Gmail 2 Way Sync + Workflow Enhancements

Sean coming at you from high levels so We got a couple of updates here and Let's dive in basically workflow updates Uh we got bug fixes there you can see That uh basically we had a Spanish and Portuguese and finish uh issue all fixed We added support for finishing Danish Languages in the workflow Builder and we Also now have an enhancement to the Gmail two-way sync if you haven't seen Gmail two-way sync if you're using Gmail Or G Suite or whatever to uh host your Email go use that go check it out anyhow Uh look at the search Gmail Two-way sync but the awesome awesome Enhancement here is simple basically Before you couldn't send bulk email with It because Gmail doesn't let you send Bulk um but now um you still can't send Through Gmail that way but what you can Do is before it wouldn't let you do it Now it's smart so what happens is when You go to send a one-off email it's Still sending through Gmail when you go To send a bulk email it actually Switches lanes and goes to the bulk Sending option essentially where we're Either using lead connect or email or Mail gun or SMTP but basically I'm still Able to send that uh same using the same From address as you were before uh but And now being actually able to use the Bulk plus setting function so anyways I

Hope all of you are having an awesome Awesome Friday and on that note I will See in a video in the next couple Minutes thanks

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