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When we think about strategies that Actually generate results for our Clients this idea of the Blended Approach right you don't want to just do SEO you don't want to just do Pay-per-click you don't want to just do Facebook ads but when you've got a Blended approach where you're doing Multiple things you can more Consistently deliver a tangible Measurable result for your clients one Of the strategies that we found when we Look at our client base almost always Generates a long-term result is when we Can get the client ranked on the Google Map you may be thinking like is this Still a thing what I can say is in a Recent look at this our statistics are Saying like something like 44 of the Clicks and calls go directly to the Google Map listings even though local Service ads are there even though Um paid search is in place so yes Google Maps absolutely still matter what we Found is over time the amount of leads Our clients are generating from Google Maps is actually on the rise

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