Funnel Lock Down Feature Now Live!

Hey happy Thursday everybody shout Coming at you from high level so I'm Super excited about this feature this Thing is so awesome so check this out so Uh okay so basically today you know you Can share out uh funnel funnel links With people right and the problem Sometimes that is let's just say you Have like the most amazing funnel ever You share with somebody and then they Turn around and you like maybe you sell It something right like and then all of A sudden it's like popping up everywhere You're like wait a second I didn't sell It to that person I didn't sell to that Person and really what's happening in That situation right is people are kind Of basically sending your stuff out to Someone else without them without you Getting any credit or any revenue for That so we wanted to fix this and so we Uh today is the day and we have so Here's what's up previous share funnel Links were open for everyone which means Anyone can access them so that's what I Sort of explained and now what you have Today is you have the ability to Actually go out and change that so look Option one so let's pull this up so Share a funnel anyone has link this is Kind of that default today Um and as you can see uh sure uh okay so Then the ability here can you can now Actually you can actually restrict it

Whoa uh you can actually restrict it Sorry it's on the screenshot there it is Boom remove sharing and so what you can See let's go down here so if anyone out From outside the agency tries to use the Funnel shared only within the agency They'll get this error message sorry Permission error it's a protected funnel And yeah cannot be created here so this Is an awesome way for you to protect Your IP make sure your stuff isn't being Chaired out to people you don't want it To be shared out with all that awesome Wonderful stuff Um um this is on the pro account so if You haven't uh upgraded the pro account Please do so you can get Advantage Excuse me access to this feature um so Anyways I hope all of you who are Looking for this feature waiting for This feature are pumped up um just like I am and on that note we are all having An awesome Thursday and we will talk Soon thanks

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