Funnel + Website Mega Speed Increase via Automatic Image Optimization + CDN Live!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody is Sean Coming at you from high level so this is Such an exciting announcement so today Um I uh this is a major uh funnel and Website speed Improvement it's automatic And what's cool about it um is they've Been working on for a really long time So I'm gonna walk you through this You're gonna love it so check this out All right so what's up with this update So we have a new image CDN CDN is Content delivery Network it just means Like Speedy image thing or Speedy loader Thing so don't worry about that it's Backed by our own image generation Server which can generate images in any Format resolution and quality the CDN is Now live and starting serving all images Inside high level funnels and websites For better speed optimization so let's Just keep rolling on these release notes Because they're great so how does this All work um so images will be compressed In a way where the quality is not Compromised by the size If the size is significantly reduced or Increased all images will be animated uh Are included animated ones excuse me Will not be served as webp format for Those of you don't know what piece like The latest greatest in image form mat Makes things a lot faster so that's Awesome images will be served through Our CDN for providing better

Deliverability and caching so how will This impact you customers who are having Funnels with large numbers of images Will now get amazingly better speed is There anything you have to do in order To Avail this feature I love that word Avail make sure the images used in your Funnels or websites are from the media Library unsplash or pixabay basically if You're linking out to external images There's nothing we can do but if they're Stored on the media library and then Used within a funnel which should be Most of you now then you're you're ready To go you're you're rocking and rolling And this feature is not limited to Funnels and websites by the way any Products with similar requirements Cannot leverage this new CDN so anytime You link any of these uh media library Uh or on Splash pixabay images anywhere Else they'll also use that same CDN so What does that all exactly mean well Let's just look at it so first up here Is a a test site that Audrey put Together you can see here one uh what I Would sort of look at keep your eyes on The ball here 1.3 uh seconds 94 and if You just roll down after that it goes From 94 to 90 8 and 700 1.3 seconds to 781 milliseconds I mean that's almost 50 Reduction in speed and and across the Board that's the case like I gotta I've Got to be better with like my

Screenshots or whatever or uh but like What is this one no cash what is this Desktop or something okay let me see if We can find that same one down here uh Uh yeah okay there you go 96 so that was Like from what a 16 70 something 70 78 To 90 uh six percent so anyways point Being is it gets a lot faster and it's So cool because basically this is okay So I guess I should have started with This as a background but you know what People use do often these silly funnels And websites or something they'll take An image that's like the size of a bus And they'll upload it and they'll be Like oh wait it only needed to be like 300 pixels wide dude so it'll scale it Down and then what will happen is the Browser actually has to download the Entire bus sized image and then once It's down then it squeezes it down on The page to 300 and that's lame because You didn't need the the bus size you Should have you know you should have had The 300 begin with anyways this does all That for you automatically and on top of It but let's say you upload a image in a Particular format that's old school like Uh get a guest Jeff I know somebody's Gonna argue with that jpeg something What it'll webp that image it'll turn it Into that better more uh more modern Format um which is lossless and a lot Smaller and so it'll just serve it down

Faster um and of course you get the Benefits of a traditional CDN which is Also the fact that it will serve images From locations physically closer I know It's kind of weird to think but Basically imagine that our computers Around the world at various locations Where these images actually will get Stored after the first time someone Looks at them and then the next time Someone in that area looks at that image It will literally pull from a physical Server in that area so that the distance Of physical distance it has to travel Over the Internet is actually shorter Which actually adds up to mean something So anyways that's a lot of info thrown At you but all you got to know is uh Funnels website's got a lot faster Because all the images are automatically Being taken care of this is a huge Release for The Funnel scene I cannot Say enough about how amazing it is Technically very challenging as well so Huge props to that team and I hope all Of you are super excited about this now If you want to see this in action the First time you hit it uh it's gonna it Should do all this stuff automatically And pull that um maybe you have to Reload it again I don't know but go Check it out do your own test as always Let us know I'm sorry for the long video But I just want to give you all the info

And I hope you're all having an awesome Wednesday and I'll talk to you soon Thanks bye

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