GPT Voicer Review | Convert ChatGPT Content To Voice-Overs

Welcome to vid Society in this video I'm Going to be doing a review for you on a Product called GPT voicer this is a Rather unique product especially if you Currently use chat GPT and if you would Like to take that content and add voice Over to it now it does more than that And we'll get into that throughout this Video below this video you'll find the Link that'll take you to the sales page Where you can get more information and More details if you're interested in Picking it up currently GPT voicer is Still in its launch week and you can Pick up a commercial license for just 18 All right let's dive in and I'll show You how this works now when you log into Your account this is what you're going To see with a welcome video here that Explains everything and all the features Over here on the left hand side just in Case I missed something so the first Thing you want to do is come over and Click on integration then you want to Enter your open API key in this box to Find it just follow step one and step Two here or watch the video and it Explains it it's really easy to do and Once you're ready to get started come up And click on uptwriter this is very Similar to going to chat GPT and typing In your prompt here this tool has a lot Of prompts already created for you in This drop down box now I do wish they

Had this organized in a better way but All you have to do is just scroll down Through here and you can see there are Many on many different topics and all You have to do is click on one of them For it to populate the box with a prompt So for example let's say we want to Create content based around Finance all We have to do is select one of these 10 It says wire index funds so highly Recommended for investing and it'll give Us an answer let's say we're not crazy About this one so we come back up here And maybe do uh prompts for finance five It says I'm trying to educate myself on Investing can you help me to understand The difference between bonds and stocks Okay so this is good but I want to make Sure there's going to be enough content It's not going to create just a couple Sentences so what I can do at the end of This prompt is type something like write At least 300 words And click create Now I'm going to give it about 30 Seconds to a minute and we should have Our content now that we have our content I can come up here and regenerate it if I want I can copy the content to the Clipboard which I'm going to do and then I'm also going to save it so I can use It again later if I want to now I want To come over to GPT speech converter and Click on it now I'm going to click on

New Vox this stands for new voiceover And what we want to do is give this a Title so in here I'm just going to put Stocks In the text box I'm going to paste in The content we just copied and it says Character limit is to 1000 so let's go Ahead and just take off the end sentence Here and now you can see there's 906 Characters out of a thousand which is Fine after adding this you can come over And pick who you want to read this so For example let's listen just to a Couple of these Hi I can read any text you type here With Cloud machine learning your Application interprets images texts and More with Cloud machine learning your Application interprets images texts and More Hi I can read any text you type here Okay so this one sounds really good so We're going to use it and then if you Want in this drop down box you can Choose output volume I recommend just Keeping this on default the other ones Uh kind of changes the voice where it Doesn't sound as good and then you also Have speaking rate so you can do slow Medium and fast and normally I just keep This the where it is too but sometimes If you slow this down a little bit it Even sounds better what we're going to Do now is click on generate Vox

And we're going to give it just a minute And it's already done so in just a few Seconds it's ready and right here is the One we did so let's listen to it Understanding the difference between Bonds and stock stocks and bonds are two Of the most popular investment options And they offer two distinct ways of Participating in the financial markets Both stocks and bonds are important Securities that can be traded and bought While they both offer investors the Chance to make money they are two very Different types of Investments bonds Okay so that sounds really good I like How they pause and I like how her voice Kind of adjusts to what she's talking About now the first sentence here you Can see I did mess up because I added in The title where she read the title and Then she started right into the first Sentence too so I should have deleted uh This first part here but overall this is How that works now if we wanted to make This even sound better what we could do Is come over here and we can click on Where it says music so if we click this We can add background music to it so up Here we can write uh we'll just do Stocks with music And then here it says no background Music selected so we can go here and Then select a background music to play With this and you can select on each one

Of these and then hit play a lot of These are kind of mysterious creepy kind Of like Halloween you would think Um but there's a few in here that do Sound really good so let me go up here And see if I can find one of these okay So I'm going to go ahead and pick nine I'll let you listen to it for a second And then down here it says background Music volume default so when you click This I recommend you choose like 0.5 or 0.75 because if you don't the background Music is too loud And then you got your Vox voice file Volume which is default so I just keep That one there and then down here you're Going to pick which one of these that You have that you've created that you Want to merge with this audio and we're Going to do the one here for stock so We're going to add that and then we're Going to come down and click on merge And generate And now that that's done you can see we Have it here stocks with music so if we Click on play Understanding the difference between Bonds and stock stocks and bonds are two Of the most popular investment options And they offer two distinct ways of Participating in the financial markets Both stocks and bonds are important Securities that can be so that sounds Really good and one thing I really like

About this tool is everything is here in One place now you also notice here it Says GPT video converter so this is an Upsell so you can create videos from Your content also so if we come over and Click on create video you can enter a Video title here and then it's going to Put text from what you entered down here In this box and that's what the video is Going to be it's basically text videos You can choose your video resolution Your background music and then you can Also add slide breaks which I recommend So you'll probably have to create this a Few times before you learn how exactly It works and what I recommend let me Just show you a video that I made so Here's a video right here we'll go ahead And click on edit and I'll let you see How it looks getting a puppy can be a Wonderful experience but it also comes With a lot of responsibility Our program how to train your new puppy Will help you learn the best practices Too so after you create your video this Is what it looks like but this text here That I have in this box you need to make Sure that you don't have these really Long sentences Um you have to have line breaks in them So what I did is I took all this content And after the word puppy this comma I Hit enter and started a new line and Then after ensure I hit enter and start

A new line because if you don't do that This text actually runs outside of the Box and then over here you have other Options too where you can generate Thumbnails uh here if you click on text It says text Water Market you can add Border around your text or you can do Scrolling text effect and then there's Some other options here where you can Reverse the video you can rotate it Adjust the speed trim it images images Fade uh background music and voice over So these are some different options for Me personally I won't be using this but I really do like the speech converter Especially for that price of just 18 to Be able to have a voiceover that I can Use to create videos with or even audios On my website it's just a really nice Tool to have and really that's all there Is to this and if you come back to your Dashboard you're going to notice down Here at the bottom are training video It's going to take you to a page here That has all these videos that shows you How to use the tool and do everything With it because I'm sure there's a lot Of things that I missed in the video but I basically wanted to show you what this Tool did to see if it'd be a benefit to You and what you do online with chat GPT If you are interested in it that Link's Below the video go to the website check It out get more details I hope you guys

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