Google Sheets Look Up Action Sneek Peak!

Happy Thursday everybody's Sean coming At you from high level live from Dallas Texas at our awesome Mastermind event Um I was uh super pumped when I got up This morning and I saw this come across The release notes so real quick Background on this so we have what we're Going to call Premium workflow actions Coming out here uh soon you can think About it as a step in the direction of Kind of like a zappier replacement Um and one of the big things about this Is one of the big actions is going to be Google Sheets now real quick I've been Announcing this for a little bit trying To kind of keep you abreast behind the Scenes as far as a release plan goes Um I'm gonna say like we're hopeful for Next week Um but it might be the week after at the Latest but anyways we're getting very Close now Um but I wanted to give you another Update on what we're seeing so first of All Google Sheets lookup is now here and You can see the team did a really good Job of like on the where and why would Anyone use this kind of situation so you Can kind of see a lot of that stuff but Let me just bring you through some of The interface so you can see what's Going on here so the Google sheet action You can now see there's a lookup Spreadsheet row and of course you can't

See this yet it's only on the on the High level side but don't worry like I Said next week hopefully and then what You can see here is on the it obviously We have an inbound web hook trigger as Well the inbound web hook trigger for Those of you who don't know what a web Hook is it's just basically the ability To send data into high level we have the Ability to send data out but right now We don't have the ability to send data In so you'll have the ability to send Data in and when you do that you can Actually have high level take actions on Different things and so Anyhow um once you do that on the Inbound web hooker you can also do Things like use that information that You sent in later on like in conditional Statements like this which is kind of Cool so this could be like I don't know Let's just say uh somebody buys an item On a POS system a point of sale system You could then send that information Into high level and have high level Taken action like send a thank you email Or something like that and you could Utilize that information in the workflow Which is pretty cool right so anyways um We also have slack stuff that is uh uh Uh sorry a slack connection sorry that's Coming in as part of this but you can See right here Um this is a great example of I'm

Pairing these two things together I'm Actually looking up a spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets and I'm sending that Information to uh to slack which is kind Of cool right Um and so anyways I'm just kind of Walking through like please follow up With sheet.1.d which is like sheet uh Page one and I think no no sheep sheet One row call Row one column D something Like that sorry my Google Sheets Knowledge is pretty weak but here's a Good example here on um as you can sort Of see this this is like an example like Churn reduction right like let's say Somebody somebody's get a churn and then You could create an updated contact in The system you could look up something In a spreadsheet like you very quickly Start to see how this all kinds of comes Together you can assign it to certain People you can send notifications to Slack it's a really really cool uh uh Thing that we're doing here so anyways Um this is kind of a little bit more on The lookup spreadsheet row um I just Wanted to keep all of you kind of up to Date this to me is really amazing Progress because it really starts to Bring us into parody with that zapier Sort of Google Sheets action so anyways I hope all of you are an awesome Thursday as usual if you have any Questions let us know always um have you

Get feedback as well and hopefully we'll Be seeing you uh with this feature going Live uh next week but it might slide Into the week after so anyways I hope You're having an awesome day and we'll Talk soon thanks

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