Funnel + Website Speed Enhancements Live!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level super excited About this release today Um been working on this for a while Um now this is a funnel and website Speed optimization release so now this Has gone live already it's all done Behind the scenes you don't need to do Anything to uh enjoy the fruits of the Labor here but let's walk through what Was done and look at some impact uh Screen uh screenshots that we did before And after so first up lazy loading of All components you can see and I'm sorry If there's any background noise in my Video here instead of loading all the Components on the page all together we Lazy load them we've optimized Third-party libraries and optimized CSS For components like the order forms um So that way it ships a lot less code uh With the uh the loading and also we Reduce the size of the of the bundles That are going out on those funnels so If we look here uh let's look at this One here so it might be hard to see this Let me see if I can zoom in for you this Is a before screenshot you can see You're getting a 41 and then if we look At the after screenshot for the same uh Page you can see that it went from a 41 To a 90 which is a massive increase Right and then or and actually I'm sorry Sorry my bad those were both befores

Sorry Um so it went from a 40 to a 95 and then Uh oh no then yep and then it went from Sorry it went from a 90 to a 97. so Those are huge performance increases Right now we obviously have more Performance increases on the way all the Time so we have other things coming up So don't even worry about all that but I Think today was a is huge uh big speed Improvements across the board so um on That note go run your own speed test Again sorry about the loud noise here Just in a busy spot but I just wanted to Get this news out because I thought it Was important so I hope all of you Having an awesome start to your Thursday And we will talk soon thanks

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