever The latest one is and basically it it'll Stabilize your phone so even if your Hand moves the phone is stabilized and You can get one for yourself but you Could also you know have have clients Pick one up uh or you know again if You're a higher touch agency like let's

Say you're having them film the thing But you could gift them the gimbal it's A nice gift right a nice like welcome to The team gift exactly exactly so you Could you could give them that so There's different different ways that You could you could go around with it But the gimbal is perfect you get a Gimbal you get an iPhone and then if You're gonna record it outside in a play That might be a little bit windy or Noisy you just pick up some air pods and You can use use air pods as well and That records really good audio so really All you need Um again that depends on the noise level I prefer without air pods if I'm filming Indoors Um but all you really need is the iPhone A Gimbal and possibly some air pods and You could create really high quality Video for YouTube without any any other Equipment that's awesome all right so Now I want to ask you about a term that I've seen you use a couple of times Which is 3D 3D targeting what is this is It specific to YouTube or is this more Of like a strategy so this is an Overarching strategy but then all How it specifically applies to YouTube Share some of the uh the the targeting Strategies that we have so what you want To do is you want to reach the right Person we're going to talk about how to

Do that in a second but the right person With the ability to invest with the Right video ad now we already outlined What that right video ad is so that's The hook educate call to action so you Think about it as a Venn diagram right You got to have the right ad the right Message right so the right message is Layered with the right person and the Ability to invest we're going to work Our way backwards to that person so we Already talked about the video hook Educate call to action now let's talk About how can you target somebody with The ability to invest it sounds like That's almost uh unheard of like how can You focus on uh what I call Proactive Lead quality well what you can do is you Can first of all very low hanging fruit Is you could Target based on the Geographic region that you serve so Again especially if you're an agency You're serving specific areas on YouTube You could go all the way down to a Street address and a radius around that So that's one simple way you also have Their demographics you can do this a Standard you know different age Demographics different you know parental Stats things like that Um but the other thing that is really Powerful uh in the United States uh and Other specific countries you have some EU has their own thing with with uh you

Know some of the gdpr stuff but in the United States you can actually run Household income targeting that is Scarily active really it's way better Than Facebook has zip code income Targeting but that just means you're Targeting all the people in California Basically because it's based on the ZIP Code versus based on individual devices So Google has built up and has all of These data points about everybody and it Knows you know from the things that You're buying online you know because it Has Google Search right it knows what You're searching it has Google analytics Installed in the vast majority of Websites Gmail it gets all the receipts That get sent there's a reason Gmail is Free right Google Chrome All of these different things it has all Of these data points about everything You're doing and they know with a high Degree of accuracy what is your likely Household income and so you can Target People based on you know top ten percent Twenty percent thirty percent household Income Um you can exclude lower 50 which is Typically what we're going to recommend For most businesses and that's again I I Want to go out and support all kinds of People you know I love creating content On YouTube that can help people lift Themselves out of that lower fifty

Percent but that being said when I want To run ads I'm putting my dollars out There I want to be spending High dollars On people that actually are going to be Able to take advantage and the other Thing too is people don't necessarily Want to see an ad for something that They can't afford or you know aren't Going to be a good fit for so what you Want to do is you want to Target based On household income this is one of the Big keys to ability to invest when we Talk about that this one shift can Double the results of your YouTube uh in Your return on ad spend of your YouTube Ad campaigns Um literally overnight and I've seen it Happen many times we've had clients come In they're already running YouTube ads Not following our strategy that you know They had some other strategies they were Running and in addition to other things That we can change and there's we're Going to talk about some targeting in a Second one quick shift you can make is We just turn off that lower 50 household Income typically we'll turn off unknown Income and will only scale into that When we need to scale the campaigns so Usually what we'll do is depending on Your business at least do top 50 but if It's something where it's a higher Ticket Um Service uh coaching Consulting

Product Um whatever it happens to be I would go Top 30 or higher and if you're really Dealing with only High income earners Like we have some people that teach real Estate investment uh you know coaching You know we have people that you know Sell TurnKey investment properties Things like that those types of Businesses you might even want to Target Top 10 household income earners so you Can go in and Target those and that one Change can make a really big difference Now again your mileage may vary so you Might want to increase if you're you're Running into scalability problems you Can broaden it you can go a little bit Wider Um or if it's we're running into quality Issues you could also shrink down and Get more and more on that higher income Bracket in terms of your targeting is There a scale of The the cost of what you're selling like Let's say I'm selling you know fifteen Hundred dollar service packages does That mean I need to to go a little I can Go a little lower on the income scale or Do I need to go higher like how does That correlate yeah so I'll tell you What I generally recommend what I do Want to say though is that this is you Know again your mileage may vary so I Would go out and test different things

So what I would say is and what we Recommend to our clients is a baseline Is if if your product or service is over A hundred dollars then I would remove Lower fifty percent we talk about that Because also lower fifty percent if you Think about it look the lower lower 50 Of household income earners have less Than a thousand dollars in their savings Account which again I want to you know Change that there's you know like Entrepreneurship we can't help the Reality and so if we're looking to Target people You know a hundred dollars is really the Max that we want to have targeted to Lower fifty percent so I would exclude That then if you have something that's Over a thousand dollars I would exclude The the fifty to four or forty to fifty Percent so I just do top 40 if it's over A thousand if it's over three thousand I Would do top thirty percent if it's over Um So typically like it was over ten Thousand five to ten thousand I would do Top twenty percent and then if it is Like a Sometimes I say 10 000 but really it's If it's more like twenty twenty five Thousand dollars or more like people do TurnKey real estate investing like top Tier like you're looking to really reach The people that are in that top income

Bracket I would do top 10 so in general That's that's roughly where you'd want To go Um if you're something on the higher end Side I would definitely be playing Within that 30 20 or top 10 uh that's Awesome that that gives a much clearer Picture I appreciate that okay so we've Got two two of the circles on our event Diagram right yes now the third is Reaching the right person so the right Person is all built around Google's Ai And their machine learning algorithm so YouTube's rolling out some of some big Updates around their artificial Intelligence um they're rolling out a Lot uh going into uh this this upcoming Year and one of the big things that is Really important is they've made this Extra emphasis on what are called Audience segments audience segments is The ability to Target People based on Custom keywords that describe that Person or things that they've looked up In the past either on Google or websites They visited so the first way are with Um essentially what used to be referred To as custom Affinity audiences now uh Now it actually just has kind of a Longer label it's basically you know Custom Custom segments that are built Around purchase intentions and interests Um so purchase intentions and interest And so if you're targeting that what

You're looking to do is Target Target People that Google knows with all their Data and we talked about this earlier They have so many millions and millions Of different data points you're Targeting somebody that Um Google knows fits these different Definitions and for us to be somebody Who's looking up YouTube ads or Facebook Ads or interested in Um video ads uh business marketing uh Advertising all of these different words That describe what they're looking to do So what they're interested in what their Purchase intentions are it's similar to How if you look at on Facebook you could Put in these different uh you know Behavior targeting so I know some of Your listeners might be familiar with Facebook you could basically do that but On Google and you don't have to just do The pre-built ones that are Facebook Pages or these different pages you can Actually put in basically any word and Term and Google's going to determine is This person a match for that term and That's just an absolute Game Changer Power on Google and it just speaks to The volume of data that they have so you Can create what are called these these These essentially Um custom segments around purchase Intentions and interests so that's one Bucket that bucket's really powerful but

There's also two more ways to Target People that get even more powerful as we Go so the next one are formerly known as Custom intent audience But really these are audience segments Based on Google searches people have Done so you can actually Target people On YouTube based on searches they've Done on Google recently and so that's The ability let's say somebody's looking Up on Google you know how do I run YouTube ads you know what's the the best Uh you know CRM for my agency whatever It happens to be people are looking that Up on Google you can show them a YouTube Ad Shortly thereafter Based on what they've searched recently On Google this is really powerful and if You're running an agency if you're doing Any I'm about to give you a massive Golden Nugget value bomb pay attention Here we go here we go that is doing any Type of Google pay-per-click advertising Google search ads if you're doing Google Search ads for any of your clients this Is a massive low hanging fruit you take The best PPC keywords that are getting the best Return on Google search and you Literally copy them over to a YouTube ad Campaign that has this custom intent Audience segment built around Google Searches there's two check boxes one is

For Um one is for the purchase intentions I Talked about earlier the other is for Google searches you choose Google Searches you put in all of those Different keywords that are performing The best you just sort by you know most Uh or lowest cost per conversion or most Conversions whatever happens to be your Value you and you have all these Different conver these high performing Keywords you copy them over and now You're running YouTube ads to the same People that have searched for those Search terms but at a fraction of the Cost literally in some of these high Value Um search terms like let's take lawyers For instance you could get a tenth the Cost uh or a fifth the cost on YouTube Per click than you would over in Google Search because people aren't doing this Everybody's competing on the search side For you know uh best lawyers in a Certain geographic region but you could Target on YouTube people who have Recently searched that on YouTube and It's pretty quick too uh on YouTube Again they don't give you the the data Of when they searched it versus when They get served the ads also because it Varies but you're reaching those same People yes maybe a little bit later so It's not the exact intent there's a

Trade-off to everything but that's a Really powerful way for you to get a low Hanging fruit campaign if you're running Running PPC campaigns just turn those Into Custom Custom audience segments With Google search intent and you're Going to be yeah that seems like a Really good way to drive down the total Cost per conversion if you're running Ads and you're like right at that limit Where it's like yeah the client you know They want they really want to be Converting it lower than this if you can Bring it down from the YouTube side that Makes a lot of sense a question that Popped up in my mind when you were going Through that is when I'm sitting down to Type in what I think people are Searching Does Google tell me if I if that makes Sense are they like oh I see what you Mean but now they really searched this Or you know do like it's almost like um Google Trends is that kind of built into The the product Yes so you you'd be able to see exactly What somebody uh searched or the Keywords that they used and where your Content showed within Google and YouTube As well one thing that's worth noting is Is YouTube is now shifting further away From specific content targeting in the Past selecting a variety of different Videos and towards this Ai and machine

Learning algorithm and so what I really Developed is what I call my Alpha AI YouTube ads targeting strategy where You're achieving Alpha results with with Google's AI because if you think about This and I'll give you one more really Powerful audience just a second but I Want to illustrate this point if you Think about it Google now has this AI Here and if you look at the world of Let's just take an example right let's Take the world of stock trading in the Past all you needed to do was be better Than your neighbor before all the Algorithms because you just had to have A better strategy right better strategy Than your neighbor then when all these AI algorithms all these Bots stock Trading Bots came into play if you had The latest bot you could really destroy Your competition because you were so Much better but then what happens when Every single person has access to Artificial intelligence machine learning It's like two robots playing chess Against each other you're at a stalemate And so what you need is you need to Really bring in an alpha strategy on top Of the artificial intelligence bring Back the human strategy so what you want To do is have the combination of an Alpha strategy and the artificial Intelligence Google has and pair those Together and that's what our strategy is

All about so you heard what we're Talking about is adding in these Keywords and building out these custom Segments not just relying on what Google Has itself or just letting Google's Algorithm do the trick we're actually Building out these segments and then Seeing which ones work trimming the fat What doesn't work focusing on what does So you want to have that Alpha component That's how you're going to get better Results than average and that's what you Know if you're listening to this you You're striving to do you don't want to Just get the average results you want to Get better results and that's really What that Alpha AI strategy is all about Uh and and what's so important about it Very interesting I I keep hearing out of Curiosity when people are talking about Um Regular Google ads performance Max is Is the the name for the AI That's Driving that is this also performance Max or is this something different So it's it's a little bit different than That and performance Max is something We're consistently testing it's working Better for e-commerce and that's what I Keep here you know exactly like direct Uh you know lower ticket uh more product Based uh items and the reason for that That I think is happening is the quality Just isn't there yet so where you can Get higher quality when you're putting

In more of the YouTube ads directly Google's AI on performance Max just Isn't performing that same degree that The YouTube ad sets we're talking about More is using Um these audience segments and a Specific type of of optimization right So so there's a toggle that you can do So optimize for conversions where Google Will use their AI even in a YouTube ad Campaign Um to optimize and actually reach more People and get more conversions from That and so that's what we're more Focusing on is what Google's built out On the YouTube side but it is really Interesting what they're doing with Performance Max and we're constantly Testing that Um that and uh and YouTube short ads are A big uh big part of what we've been you Know really dialing in what is that Looking like what are you seeing over There with shorts yes so we're actually Seeing really strong results with shorts For specific I for specific ads Um it's actually better to more B to C On the short side which makes sense as Opposed to sure you know there's a lot Of B2B success over both B2B and b2c That is to say on traditional YouTube Um and for ourselves like when we're Testing it for ourselves Um you know we're more you know looking

Out to Target businesses so we also have A program that talks about organic video Growth and you know building out and or Like scaling uh and getting clients from From video that's kind of a mix it's not Quite b2c but it's like a I call it like Business to entrepreneur right Um and that particular uh those Particular ads for our video clients Challenge like a free challenge we teach People how to grow on YouTube uh Organically before they get into ads Um that's performing really well uh in Terms of our clients we're still rolling Out some of these strategies because We're definitely cautious on making sure That we have all the strategy in place Right now with shorts it's more of a Beta feature before they roll it out Coming in uh in January Um or in early 2023 we believe it's Going to be January they're also going To be paying creators for shorts too so My prediction is YouTube shorts over the Long term is going to overtake Tick Tock Because they're paying right and if you Look at this they're paying creators and They're going to pay them a 45 split of The ad Revenue they're generating They're also rolling out a new ad Platform specifically for not ad Platform a new ad uh targeting type Specifically for shorts that's going to Come out at the same time so right now

There's ways to do it but you have to be In a beta there's also kind of a way to Hack the you know Jerry rig it to set it Up where you have a short ad and a Regular campaign you you know you Target Only mobile things like that Um but what my big prediction is is if You look at shorts already the amount of YouTube short content that's being Viewed and they released a study I don't Have it off the top of my head but just The amount of content that's being Created and viewed is already pretty Staggering And it also has more longevity so Because you have the title exactly yeah And people can search it it has more Longevity it's showing up in the YouTube Search results Um and they're going to pay their Content creators right now they're not So it's hard to like they're already Doing really well but this is before They even start to pay these creators They have a very small amount that People are getting but it's about to get A lot more and completely Eclipse any Amount of money that you can get on Tick Tock or at least from the ads side of Things and so I don't think tick tock's Going away I think it's going to go the Route of Snapchat versus Instagram right It's going to be a secondary player Instagram kind of took over with stories

I think it's going to be similar on YouTube taking over I don't think it's Going to be a Kill Shot I think it's Just going to be that YouTube shorts is Going to be the dominant place like YouTube's gonna retake their dominance On the video side it's not going to be a Question uh between you know who Actually owns video I Feel they're going To own both long form and short form and Tick tock's going to be another platform That I think is still going to exist There's benefits to it there's also Really interesting things on the ad Platform on that side but I feel that YouTube is going to be regain their Status is really the Juggernaut not just In long form but also in short video as Well that's really interesting and it Makes a lot of sense and I think it's Exciting for anyone who's accepted the Fact as an agency and a marketer that Hey we have to get good at producing the Short form vertical video content Because Instagram and Facebook are going Or sorry yeah Instagram and Facebook are Going full on Um story style tick tock's already Proven it and now YouTube's doing it so You'd be stupid not to post it across All those places right and so if you're Just posting it across anywhere that it Makes sense and all of a sudden you Start seeing YouTube provide better

Results because like you said it gets Indexed I mean YouTube is the second Biggest search engine in the world right So you're getting this long tail traffic And benefits from it well of course People are going to start to be like Wait a minute like let's focus more over Here now they're going to start paying Me to create content over here Um that's very very interesting and It'll be interesting to see how it all Plays out I'm shocked at the traction They've gotten on it already it seems Like they're all right there are already A lot of people talking about YouTube Shorts yeah and and this is only the tip Of the iceberg because they start it's Gonna be a flip a a switch that they Flip and it's gonna be in this in in the Early part of next year Overnight you're going to see the Quality and the amount of people posting On shorts just go through the roof Because people are going to start to Realize how much money that they're able To make just on shorts and content good Content creators are going to follow Where that where that money is and the Ability to make money and my prediction Will also be tick tock's gonna fight Back they're going to release more Revenue sharing because they're going to Need to do that but I think that YouTube Is going to be the primary platform like

You said you might as well post Everywhere I highly encourage uh Encourage that especially you know if You're listening to your agency Encourage your clients to do that they Just need to create long-form like you Know a long form video a week and Obviously you can do more but like a Minimum right like let's say one YouTube Video per week and then uh you know and Then a short a day like seven shorts you Can actually create shorts from those Long form videos too now it is better to Record more native but like you know Even if the bare minimum you just have Them do one YouTube video per week and Then create these shorts from it and Then do a short per day and you just Cross post those everywhere the long Form videos you post on YouTube I'd Recommend building it for YouTube and Then you can cross post on LinkedIn you Can cross post on uh in a Facebook group Igtv if you want and then you take the The vertical video YouTube shorts Tick Tock IG reels Facebook reels you can Cross post everywhere uh you know Snapchat if you want like you can cross Post everywhere there as well but what I Think is YouTube is going to be the Hub Where people are creating the long form And vertical for YouTube and then They're cross-posting elsewhere right Now it does feel like people are

Creating long form for YouTube but short Form for tick tock yeah cross posting to YouTube shorts and IG reels and things Like that so I think that's going to Shift I think it's going to be primarily Focused on YouTube in the future Wow Alex all right I feel like I need to Uh to stop here it's let everyone kind Of go digest everything that they just Heard but you did mention that you have Some free resources that people could Grab if they want to start digging in And getting better at YouTube ads or Even or maybe even just getting started Where can they go to claim that stuff Absolutely so you can go to gift that's slash gift at gift I actually have eight Different gifts that are available to You on building up uh your YouTube ads I've got my 200 million dollar YouTube Ads PDF omnipresent retargeting at a Retarget everywhere organic Channel Growth um it's all there the one last Thing I want to make sure I close the Loop on this as well the Third Way of Targeting is with URL audience segments You can literally take URLs of either Competitor sites or complimentary sites Put them into an audience segment and Then Target People based on people that Have gone to those websites or similar Sites that's even more powerful it's

Just another one that seems crazy that Like the fact that you can do that seems Nuts it is it's it's absolutely it's Crazy that's why I want to make sure That I was able to share a little bit of That too and I talk about it more in in The webinar and some of the stuff that We have but it's crazy I call it the Industry secret because a lot of people Don't know about it you can literally go In and Google will prompt you to say What URLs you want to Target you might Be thinking well how accurate is that How can they do that well people don't Go straight to the URL where do they go They go to Google most people Google Something then click the link there or What they do is you know that they go on Go to the site on their Google Chrome Browser and most sites have Google Analytics installed or they click click A link on an email so they know where People are going you know again we don't Have a way of knowing exactly how much They map but I I think they have a Pretty they definitely know the majority Of the websites that you visit and Because of that you can tap into that Data if you know how to and one way is To create these audience segments based On browsing history Amazing that's insane all right guys Well uh the URL one more time was ad gift correct yes that's

Correct at gift Alec thank You so much for coming on and being so Generous with your insights I feel like People are gonna be watching this one Over and over again to to again digest Everything that we cover but really Appreciate you coming on absolutely Thank you so much for having me on Chase This is awesome Thanks for watching guys we'll see in The next one [Music]

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