Funnel Updates Share funnel links, hosted video params, & blog element categories!

Hey everybody happy Tuesday this is Sean Coming at you from high level I wanted To jump in I apologize it took me a Little bit I am in Dallas Texas uh today And for the rest of the week for our Mastermind so I'm just excited to be Here for all of you who are coming can't Wait to meet you but um without further Ado let's jump into today's releases so We've got as you can see here this one's Got a lot of detail to it so I kind of Wanted to go into the release notes so That anybody who wanted to kind of read This by pausing the video and not Listening to me move my mouth can get All the details but let me jump through What I think is the important parts and We'll go from there so okay first up Share funnel share funnel option is now Available in the funnels list view in Fact it's funny I was going on Facebook Two seconds ago talking to someone was Like someone's like where is this did This go away well guess what actually Didn't go away apparently it moved so Anyways users can now share a funnel From the list view itself rather than Going into the funnel so if we go and Look at this this is like hey I'm on the List View for the funnels I click those Little three dots I hit share and now That's how you get to the share option Um not sure why we moved it but Apparently I think it just makes it more

Convenient so I think that's awesome Um next up self-hosted videos so I hope The videos can now accept contact ID Phone and email query parameters so Previously clients needed to set up a Page where they collected user Information Um through like a form or a survey or Calendar or an order form and then Redirect them right to the hosted video Page but now you can actually if you Want to if you already know who that Person is you can like shoot them a link To the page pass the query parameters in And then bam you'll know on that on that Actual video page who that person is so That's a that's actually a really slick Upgrade because basically it's like Let's say you register or you registered In the past and I want you to like shoot Your video but then I want to know like Did did Chun like watch the video and if You did watch the video I want to get Alerted that he watched the video so I Got my sales team column like all of That is now possible by being able to Pass those query parameters in to that Video hosting page so that is awesome Then next up blog element the blog Element in the funnel Builder has an Extra option to select categories so Previously all the blogs will be shown On the funnel page if the blog element Was added to just like drag and dropped

It and then boom it was all there but Now users can actually decide whether or Not they want to show all blogs or the Blogs belong to a specific category on a Specific page so you can kind of see This here it's pretty simple on the left Hand side team did a great job with These updates and then of course there's A bunch of bug fixes on form Services Funnels and you can take a look at that And that's amazing so anyways on that Note I hope all of you are having an Awesome Tuesday I'm super excited to be Here in Dallas and we'll talk to the Next video thanks

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