Google Pay + Apple Pay Live in Beta!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so today there is A really really exciting big change that I want to walk everybody through so First thing is first though let's talk About where this is at so we jump into The release notes Here what you're going To see is It's on beta right so And what is it it's two things so one we Have changed the way that the order form Looks and we've added Apple pay and Google pay so this is huge and I'll show You kind of how this works so right now On the order form today Um there's just a PayPal button and a Credit card form kind of shoved on there Together but the problem with that is The second you go in and you add in Google pay and Apple pay right it Changes the flow first and foremost and It's a lot of payment options to go slap It on the page for so first thing is Notice right here the PayPal option is Actually uh now a button where you when You click it you can actually slide over And see that option let me see if I have A good screenshot of that for you Um okay perfect so then it actually Slides over and becomes the PayPal Option now with that change though What's cool is we're able to open the Door uh to the other and of course Obviously the credit card stuff looks

Like this just like I did before but now We can open the door too Google pay and Apple pay so let me see if I get a Better screenshot of this actually Okay perfect so this is kind of a Squeeze down version of this but you can See right here credit card option PayPal Option and then other payment methods And so other other payment methods we Have the ability to do uh Apple pay as Well as Google pay and obviously we warn The people which is sort of true and we All know this with the flow that another Step up here so like when you do for Example Apple pay it's specific to Apple Devices this if you're on a a Mac that Has Touch ID this window will pop up Your bank details will appear there you Have to use your finger all that and Then the iPhone there's a slightly Different process Um etc etc but anyways that is all now Part of the action and so let's jump Into the release notes real quick and go Through this together so essentially Going back up first we've enhanced the User interface obviously pay message Will now appear in both cases striping People have both been connected Obviously there's the PayPal button cool That's great that's awesome paves the Way now boom down here Um obviously again go to to see this it's

Not going to be on live it's not going To be in Labs so ability to allow both Apple pay and Google pay Um using the stripe one step and Two-step order form so remember it's on Both of them this change is only Applicable for funnel version 2.0 which Is really important obviously funnel 1.0 Has been gone for a long time but some Of you still have it there's still There's a way to migrate it you'll see a Button that just says migrate to version 1. or 2.0 excuse me so that's no big Deal okay this will not change the Capturing transactions in order to Submitted all the payments made through Apple payer Google pay will be visible Under the order and transaction disabled So this is another great enhancement Right obviously doing a good job making Sure it's all in the reporting like you Would expect it to be the toggle has Been provided on the stripe connection Um Integrations allow you to enable or Disable Google pay option on order form So obviously you'll have that option the Option to pay via Apple and Google pay Will be available under the other Payment methods which I just showed you And then obviously we have a help Article that's in progress with all the Details so anyways Um at the end of the day this is super Awesome it it really paves a way for um

Getting these other payment methods in There and then just quick note anybody Who hasn't heard this already we're also Bringing and nmi to the Table here in the next two weeks in Order to also provide you another option Besides Stripes so anyways I hope all of You are having an awesome Friday and I Will see you in the next video thanks

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