Google Pay + Apple Pay Live + New Social Media Templates!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I just wanted To uh jump into the release notes it's So funny because I have to use the loom Web Chrome Edition because the desktop Was broken anyways Um check this out so a couple Announcements here uh on this on this Video so one template Library update so We have 10 social media uh management uh Or marketing templates that have been Added you can see here uh the categories So that's out of the way awesome job of That team Um and then as you can see right here Whoa don't want to go too far because Then you're going to see the next one Anyways Apple pay and Google pay using Striper now live for order forms and one Click upsells now um You probably do This before but before it was in uh beta It's now been moved to live Um so when you're ready go ahead and Check that out as you can see ability to Allow uh Apple play and Google pay as The payment methods on the stripe on the Web uh for stripe on one step and Two-step order forms along with one Click upsells which is pretty cool Um right and so as you can see right Here this change is applicable to Funnels uh version 2.0 if you're using Funnels 1.0 the green button that says Upgrade and then this is applicable for

Stripe connects or if you're using the Stripe apis please migrate to stripe Connect this like really old school Stuff at this point anyways um you get The gist awesome uh updates and social Media templates awesome updates uh to Getting Apple pay and Google pay live Um on the system and I will jump in and Get another video out here in just a sec Thanks

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