Hide automated messages in conversations + small bug fixes

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level got a couple more Updates coming out for you first up we Got some CRM releases that's right Ladies and gentlemen the CRM team is Excited to announce that they have Rolled out additional sort options for The conversations page this feature is Currently live under Labs with the line Item conversation sorting now of course Let's all remember where do Labs come From that's right we go into a location We go into settings and then we turn it On the labs in fact let's do that Together right now so you go in here you Hit you go settings you go Labs you go Conversation sorting boom I always like To turn on everything actually I don't Know that's another feature I'll Announce in another video let's make Sure that's on okay good moving on let's Jump back to the release note so what The heck is this and why are we doing so If our users are going through Conversations while automations are Running the conversations view used to Get disrupted with new messages getting Listed at the Top If you've done doing This for a while you've seen this where It's like hey why are these Conversations that are old bumped up to The top Um is there something wrong well there Isn't there never was anything wrong it

Was the fact that those conversations Had were unread but don't worry we now Are rich fixing this this leads to user Spending extra effort trying to find Messages media action yada yada so What's new introduction of a new sort Option called manual messages is Available for both the latest and oldest We're selecting the sort option manual Message latest oldest will prevent the Conversation view from getting disrupted With automated messages the sort option Will work with messages from the 18th of May onwards that's today and the latest Uh and you can see here there are four Options here latest oldest latest oldest For manual for all uh etc etc and you'll Find this on the conversations page so Anyways in the filters oh no sorry in The top leftish of that page you'll see This little drop down here and that will Allow you to choose exactly what you Want to do that is uh exactly what this Is all about is just giving you that Ability and then the other thing Just wanted to call this out maybe I Missed it sorry my scroll I got to get My scroll fixed here um oh well a couple Things well do not announce um just Heads up We are continuing to on be on The drive for internationalization and What you can see right here is that While I'm not technically announcing This

Um there's partial translation already On the social planner and uh they just Don't want me to announce it because They haven't gotten all the elements Done but point being is all the elements Will be done shortly so that's amazing That's awesome and there's one more Silly thing here I wanted to tell you Before I jump uh so sorry so sorry Ah there it is um a quick update for the Surveys bug fixes fix the monetary field CSS and made the edit photo button in The survey uh more visible all right on The Note um I hope you're having an Amazing Thursday I'll see you next video Thanks

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