Gmail 2 way sync beta

To use QuickTime recorder because Loom Is broken for some weird silly reason And now it's killing me but anyways Today is an awesome day because we get To announce a cool new feature that's Right ladies and gentlemen look at the Bottom of the screen Gmail two-way sync That's right so we've had Outlook out Already so if you Um want to know about Outlook in context Of this video go check it out there's Already a video out there but here's What two-way sync is it's really simple But very exciting so the idea is you're In Gmail every day you're already using It you're writing emails back and forth With contacts but you really want to get Into a situation where that information Makes its way back into the CRM Automatically and so then um and not Only can you see it or if other people Are doing it with the same contact all That same email is in one spot today is Your day so that's exactly what this Does so literally it's I'm in Gmail I'm Sending out emails um my sales team is Doing the same thing and all of that Information is making its way nicely Back into the contact so we can see the Outbound emails we can see the replies We can see the attachments they're all There we can actually see the message History as well so we know that's Happening really well so all that's in

There so this is really really really Awesome levels of CRM up in such a Fantastic way and so anyways um so today Is the beta for this so what's happening Is Google is doing their final review on This um the review process for access to Gmail apis which is a big deal but we Have 75 uh beta uh versions of this in The meantime and as a result I am going To drop a link in the comments so that You can sign up if you'd like to be part Of the beta um and then as soon as Google gives us the green light this is Already ready to go so we'll just launch It to everybody Um it should hopefully be the next week Or so but you know you never know with Google they're kind of a pain in the Butt that way sometimes but we love them All that to say this is an awesome Feature I think the team has done such a Great job getting this done and I hope All of you are having an awesome Thursday and we'll talk soon

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