Funnels, surveys, forms, and website updates!

Hey happy Friday everybody a shot coming At you from high levels so I've got some Funnels websites forms and Survey Updates which is pretty pretty amazing So the visuals here are uh not available Because they're on the back end but that Makes none of this any less important so I love these amazing release notes that I get from the team so let's walk this Down so follow page is displaying a Single blog data will now be having blog SEO rather than funnel SEO so basically There's specific tags that relate to SEO Uh for blogs and now they're going to be Swapped out swapped in for the blog uh Uh uh sorry articles Um whereas before it had the funnel SEO So that's really cool pagination uh well Actually this is a visual but packaging Nation was added for uh section Templates and you can see added more Google fonts 531 new fonts to the funnel Builder um so you'll in the funnel Builder you'll see this so there are Kind of some visuals here but I think The other cool things to really note Here you can see the bug fixes we're Always bug fixing that's something I Want people to just realize is super Important and then down here in info Structure and internal updates so those Of you have been with us for a while we Have sort of like a V1 funnel uh Builder And a V2 funnel Builder and a lot of

Visuals didn't change but a lot of speed Enhancements happen and you know we We've forever had a button that says Like upgrade to V2 Um and we want people to hit that button But what we found was That a lot of people were fine with Their V1 funnels I guess and uh but we Found a great way to upgrade them Automatically without any disruption so You can see right here funnels upgraded 2 million 287 552 we're just Automatically upgraded which is awesome Um the only one there's nine nine oh Well I gotta read that number 98 366 That are still yet to be upgraded Because they have products in them and We want we wouldn't do the products you Want to make sure that people like know What's going on so anyways all that to Say um they did an awesome job they're Getting that upgraded in the back end And basically all that means is people Are going to wake up to faster funnels And probably higher conversion rates if I had to guess so anyways amazing job to The funnels websites forms and surveys Team today and on that note I hope all Of you are having an awesome Friday and We'll talk soon thanks

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