HighLevel December Town Hall

Foreign Welcome to the town hall of December 2022 last Town Hall of the year and we Definitely want to end this year with a Bank so there is a lot a lot to unpack We have a lot of product updates and Without further Ado let's get started uh Today we'll be giving you quick updates On SAS Marketplace snapshot lead Connector phone lead connector email Membership mobile app white label apps HIPAA domain reselling reputation Management ex WordPress and WhatsApp so There is a lot to unpack 150 slides to Go we'll try to keep it under 25 minutes We time this so quick update from SAS Mode recent releases so now we show you The customer ID and the prescription ID On the manage client page why do we do It we used to get a lot of cases where People would say hey my clients signed Up why those have accounts got created Two straight customer profiles how do How do I know which one is which one is Connected to what which one do I cancel So this makes your life easy as an Agency to better manage your Subscriptions and always know which Client is connected to which customer in Stripe and how other systems working Behind the scenes Uh now we have direct checkout links for Task plans so our staff agencies uh when You create SAS products we generate a

Payment link for you right then and There so if you are a new agency who Wants to get started quickly and start Acquiring clients this is the option for You if you are an agency that likes to Have a lot of control you want to build Your own system then high level funnels Are the best options for you so we are Providing you that flexibility Revealing running enhanced the one query That we got from our users was hey my Client actually defaulted on their Payment for their SMS and email Revealing uh how do I get notified I Can't spend my entire day looking at Clients and looking at their wallet Balances trying to figure out who's Defaulting so now we have built a Notification mechanism we will let all The agency admins know whenever your Client defaults so you can have a Conversation with them and you can get Your money Uh task management for our agencies in The European Union this was a very Blessing request If you use the directed outline you can Actually configure tax products directly Right and the checkout link will support It it is not supported in high level Funnels yet but we are working on it Disable class experience now you can Disable that for your clients uh if you Wish to uh you as shown in the left uh

And the left of the screen you go to the Disable path options you get a Confirmation just follow the steps and Staff will be disabled for that Particular server A coupon propellect that a lot of people Wanted to do offers uh and you want to Use coupons while coupons are not Supported on the on the funnel yet Coupons are supported for one-time Payments on funnels but not for Recurring subscriptions we are working On that but you can configure a coupon Directly inside Skype and uh you can Share that coupon with your customers You can advertise it and when people Come on your direct checkout link they Can use those coupons and get yourself Funding this time Uh Delete okay location enhancements so We used to get a lot of tickets you know That here I deleted a location by Mistake or just delete operation was not Authorized somebody from my team made a Mistake how do I get the data back in Most cases we were able to give you the Data back but in some cases there were Problems Um so we have fixed that issue what Happens now is when you delete a Location there is a 24 hour cool off Period and uh product you can see on the Screen that it says that this sub Account is scheduled for deletion on so

And so date if you change your mind you Can cancel the delete operation and Everything just works normally if you Didn't don't take any action the Location gets deleted after you so this Basically sort of prevents data loss From happening and it also sort of Prevents a lot of hassle of you know Going to our support team trying to get The location restored What are some of the things that we are Releasing right now a monthly spend Summary View for the agencies who are on LP phone NLC email and also for your Clients who are on charts people like so This makes your life easier as an agency To justify these charges to show them Through your clients that we have Breakdown of what was charged how much And for what categories Uh your clients can now upgrade their Own staff plan if you choose to do it on The agency search configurator there is A setting called allow my clients to Upgrade to a higher plan if you enable That settings if you enable that setting If you click that check box whatever Whatever SAS plan your clients are Currently on they can voluntarily move To the next plan by using the upgrade Option on the company billing page Monthly credit enhancements so we got Some feedback from our sales agencies That the monthly credits were not very

Reliable so we have changed it under Under the hood and for better scrutiny And for better troubleshooting we have Now added last added date and next date When the credits will be loaded in the UI so as an agency you are always aware What was the last time site for added When will they be added next and how Much will be added Awesome account this is one of the Highest voted ideas on our ideas board Uh we are just doing the final QA on This probably it will go up next week uh Agencies will now be able to pause a sub Account now what does possible account Mean it means agency users agency admin And agency users but you need to have Access To that sub account you can go in you Can do whatever you want but that's the Book but your clients will not be able To log in In cases where you want to restrict a Client from using an account or if they Have defaulted on their staff Subscription and you want to make it Very clear to them that they can't use This platform if they don't pay in those Circumstances you can choose to pause a Sub account and uh Obviously since you can pause the sub Account you can also resume it that Control is with the agencies it's a One-click issue what is the client

Experience like if they are called so Let's say you have a staff client which Is false if they have a paid payment if They have a cancel subscription or a Delinquent subscription When they try to log in they will see The screen and they can reactivate the Uh reactivate the subscription and That's how they can unpause this sub Account and they can get access But if you do this for a client who is Not a SAS client which means there is no Such system to reactivate we show them a Screen which basically gives the agents The email and agency phone number and it Says please reach out to this person and You know whatever the issue is you can Discuss that with the client and take Take the corrective app Releasing shortly so what does the Future look look like for staff agencies Revealing in a very limited fashion will Become available on the 297 plan on the Agency unlimited plan so how is that Going to work you uh Agencies who are not on SAS but on the Agency unlimited you will be able to Turn on revealing only for locations That are that are only connect a phone And Lead connector email There will be no markup there will be a Default markup of 1.05 X which basically Means you can pass on the cost to your Clients but you really can't make a lot

Of money over there the five percent Markup over there is just to cover for Your site P so that you don't end up Losing money there will be no SAS plans No monthly credit and no uh sort of Belts and whistles of Staff feature Control or anything like that this is a Simple way for agency Unlimited Plan Users to pass the lead Connector phone And Lead connector email cost down to The client so that's all it does UI enhancement on the agency settings Phone page so here you can see I will Give you sort of some items that will Tell you which clients are being rebuilt Which clients are not being rebuilt and You can sort of when you hover on top of It in the tooltip you will be able to See the corrective assets like what do You need to do in order to reveal this Plan Uh similarly the same thing goes for the Agency setting email Services page so This gives you this sort of builds a Very good awareness of which of my Clients are paying for themselves which Of my client which are which are the Clients that I am paying for and it just Sort of makes it easier for you as an Agency to audit these things New file configurator so the new SAS Configurator apart from looking better Uh will have a bunch of added features As you can see uh it is more user

Friendly and it will give you more Granular controls over your SAS setting Uh for example this one you can allow Clients to cancel their subscription if You want you can allow clients to Downgrade the subsection if you want and The upgrade option is already built in Like I mentioned earlier So we are spending more time on these Ease of Life updates for our staff Agencies to make it easier for agencies To get started on that Apart from that unlimited tax plan so Currently we respect you to only three SAS plans which is basically an infra Restriction it's not a policy that that We have uh obviously we want you to have As many staff plans as possible so we Will remove that restriction in the new Architecture you will be able to create Unlimited task labs similarly plant Specific rebuilding So currently the Twilio revealing email revealing Institute of WhatsApp rebelling all of That works at an account level We will change that we will make it a Plan level thing so you can have a plan With 1X markup and you can have another Plan with 5x markup so that flexibility Will be available at a planet Other roadmap items into one of 2023 we Will allow you to set contact limit on Plan so you could say that hey on this Plan we only get 5000 contacts if you

Want more contact go to the next plan Similarly for use the limit you could Say hey only 10 users are allowed on This plan do you want to add more users Go to the next plan so these are contact And user limits on existing task plans That we have but we are also playing Around with the idea of through contact Based usage-based pricing and a per seat Pricing mechanism instead of a SAS Subscription-based uh pricing mechanism So we are toying around with those ideas They are table for Q2 uh in Q2 one of The major initiatives for us was going To be client Communications What kind of emails go out what is the Body of those emails how does The Branding look like what kind of SMS Notification goes out to my clients you Will be able to control all of that and Customize all of that That being said the biggest announcement That we have for Q2 is multiple brand So agencies will be able to create Multiple Brands within their agency Account so let's say you are an agency And you have identified a niched with Insurance agents and also a niche with Mortgages and you want to develop both Of these methods have two separate Brands you can do this in the same Agency account you don't have to buy a Second subscription uh how many brands Are going to be allowed what are going

To be some sort of final rules around it We are still figuring it out we'll Announce more updates when we have them Okay moving on to Market pleasure nice So we are I I'm still at eight minutes So we are good marketplaces uh we added A ton of new services in marketplaces You can visit that on app.gohilevel.com Marketplace or your app white label Domain slash Marketplace and uh as you Can see we have you know funnel services Website Services accounts that have White label mobile apps uh like a bunch Of things and one of the things that uh We introduced the SEO Services recently And just an industry update we are Seeing A remarkably High number of orders when It comes to SEO we are not sure what is Triggering that and why our agency Buying SEO a lot but that's what the Market uh is indicating to us So uh I did some sort of Investigation Around this it looks like agencies come To the screen they sort of buy these Services and then they go to the client And they upsell it so high level does The fulfilling and they are able to Upsell it to their clients and SEO seems To be more popular than other things Right so yeah without further Ado I'll Hand off to reshma for WordPress update Hey everyone so moving on to WordPress Recent releases the first one is user

Management here the users would be able To create new users with appropriate Roles and manage them followed by that We have plugin and Team Management so Users self-manage and load plugins and Themes which are supported by us and we Have backup and restore so here the Users if they want to restore some of Their old WordPress files and revert Back to their oil changes they could Restore them and next we have a WordPress cache management so this was One of the major hurdle that we uh had With WordPress because we had one size Fits all policy and we cached all of the Content uh in the past and this was not Uh best for some of the sites like say E-commerce or dynamic websites so now we Have array of options from which uh the People could choose from based on their Needs and their preferences so we have No cash cash static content which is the Recommended one and then we have cash Control headers and then we have First Cash all kinds think And followed by that we have white WordPress site so if the users want to Start over from scratch or if they want To completely delete a WordPress site That is no longer in use you could go Ahead and delete it and releasing Shortly SFTP access to user so this is One of the most requested feature in WordPress and this gives a way for our

Users to access the files and folders And this will be going live shortly and Followed by that we have PHP mucil Antivirus to upgrade our security Enhancements with WordPress and Followed by this releasing in a couple Of months we have mail beam plugin GA Better domain management visitor report Site Health Report and also in the near Future we'll be supporting multiple WordPress sites per location So I'm passing on to shubham for LC Phone Thanks ishma Quick update uh why are we doing LC Phone uh you have gone through this but I'll just call it again Uh first thing it's basically one click Start you don't need to go ahead and Integrate with twilio then set up the Whole system in go higher level second There is a discount on select category So it's a better costing and in addition To that there is a real-time realization Of the charges which the location or the Sub account is using third increase Security and more controls You'll get better management of a to P Better Management on which location Signs up what are the capabilities they Have and flows last one is better Delivery and monitoring based on the a To P the messages and the calls will be Better delivered to the End customer and

You will have a better interface to Monitor everything which a particular Sub account is doing Moving ahead uh in last one month we had Particularly focused on the trust Center Which would make the delivery rate of The overall sub account much more better Basically we have introduced two Capabilities right now first thing is You can go ahead and do the business Profile registration using the Eins and other details secondly Uh shakenster cnam and these are these Are upcoming coming to a2p Brand you can Go ahead and register for a2p brand like Using the sub accounts details and Business details the a2p registration There is just one time charge of 4.41 Which would be charged to the location And we have adjusted the amount so that Five percent of these type charges are Covered and you don't incur something From your end the basic Thing in the campaign registration and Messaging service we are automatically Creating campaign for you doing the Messaging service registration 2 and Automatically linking the phone numbers To it what does everything on this means You will have a better delivery rate the T-Mobile filtering will be reduced Eventually The SMS will be delivered to the End Customer even if you are using the URLs

Shortening specifically for T-Mobile a Quick hack there uh you can use the low Volume mixed which we have put it as Recommended it costs around monthly Campaign charges of 1.65 cents This is basically the screen where you Can go ahead and ask your sub accounts To fill in the Ein business profile Registration details once they have Keyed in all the information they can go Ahead and register for the business Profile and similarly for a to p and Campaign registration Moving forward Just one big thing none of this is Something that we wanted to do none of This is like you know all of the Campaign registration pay the one-time Cost and everything everything is coming From the carrier High level or twilio we have absolutely No role to play in this we just have to Comply it because that's what con Carriers wanted to do yeah uh carry on Sure We did introduce few enhancements to the Overall flow we have improved our Billing so that uh Whatever charges or whatever usage a sub Account does we are trying to reconcile Everything the next day so that the Agencies get the money real time there's No delay and you don't hit bulk

Charges to any sub accounts secondly we Are also trying to provide uh And like multiple number types in the Same view so first number could be a 15 Toll free number second number could be Of seven dollar uh which is just a Normal local number coming to this uh Which are coming soon we are planning to Release these few features in the month Of December first thing is regulatory Bundle right now The agencies need to submit this Manually and location sub accounts do Not have any capabilities what we will Do we'll give ownership to the sub Account so that they can easily submit It out and the whole process will be Automated so that the wait time is Drastically reduced and your effort is Also reduced the other thing which we Are working on is verified caller ID Basically basically the call masking Feature with this you will be able to Register your own phone number and you Can use that as caller ID for placing Outbound calls we'll also open up Migration by hand by mid this month and Yep that's it New items which are coming soon in next Three to six months first thing we are Planning to revamp the whole agency 12u Settings page and secondly the phone Number buying flow second shake and Stuff will be introduced to increase the

A delivery rate more phone numbers Feature will be introduced this is the Screen for shakenster this is currently Coming soon and we are planning to Release it in January secondly this is The move phone numbers you can move any Number from any sub account to the other Sub account so that it gives you Easiness and you don't need to send out To twilio wait for our approval Third is cnam You can go ahead and register for cnam Link the phone numbers and it will show Your show the sub accounts business Profile name as the caller ID to the End Customer the other two screens is the Phone number buying flow optimization so That you get to see the number type Which type of number you want to buy the Pricing What capabilities do they have so it Would just ease the process And last and final page we have is for Uh agency view of the phone System where you will have different Capabilities filters also as you have Mentioned you will have a view for To see the tool you're rebuilding going Ahead you can even filter who have Sender ID who who has completed the a2p Registration who are still your Rebuilding who are not on LC phone who Are using their own twilio so that it Eases your overall effort in managing

The whole account Next is WhatsApp On WhatsApp we are uh we did do a beta Bit twilio but looking forward to meta Launch the general access we are Conversing with them to get the access To the overall flow in parallel we are Working with our team to get the apis And everything sorted at our end so as Soon as we have the access we launch the Beta and that's planned for q1 Yep Cool so uh I'll just cover for coffee Game uh for LC email quick updates over Here so uh guys we released LC email uh It does not mean that mail gun SMTP or Any other provider is no longer Supported your current settings will Continue to work in case you want to Move to LC connector you can come to the Screen in agency settings and you can Select lead connector as a default Provider So why would you move to LP phone system First thing you you get custom domains We Face some issues with this last week But all of those have been resolved uh There were some issues around SSL Certificate generation we've worked with Mailman on that one so it is fixed now Uh you will be able to add as many Domains as you want you can even assign Specific domains to your clients and you Can pick a default domain every time you

Sign up a new client How do you add a domain you put the Domain name over here do you generate a Bunch of DNS records for you you add These records in your DNS click verify That's it uh on this screen as you can See uh you are able to see a list of all Of your clients and you can assign them Provider and within the provider you can Also pick a domain for them Now dmag policy in the Facebook group we Saw a bunch of questions around dmac Dmarc is not mandatory for lead Connector phone system but if you are Sure that the emails that are being sent From a particular domain the from Address of those emails will always Match the domain feel free to put a Democ it's uh I mean in that case it's a Benefit but if you put a dmac and your Clients are sending from Gmail or Something then there might be a problem And that's why dmath is not mandatory For lead Connector phone system A few things that we are releasing right Now uh we are making it easier for you To put unsubscribe links in your email Uh and this is how you can configure Them You can also change the uh the text the Unsubscribed text where it shows up and How it shows up Email sending limit so especially for us As agencies right like you don't want

Someone to sign up for your class and Day one try to send 50 000 emails right So we have built a ramp for you it Graduates from day one all the way till Day nine and on day 10 there is a limit Of 15 000 emails per day which the Agency can change so all of these ramps All of these limits are modifiable by The agency so you always have control as You can see on the screen uh why are we Putting these measures in place this is To protect first of all uh the the Financial aspect of it you don't want Someone to sign up with a with a stolen Card and send a bunch of messages and Then you get a chargeback nobody wants That and the second thing is this is to Protect your domain reputation when we Graduate into sending as uh emails it Gives us time to monitor their Unsubscribe activity their bounce rate And basically sort of protect you from Getting your domain by by a bad Act Uh email verification system will be Available soon for lead connector email One of the biggest things uh that that We want to highlight is We are 79 cheaper than mail gun racket When it comes to validation uh this will Be released soon and you will be able to Do validation at a cost of 0.0025 Dollars so that's like 2.5 cents per Validation uh which comes out to be 79 Cheaper than mail-in cost which is 1.2

Uh And uh You will be able to set a markup for This anywhere between 1X to 10x now this Markup is independent of the email Markup so validations are a little bit Costly so you might want to have a 1x or 2x markup over there emails on the other Hand are cheap so you can go up to like 5x6x so that's why we are decoupling the Markup on email and validation Uh you will in future be also able to Sell uh dedicated IPS uh the cost of one IP is going to be 59 per month which is Basically the same as mail gun uh you Will be able to purchase IPS inside the App you will be able to assign it to Users and you will also be able to Resell it to your client A few more things uh simply we are now Allowing you to access custom sending Domains you can control the behavior of Click tracking open uh open uh tracking Of emails and the tracking protocol Whether do you want it to be https or Http Right now all of these three are enabled By default we don't see a reason why Someone would not want to do it but just In case you want to we'll show the Feature in so that you'll have control We will also have account travel metrics For stuff like total email send total Email delivered the bounce rate

Complaint rate Etc Uh and we are also building a feature Which is called a list preview so when One of your clients Imports a large PSP File containing a lot of emails instead Of making them validated because it Might be expensive what we are going to Do is we are going to preview certain Emails and that we are going to figure Out what is the risk level of this level If the if the emails that you sample you Know they are good emails they are safe Emails validation will not be mandatory But if we find out that this is a very High risk uh email list then you can Enforce the validation for your client So that they don't burn your domain so This is the keeper yet keeper and secure Way of going about this Uh quick updates on HIPAA very soon we Will be allowing a better HIPAA manager Inside uh our web app for agencies uh This is how it will look like you can go To the agency settings compliance page Right now it does not look like this but This is how it will look like in future You will be able to control your HIPAA Settings purchase a new HIPAA uh Agreement if that's what you want to do And this is how it'll look like so on The left side you can see the agency Party on the right side you will be able To see the high level representative uh This is how the ba would look like you

Can sign it you can counter sign it you Will be able to manage uh all of your Sort of documentation right here you Will be able to download it and in Future we might also build sort of Something for the location but let's see We'll start with the agencies first Domain reselling so In coming quarters we will start working On domain reselling it has tabled for Q123 right now uh Domain reselling will allow you to Purchase domains inside the app it will Allow your clients to purchase domains Inside the app and you will be able to Mark this up the markup could range Anywhere between 1.05 X to 3x and again You know all of this information is to Be decided if you have any feedback Around it please make sure to share that With us Domain can be used inside high levels For dedicated email sending for Membership for WordPress for funnels for Websites and it makes sense for us as a Company now to sort of start investing More on the domain side Folks will be able to manage their DNS Inside the app they will be able to Manage the SSL certificates inside the App and your clients will also be able To migrate from other domain providers So this is how we are scoping it out how About a big round of applause I feel

Like that one is so massive and there's So much that we can do to like reduce Friction and confusion around domain Stuff Huge yeah it's pretty awesome So it's going to take us a quarter to Sort of release the MVP but the reason We are doing this the primary reason is Apart from giving agencies one more Thing to sell and you know when we start Up product meetings John has this you Know this is his favorite line and he's Like is this thing going to make Agencies more money if the answer is yes Let's do it if the answer is no I'm not Interested so that so we are praying Through to that philosophy and what we Are doing is your clients should not be Paying anyone else your clients need to Be paying you so that's the direction That we want to move forward in and the Second problem was uh you need to sort Of Um you know Point your domains in a Certain way when it comes to WordPress Point your domains in a certain way when It comes to funnels and then it's Different for emails and it is very Consuming uh like it's very confusing For the End customer if you're doing Chat and you're not there to Mentor them Every day right so when we start Reselling domains we will also make sure That if you want to use these domains in

In funnels we automatically set up the DNA the like your clients won't have to Do anything you won't have to do Anything you just pick the domain map it To the funnel and the DNS will be taken Care of on the phone similarly for Emails and WordPress and everything so That's the place that we want to get to Uh moving forward so yeah these are some Basic screenshots that we are playing Around with right now Uh and without further Ado uh nilashish From the membership team is going to Take over Yep thanks Shivam good day everyone so We have couple of gold releases I'll Just uh quickly run through the recent Releases we do in membership quizzes of The first one so because this was a long Bending item and a major ask from the Community uh we rolled our quizzes uh Almost a month ago with the intention of Solving all those Hours that we had so right now the quiz Of allows you to create quizzes and to Like there are two types of pages either You create a multiple answer quiz or a Single answer quiz quizzes can be Automatically graded or if you choose Not to you can just uncheck the Automatic grading and then the quiz will Be passed for everyone we also uh Introduced uh like we have also enhanced The feature of locking a personal

Category based on a quiz so when a quiz Let's say if it's not completed if it's If the user fails to take a quiz Properly you can choose to lock other Portion category based on a quest and so Forth Uh the quiz results are part of Analytics now like you have a dedicated Section called assessments inside Analytics which will give you an Overview of what all uh what is Happening inside your courses how many People are taking the quizzes what are Their results look like and stuff like That Yeah So uh this is from the preview side like The the quizzes that you create are not Just basic uh plain text quizzes but you Can have a rich quiz which will includes And include multimedia which can include Images and so on and so forth so that You can actually make the experience Better for the learner the next release Was a learner app so this is basically a White label learner app and I keep Getting this question if it's for an Agency or it's a account level or a Location level yes Uh your individual sub accounts can Create individual learner app and brand Them according to their style according To their guidelines and every location Can have their own white level learner

App how do you do it you go to app Settings and you enable the pwa you can Choose from the selection of app name You can change the app icon and these This the all these things will be very Visual to the end learner when they is Downloading and installing the app So this is from like this this talks About the color palette you can select Select any of the available colors we Will soon improve this to allow you to Select your own colors but right now we Have a few set of default colors which You can select and this gets translated To the mobile experience this is how the Mobile app looks like it's fairly Intuitive to install there's a Installation prompt that comes up which Tells how to install it you see it on The home screen and once you open the App uh you can browse to the courses you Can take assessments you can do comments Whatever it is like the whole experience In the web is also available on the Mobile and this is not just restricted To the mobile experience the pwa can be Installed in the web as well so the app Works in web and the app works in Mobile As well Uh this was something which was missing From the pwa when we first launched it But now we have comments like the whole Comment feature and assessments like if You want to create an assessment and the

More users want to take it from the Mobile or the pwa assessment is there Inside the pwm along with comments Uh yeah we released comments as well so We are going into a direction of Community but this was the first step That we took to understand the user Sentiments and how it's How well it is Adopted we got a decent response and Sure like sooner or later in the like we Are planning it in the quarter or two to Have a full-fledged Community running Inside memberships along with a couple Of interesting things So this was uh like we released a new Theme so we have three themes now the New theme was basically designed to have Parity with major competitive platforms People have been coming up and asking me Hey I want us uh theme which is like a Single page theme easy for navigation And all those stuff so we gathered all Those feedbacks and we came up with this Design which is like a single page Learning experience for the members Where they can switch between courses They can uh move up and down they can Switch like they can move to the next Lesson and stuff like that and this is Imperative with all the major Competitors that we have and you have Guys have been asking So make sure and go try out new theme For your existing courses

Uh an interesting stat I want to put it Forward and this might be like I felt That this is important for the community In the last one year we increased the Learners Uh the murder of Learners in the Platform like the offerings to the Learners by 850 and currently the number Of Learners that consume courses created On higher level is close to 2 million so We are continuous like by the way but This rate we are hoping that we will Soon be Crossing uh the 5 million Mark In the next year but yeah thanks to you Guys for interesting the platform and Taking it to a level where we have two Million Learners right now Yeah so a few things which are releasing Shortly uh assignment is coming out in This quarter so assignments is an Extension to what we have for quizzes Assignments are basically uh like an Offline quiz where the user can create a Assignment where the learner need to Upload files or write a paragraph type Question things like that so once you Create an assignment that it goes to the Learner's side he he might want to write Out write it out in the PDF or upload a Doc file or an Excel and or he made you Should just answer it in a paragraph or Things like that So this is what the learner's experience Look like like you can upload an

Assignment he can write it in as a Paragraph and when it comes to the Experience of the Builder side like the Course creator he will have to manually Grade it so this is a manual assignment This is offline assignment it won't be Graded automatically unless and until You mark it as passed so Shivam next Slide yeah so this is how uh it looks Like when assignment is submitted he can Manually review all the uploads from the Learner he can send feedbacks like he Can say hey looks like you you did you Did terribly on this particular question Can you just resubmit it and get it Accordingly so this is uh like and then He can manually mark it as passed or Failed and things like that So uh we are focusing a lot on analytics Uh like we want to empower the course Created to take better decisions to make Better courses so we are starting out With Revenue analytics which has been The ask for a long while the revenue Analytics will give a lot more Visibility of where you're actually Making the money from maybe you are Selling it from funnels you're selling It from membership checkouts upsells in App upsells or even from Smart list so With Revenue analytics you will be able To see the distribution between channels Like watches your most important Channel If you are selling the offer or you can

Even see the distribution among multiple Offers like hey it looks like this is The top selling offer this month or this Is the top selling offer last year Things like that so A quick overview you can even com Compare between purchase channels like You can select multiple punches channels And compare how your offers have been Performing across these channels or you Can see the distribution like in offers Yep along with that yeah the next the Previous slide please Yeah so this is what where you can Compare the offers like along with an Overall comparison you can selectively Choose to select a particular set of Offers and see how they are performing And how they are like what kind of Revenue they are making for you Yep in terms of uh the releases in the Next two quarters we will be continue Like we'll be putting our efforts on the Analytics side we will be doing member Analytics which will basically give you Enough information about how your Members are doing across various courses How has been their performance if They're logging in if they are Seeing a video completely like this this Actually means like what percentage of Video they are seeing and all those Things will come under member analytics In course analytics we will give you

Insights regarding how your courses are Performing basically how your products Are performing are your product being Used properly what is the engagement Time what is the number of logins how Many people are log in Daily what is the Course completion rate how much time is It take to complete a course all these Insights will be coming under course Analytics with uh like we want you to Make better courses and hence uh the Insights will come directly surfacing in Your screens certifications are coming Up in q1 Q2 we did assessment Certifications is the follow-up of uh or Extension of assessment so that's coming Up I talked about communities with the Whole extensive uh Rich Community Experience where you can put post you Can invite other members you can Interact you can upsell cross-sell all Those elements are coming in in Community we will be shown sharing a Detailed roadmap of what community looks Like by the end of this quarter so that We can gather enough feedback before we Start building it uh we will have Reminders in q1 like these the the Reminders are basically uh a simpler Version of what we do in workflows but Uh it just makes the life of the course Creative easier to set up reminders Reminders like hey you have not started The offer hey you have not shattered the

Product or hey you have not completed The assessment Uh announcements uh uh announcements Were spanned in q1 but uh this will get Pushed to Q2 uh or what it means is you Can basically send an announcement a Global announcement or a personal Announcement to all your codes take us It will come under like when they are Reviewing the courses they will be Dedicated announcement sections where They can see hey looks like a new Courses out here it looks like a new Trip in drip category is unlocked so all Those announcements will be uh we'll be Servicing them under a new section and Obviously the course creators will have A manual control of sending Uh custom Announcements Uh we will improve on the workflow Triggers assessment triggers comments Triggers all those things are planned For the next quarter so the triggers That you have been asking for long will Be coming up very sh soon and very Shortly this is important subscription Management and refunds so subscription Management is basically allowing the Learner to cancel a subscription rather Than you have to do it yourself and we Will make it a two-way sandwich type so Once a learner cancels a subscription The cancellation automate like it Automatically cancels the subscription

At the stripe and so that the Learners Doesn't get charged unnecessarily in Case you forget to go and cancel in Stripe refunds is basically hey I Purchased a close I didn't like it or There's something not happening for me There's something that's not going right I want a refund so we will give you the Flexibility of uh initiating refunds for The courses they have purchased if they Are purchased from funnels there you can Go into payments and refund or if it's a Membership checkout you can just do it Inside memberships Quickly moving right to the mobile apps Uh some of the recent releases that we Made uh this is uh in public beta right Now uh we will soon soon move it to Production but this is a like all of you Who are using the public beta of high Level and Lead connector can see all These changes happening we are still Taking on feedbacks but yeah the the Conversation was highly improved like we Made a more intuitive UI uh the last the Previous slide yeah so the one major Important thing that we have here is now You can send a video of photo or a click A picture from camera roll and send it Right across the messages this Capability was earlier available just in Emails but now you can do it in inside The text messages as well and that Experience is uh like quite intuitive

Uh we did some changes and opportunities We wanted to make opportunities more Usable so instead of uh the laggy drag And drop we we decided like it was a Cautious call to uh duplicate the drag And drop capability and we introduced a CTA where you can quickly switch between Like quickly switch opportunities Between stages And uh we had uh like we had heard all Of you complaining about the bugs and Opportunities disappearing things like That so we did a major overhaul of the Whole module and solved all the Important and major bugs that were there So opportunities will be more usable now Uh appointments got a major overall like Apart from looking good yeah we Introduced block calendars so you can Block a block your calendar if you're Going out on a vacation and things like That uh we introduced swipe actions to Make your life easier like you can Easily schedule appointments or to Delete an appointment just by swiping Left and selecting the appropriate Action and again like we have introduced A couple of new elements while booking a Appointment for like and giving more Information like giving you more Information while you're booking an Appointment like times on information The contact uh if the contact is in a Different time zone how does it look for

Them and things like that Yeah so you have already guessed like The previous screenshots were completely Dark so dark mode is here uh you can Just go to your settings select between Dark or light or system settings is Basically whatever your Android or IO System is following if it's dark the app Will adapt to dark if it's light It app Will adapt to light Uh this is important in more inbound Call is live for IOS and Android there You need to enable inbound calls for a Particular user from the user settings And user and voicemail settings uh if I If a user is assigned to a contact Whenever a contact comes in the and if In one call is enabled the mobile phone Is capable of getting an inbound call This is how it looks like it's very Native like you will you will be able to Answer calls natively using the native Dialer you can we will also be able to Receive the calls and switch to the app So we have an app experience as well This is very similar to all the common Apps which have uh calling enabled so Again this is a this is in public Beta And this is still to yet to go to the White label clients but we have a Timeline of like one or two weeks where It should be in production for everyone Uh what's in the roadmap so recurring Invoices is something that you're

Working right now it should be available In a week or two in uh in the mobile app And we go to production notification Accents wherein like you can quickly Long press a notification and uh reply To the message or let's say there's a New appointment coming and you can long Press and confirm and confirm the Appointment things like that we will be Introducing social signing in q1 wherein You can sign in with Google in a similar Way that you do in web uh it will be a Single click sign on and uh yeah that is It accepting card payments you send out An invoice but you want to charge a Customer you can't do it right now in The mobile app but we will be having it Inside very soon you just pull in the Card details May basically just stand The card and charge the customer and You're done uh in q1 we are planning to Uh inbuild a business card scanner which Is like you scanner you have a business Card for me from your clients you Quickly take it use your camera scan it And that automatically creates a contact Effect for you Notification preferences basically here You're out of office you're not Available for particular days of the Week or particular hours of the uh on a Particular day so you can selectively Decide of the turning off your Notification so that unnecessary

Notification doesn't bother you when you Are out uh conversation filters there Will be a lot of filters interesting Filters quick filters ability to sell Save quick filters coming out soon in Conversations Yep Yeah so uh we are doing an interesting Left and white label uh how white label App works and also how we promote like How you will Provo you will be able to Promote the mobile app for your sub Accounts or the locations so we'll give This capability where you can select if You want to offer High Level app or Delete connector app or you want your Custom uh where branded white level Mobile app and accordingly we will Surface the URLs of downloads inside the Uh server console agencies so the next Slide shows you how it will look inside Of your sub account so the if you have Selected like let's say you have a white Label app and you have uh or let's say You want to offer the lead connector app To your users the users when they log in They will see this under the mobile app Section where they have the download Links they can invite other users inside Like if they want to invite users if Someone doesn't have the app they can Quickly send an email on SMS and do Stuff like that And again yeah so uh the main important

Thing that we are trying to solve here Is the white level experience right now Uh the visibility for the white level Clients is pretty low in terms of what Is happening at the back end or what is Happening how is Apple responding and or How is the today stored and authorities Responding so we will give you the Detailed view whenever you purchase a White label app uh we will give you the Capability to customize the word level App inside the web as well as track the Progress like where is the app right now If it's pending at the pending for Approval if it's pending for review Maybe there's something wrong that has Happened to your Apple account and you Want to recheck and revisit so all those Things will be right on your face you Can so this this is basically the Profile page where you enter all the Details of an Apple account and you can Come back and visit hey maybe I have I Don't remember my append level login Password I don't remember things like That what can I do so you go back and You can easily check all the details Right in the right from the web web this Is basically the customizer where you Can customize the app based on your Colors based on the font you can select The logo you can select the splash Screen and all the whole experience will Be inside the app plus you will be able

To visualize the app before you purchase Like when you build the app you will be Able to see the app how it should look Like how if it's fitting your brand Guidelines if you want to change Something and things like that so uh the Existing clients will also have the Capability to migrate to the new white Level experience we will be soon opening It for all the clients but we had a beta Form enabled I will share the link in The chat but yeah make sure you fill in The beta form if you want to get the new White level experience which will be Rolling out in like a week or two That was it handing over to reshma for Reputation and next Thanks so moving on to reputation what We have uh for the releasing uh shortly So now uh people could get uh like click On the which link they want to get Generated and uh the clients could uh Leave the reviews either on GMB or FP or On custom links and this is bound to Increase as we move with more Integrations in future And releasing um in three to six months We have autoresponder settings for GMB And FP reviews done for your review Websites on funnels and more review Widget templates uh when uh for the Reviews that we get from the users so Moving on for yext we have something Interesting that's happening here

So we are working on the prospecting Tool for agencies and the work has Already started so this is just a basic Wireframe of how things would work here So Prospect accounts is something Similar to the sub accounts that we have So the users so the agencies put just Search for something like dry cleaners Near me or restaurants near me and they Would get a bunch of locations they Could choose any of them and they could Click on uh create a new report and what They would see is something that we saw In the previous slide they would have The account details as well as this Listings report uh for listings as well As for reviews and also we down the line We'll be adding for the website Performance uh report as well so uh this Will be for both the prospect uh Locations as well as for uh the existing Locations that the agencies already have So both of for both of these locations We are targeting these and features Rolling out in three to six months for YX we have scan tool for locations which The locations could see and then Revenue Generator 3×10 agents dashboard and White label exposure agencies That's it Yeah so thanks everyone uh we took a Little bit longer than what we had Practiced in our practice run but that's All from us those are all the updates

And uh if you want more details I'll Just leave the screen here meanwhile you Can learn more about LC email LC phone And WordPress by scanning these QR codes Meanwhile back to YouTube Awesome There was a lot of amazing stuff in There and this is very cool that you Guys put these QR codes together so Thank you for doing that if you guys Want more that's awesome that we can Scan those there Um Nico do you want to Maybe we should do what we did last week If you posted a question already can you Go copy paste it and throw it in now so We don't have to go backwards and kind Of get lost in all of that uh and then Nico you can kick us off as the Questions start dropping in here at the Bottom For sure uh first one we got from Stephanie any roadmap plans to organize Offers into folder or other filters Your reference to membership offers Right Yes I am so like being able to either Drag and drop the order or put them into Folders so like you know if there's Multiple offers for you know a given Product or two uh just being able to Organize those together I just want to understand better what do You mean by filters inside offers like

Filter by price and things like that Yeah or even like oh filter by what show Me all the offers that the product a is Part of or product B is part of or uh You know maybe how many members are in It or you know there's there's already That published and drafted uh one but Also I think folders more importantly Out of anything and just being able to Organize them together and group them Together Got it I'll take a note of it uh uh it's It was not planned as of now but uh let Me evaluate it properly and we'll get Back on this okay thank you very much Thank you Stephanie next question is From James James do you want to unmike Because it says uh that you have some Questions asked oh yeah James Hurst for Me yes that's you James first what's up Hey everyone uh James so question I was Wondering is there any kind of way to Accomplish this kind of a thing so I'm In a workflow and I and I want to send It only to like a subset of people like A smock a smart list so I have a bunch Of different smart lists and I I'm in The middle of the workflow and I want to Like just send to just those people Somehow Can anyone is that a thing can it be a Thing I mean I think there's you mean Mid workflow you want to I mean it Felts And and filter on something

Filter how would that Yeah it's kind of odd because you're Like Hey I added everyone or not I didn't Disinclude people but now I've changed My mind Um in the middle of the workflow yeah I Mean if that's definitely get more white What is the attribute that is somehow Now Okay fine whether I continue because a Smart list is just simply a collection Of filters right so those same filters Should theoretically be replicable mid Workflow okay okay I'll have to dig into A little bit more one last question here Um on the on the API the public one Version API and the new oauth or Whatever Um Is there gonna it seems like When anytime I've done where we have to You know migrate to something there's Usually like this big long thing you Know hey in six months we're going to be Cutting over and you have you have six Months and there's a countdown timer Kind of thing and and at that point you Can expect to be kind of broken I kind Of feel unless I'm not understand Everything I kind of feel like you guys Are saying hey as of right now we're not Supporting these endpoints anymore and

So I have permissions that are coming in Half done because I can't hit the I Can't get the I can't get blogging I Can't get social planner enabled uh for User permissions for example because you Guys are apparently it's not being Updated I don't feel like that's uh I Don't really I'm not happy about that But maybe I'm sorry about that version One version two comes out move along What's that I'm sorry I mean version one Is just static I mean that's that's like The same thing with triggers and Campaigns Okay so Okay I mean that's that's actually a Common standard as a software engineer My entire career having integrated with Many an API it's always been the case That version when version two comes out Version one tends to stall out Okay now there are some exceptions Microsoft Google people have unlimited Amounts of money that they have these Crazy situations where they'll put Engineering teams on version one to some Period of time but that's so basically So basically everyone that's on version One is can be expected to be kind of be Breaking you know Until then And not foreign He's talking about new user permissions That have been added since since uh you Know so my question is are those in

Version two but not in version one they Are well then that's exactly how it Should work actually So James just understand this it's a Race between all the teams at high level Building features versus the API team I mean every team at high level is Bombarding features out like you know Hold on I don't I disagree with that What he's saying is It's in version two it is available you Can code it it's just not gonna be back It's not going to be put back into the Old version so exactly I mean I would Even if we had extra people to work on It I would immediately take them off That job and put them on something way More interesting than supporting what is A a dead API that will not continue that We want you to transition off of and We're maintaining for you mostly so that You have time to do so okay so I guess We're still in that get off get off of V1 period I just I'm just curious if There's if other people are impacted in A similar negative way I'm sure they are But okay Move Along okay I will by the Way for those of you who are on Campaigns and triggers heads up for you Too Move Along we're close have been out For a while Move Along thank you I just yeah I just Wanted to clarify and just make sure I Was understanding your guys's uh

Position on that so thank you so much And all the updates are so amazing love Everything guys thanks so much see ya And then just to quickly add in James so We're also going to put out a Deprecation a notification out I think It's it's probably on me uh we haven't Done that that's why there is a gray Area where you think that you know we we Might even add these new features into The older apis which we are not like Short planet right so can you just put That on the docs today can you just put A banner to be fair this API is Deprecated please move along Okay Thanks guys yes sir Next question we have is from Francis There's two parts to it uh the first Part is what are the next features Planned for the social media planner and Will there be reporting and post Recycling Uh Hey guys uh so for social media uh Posting like right now we're working on Uh in regards to uh Tick Tock posting And then post that like we are going to Pick up like uh Instagram stories and uh Reels uh regarding like you know the uh The recycling of post as well as like uh The other uh things like we'll be taking Up in like quarter one or probably Quarter Two of uh like 2023 yeah Specifically like can you give me the

Next feature in the next and the Timeline on that Uh For for the Post recycling Yeah no no just in general what's in QA Right now what's coming out by the end Of the like in the next two weeks So we are good uh this week like we are Going to release a tick tock posting as Well as grouping of hashtag uh post that We are going to allow custom variables To be allowed inside like post creation So it will allow you to uh like you know You can create snapshots better then you Can use it across uh csvs as well so That's in plan that's already been in QA Right now and then we are working on Approval flow of social planner so That's what we are working right now in Terms of like doing things That's awesome I just want people to Know how hard that team and all the Teams are working and I think sometimes You guys will gloss over small things That too A lot of people on this call Are quite big And the second part of the question is When will funnels support tax we can't Fire the automations we need sending People to the strike link is that is That tax I don't know if it was abbreviated I Mean listen yeah Oh good I just wanted to clarify whoever

Asked the question so I'm like I need I Have to go look that acronym up That is a great question though yeah When uh NASA you here Yes Go for it sorry Yeah uh we have no plans for that but I Think uh payments will be uh the best People to answer that so yeah We are discussing So can I say it's Francis here so Regarding about this basically I'm the Guy that asks this question probably Every couple of months just to check in And the reason it's important is because You know in in the US it's a huge Market I get that funnels payments they work Great but almost everywhere else and in Other markets you see we can't use the Amazing features of the order forms I Really want to use those but my clients Are requesting tax invoices and they Need to be set up you know so we need to Use third-party tools like Thrive cart And it seems pretty straightforward to Tap into tax features via the API the Thing is that the configurator alone the Way it's working now is not enough to be Able to like fire the automations that We need because we don't have that Ability from workflows like we can only Trigger data order forms you know events To happen so if we send people to the Stripe uh direct link we basically can't

Automate the next steps of our Onboarding a payment process that type Of thing so you've created something Truly amazing that works great for the Us but is sort of really uh you know We're out here raising our hands outside Of the US really and we are looking to Internationalize the app so we do need To actually support tax in the order Perform because even in the United States by the way there are taxes for The record Um so Uh so NASA who has that so tax tax Definitely is on the uh payments roadmap Sean uh but again you know we are Currently working on the few other Things in payments and once uh those Items are done we can look at uh taxes In the meantime Francis uh did you check Out our uh I mean invoices where we do Have uh tax uh settings where you can You know add the custom tax options into The invoices and send it out that can be Your intermediate solution I know it is Not complete and I know it's not like Something that you can directly automate But it is an intermediate solution that You can make use of today thank you I Appreciate that and like the invoices Are great it was a great thing but it's Kind of like something else uh you know Yeah it's a pretty it's a sample that's Done after the fact you invoice someone

After you've agreed yeah it's generally A service concept so yeah we'll we'll we Have this on the roadmap we'll continue To work on it Um it's not something we're Disinterested than doing I want to use two-step board reforms so Bad all right ketchup I get you okay Thanks guys Yes sir Nico oh yeah I I have a Clarification question here Francis one Thing so repeat Um if you directly integrate the tax Settings that we have on the voices on The auto forms will it work or do you Need the taxes calculated based on the Buyer's geography which one do you think Will work for you Um well buyers buyers geography ideally I mean because if you look at the weight At the moment I'm basically using Thrive Cart because uh to handle this feature And do they have Dynamic tax Calculations yes yeah so in in Thrive Card it's actually pretty simple it's One check box right it's one check box That you tick you tick it and it says Calculate who are they using to Calculate the taxes because taxes are Dynamic Um so basically what it does is it just Looks at the IP address of everything That funnel page so if this has come From the UK it shows 20 vat if it's

Coming from the US there's no tax on top That's it yeah so it's not it's not full It's not holistically accurate because It's not handling city taxes state taxes Transit taxes No it's only for like Jumping here because we have this issue Too on our Um primarily it's in the UK because for Theirs on order forms you have to Specifically separate the tax for the 20 But the vat especially over here in Europe it's a pretty standard one we Don't really have like city and state Especially not in like yeah I can see That as a I could see that as a um yeah Yeah I could see that as like a Um An easy way to get started NASA have a Have a tax Check box that by con if do that by Country by IP address it doesn't seem Like rocket science and then you'll know About that established and then as we go Out later we can add Integrations for People who need more sophisticated taxes And then instead of just hard coding a Value we can dynamically reach out to The tax apis that they've that that Exist and fill it in got it so so to Begin with we have only the country Specific taxes to be confident I mean it Seems like that actually it's not that That that's like the that's the 80 20

Here right so that's like yeah 20 that Should 80 of the lift and in this case I Suspect it's more like 90 of the lift Yeah Francis would that solution work For you absolutely all we need is that Different we just need a separate line Line item created right with attacks That Taps into the stripe API we don't Need anything more complicated in that I Don't know that is for sure but the Question here is the if you give the Option for you to configure the tax Let's say by country wise in UK you have Seven it should be standard I think is What they're saying so they're saying Every country's bat is standard Spain is That standard for everyone in Spain it Doesn't change you don't get to mess With it because it's the same European But what about some products may have no Tags or less tax or 100 tax I don't know Is there any I think what they're doing So what I would do actually here's what I want to do NASA go figure out how Thrivecar does it and copy and paste we Know we know that works for most people And then anybody it doesn't work for We'll call them Edge case and then we'll We'll deal with them later because I Know like drivecard's got a pretty Decent solution yeah yeah is doing Dynamic tax calculation they they have a Third party are you sure about that I Doubt it a one-time Global sale they

Can't be running around paying uh you Know someone for dynamic tax Calculations given that they're a One-time deal If you want to take this offline I'd be Happy to meet with you for yeah one Minute let's do that that's what I would Say I can show you what we do and show Me it on screen and you can see it's Actually really simple but you're right Now so they do say they track it based On product type and stuff like that but I just think that we should find a very Easy mid step here which is vat taxed by European countries check let's get it in The can let's get it out because it Seems like that would solve for most People Yeah sure sometimes if you don't get This complete the U.S very much and it Seems like in outside the US it's a it's Just a vat thing that would really help Yeah thank you guys appreciate it this Will change our world for a lot of People [Music] I got it thanks thanks for the great Question Francis next one is from Josh Are there going to be API endpoints for The SAS updates Uh Uh we are we are thinking about it we Are working on that so there are So we started documenting the apis you

Built some apis and there were some Issues like you know what if you pass The wrong subscription ID from a Customer what if the you know different Statuses of the description like it Could be passed you in complete Delinquent handling all of those cases We have already done it in the in our Side of things like in our backend but API sort of exposes a lot of that so What should be allowed what shouldn't be Allowed taking a little bit of time but By the end of q1 or Q2 of 2023 there Will be public apis available for that Yeah so the answer is yes yes eventually We will absolutely have that right Yeah cool great that's it yes moving on Beautiful next one is from Mary Sue is Teams on the road map as an alternative To zoom Uh yeah I saw your idea and the idea is Good as well so thank you for that maybe Sue uh currently no uh because there are Only two words as you can see on the Ideas report they're just waiting for it To reach like a certain number before we Actively consider that and we have a few Other items on the calendar before we do That so it's not gonna happen at least For the next uh let's say two quarters Uh on the minimum so yeah Perfect next question we have is from Stephanie will we be able to add Internal notes to workflows not just

Ones that tie into the contact record Yeah The thought process there is uh some for Templates and stuff uh we run a Certification program in the software so We have a lot of templates that I like To I know exactly what you're saying I For some reason though I thought we had This at one point we do yeah we do you Just hoverboards it's not very easy to Find yeah I was thinking more so like I I use the add to notes action nope and Then I retitle it like read before Editing and then I put it all in there And and usually have them delete it Before they publish so being able to Have like an action step that is very Obvious not just a comment on a step you Know what I'm saying Oh those are a lot harder to see than if It was like an action You know okay like I have notes like an Action step of just notes yeah yeah so That like if I if someone buys a Template from us that there's us you Know a very clear like editor note that You have to make sure that you go into This step and update your phone number In it or whatever the note may be but Not necessarily on a specific step but More just a in general It just doesn't do it it doesn't do Anything it just goes right the the flow Just goes right right through it right I

Mean right rather than putting in the Contact record could you give them like A readme kind of a document like how you Get it in like all these What I like is examples because like I Actually think this is pretty awesome Given what it is I'm surprised we even Have comments on steps yeah it's more Like a walkthrough actually uh is what You're asking great stuff well like you Wanted yeah I find that the comments are Easily that comment spot is really Easily looked over and I think you're Totally right but at the same time it's Like if I blow this up to like the General it used to be having a big like I know what you want a big fat sticky Note like hey before you do Anything be sure to look up the comments Right there in blue and you can't miss Them but given that you will here's a Big fat sticky note on your screen right I can show you an example of how I'm Using it if you want but I think no see I want to see an example Of how somebody else does this because I Mean at some point that's sort of like You know how do I put a flashing red Alarm in from somebody's face for Something yeah or maybe like under your Use case but maybe there's like another Top tab of like you know like editor Notes And so like you know the I don't know

Maybe that's the same thing as the Comments I guess but now that I'm saying It At some points the question is like you Know how many how many alarms and red Flashing lights does it take to get Someone to take action and at one point Does it overwhelm them right and how do We make that really scalable for other People like I feel like it's almost like When I'm going to purchase or going Through your webinar going through your Training or going through your course That somehow should be covered right Right or like so yeah hey when you get The workflow there'll be these circles That have blue dots on them click that And you're going to see that there's a Comment that tells you specifically to The step what you should customize for This step Those comments track over when you clone Them via snapshots and stuff right or They do those only stay out there does Anybody know that they should but does Anyone know that Yes yes for sure they do yeah Cool yeah Awesome next question is just maybe we Can just make that when there is a Comment a little a little bit bigger you Know keep it what we have but make it a Little more visible because it's pretty Easy to miss yeah I mean it was good

Feedback right like clearly people don't Realize there's something there so That's like a little note like a little A little no image yeah let's let's look At the design of of and how we can Slightly increase that but I would also Balance it against that you know you go Too far and I'm going to start getting Comments that you know yeah it's the Note icon is insanely impossible to miss And it's getting in my way and it's very Annoying so it's a balance what if you Just created a new action to add the Workload that is a comment I love it I don't know why not then it Looks like an action and someone's like Where does the comment go and how does It work that's what I was kind of Thinking because sometimes I'll use them As placeholders for where I need to put An action later but that's also a Different who's the product manager for This Yeah it's my team it's really perfect Great shot they want that you've heard All the comments running down And as they love and as they say as I Learned that they say in India do the Needful You trusted us on quizzes trust us again Thank you guys yes ma'am what's next Francis has a question he's asking what About yext for international Yes but

Shivan knows more yeah in queue to work 2023 we will be in a position to offer EX for Australia UK and Canada But that's all like no other countries In our contract right now Awesome thanks Siobhan next questions From Stephanie ETA on being able to customize The affiliate URL email as well as Saving their links somewhere so we can Find it later Yeah I had um obviously I figured that That's customizing the email was going To be on your roadmap but also once that Email sends uh there's no way to find That person's link again to be able to You know send it to them again or if They forgot it or missed it or you need It to give it or even their affiliate ID Yeah yeah Yeah so hi Stephanie uh we have one Release coming out this week where you Will be able to export the entire Affiliate screen and when you export it Out you'll be able to see individual Affiliate links the reason we are Putting out the export functionality Right now is because soon we'll start uh Work on the affiliate portal where your Affiliates will be able to log in and See their affiliate links right in the Yeah right in the portal that they have Access to so by the end of this week you Will see um this functionality of

Pulling out an export so then we would Have to export it to get those links Then yeah that's right okay yeah that's Right so one button export you get all Your affiliate details along with their Links and you can use it to send it out To your affiliates Well that update also include the Ability to add existing customers and Sales Um so you're seeing the existing Contacts that you have in the CRM yeah Migrating over everybody from um yeah so We are already working on that yeah Yourself Uh for first promoter you'll still have To export your uh Affiliates on first Promoter export it out from there and Come add it on the high level affiliate Manager but uh to link your contacts Through affiliate manager that CRM Integration is coming up soon probably Um in queue in early q1 you will be able To see that yeah this is not what I was Asking about you and I have talked on Slack about this it's the question of You know I've got I've got a collection Of Affiliates that already are producing Revenue and I I need to be able to track Sales and all that on their Subscriptions right now I can't do that I can only track new uh fails oh I see So basically adding them and only sales That came in through their link and with

That in my world that happens half the Time most of the time I end up Recognizing the Um an affiliate as a source long after The sale first happens Yeah so that is not there right now what You're saying is that uh whatever Information that you have on first Promoter you should be able to migrate It into uh I wouldn't I I wouldn't Migrate so okay let me let me just be Clear on this I have a very strident Opinion here as in some many things Um I do not like the idea of importing Past information I know it sounds good But too bad so sad it's a lot of work For um a very minor use case I'm a big Walk forward guy I don't think that's What you're asking for Tim though you're Right what Tim is saying is listen an Affiliate comes to me and he says he or She says look I sent Bob to you last Week and you're not recognizing it and He just wants to be able to go in and be Like oh you know what they probably Didn't use the link hold on click click Click click boom now Bob is assigned to You so can they manually sign someone Can they manually assign a sale at a Later date to an existing affiliate That's the first question right now Not right now no but that's something That we already have planned up and That's going to be perfect no you can't

But we're working on it so that's Question number one what was your second One Tim well what's the ETA for that That fix Jan uh probably early q1 Early quarter one perfect and then I Think the other the other potential I Could see is it's I have an existing Person in first promoter or any other Affiliate management product and I want To bring them in and basically have them Pick up from you know the next sale Essentially right so I I could obviously I could replicate the campaign so that They'd be the same in both so that's That I could add them as an affiliate uh Today I think and if and then on the Next sale just by doing the virtue of That it would pick up the next one Correct There's no way to do that right now Uh that's a sure machine question That's um again If If campaign that's there on first Promoter of course we'll start tracking It from this time but um they'll have to Create that campaign send out the new Affiliate link to the existing Affiliates so all of that will have to Happen Right oh no no so they have to click the Silly link again

Are we gonna have a method to manually Add them in so that it does pick up Uh not right now eventually we will okay So we should we should think about that Because if I'm let's say I'm Tim and I'm Like well yeah but I got a thousand Existing Affiliates that I'd want to Fully move over like there are they Already like had people click their link Why the heck am I gonna move over if I Can't continue what I'm already doing Like what a big pain in the butt right So I'll just stay with what I'm doing Actually because you've made it possible For me to fully migrate without people Which No One's Gonna Do we do have the Ability to upload your existing Affiliate so you can create a Excel Spreadsheet and just upload them so they Become an affiliate here and when you Create a campaign when you create a Campaign because it's it's going by the Domain ID that you have linked with your Location very likely your affiliate link Is going to be different because if You're running your campaigns on first Promoter how you get into a campaign Could vary right so let's say again back To the Tim example someone doesn't click My link uh oh but I know that they're Responsible for the sale I need to be Able to add them manually manually item Yeah just say adding the sale manually That will that is coming up as Services

The sale not just the sale but also add Them into the campaign so that in the Future they automatic whether it doesn't Matter how they got it and I choose as The admin of the system to add them to The campaign period full stop we need That capability it just makes sense that Isn't the worst That's what Tim is asking Yeah Yeah that's what is early q1 that uh Yeah It's beautiful all right next question We have is from Pamela will Tick Tock Icon for the email templates social Element be available Already answered that one and said it Will come out with the emails okay did You answer your second part with the Google fonts no Uh Yeah Google fonts is uh I mean currently It's not totally possible I mean I have Taken it up as a to do item on my site It's on finance There's a lot of great fonts always Being released it's nice to have them Yeah Thank you Pamela next question we have Is from Peter what do we do about twilio We have set up for test and snapshot Sub-accounts Peter can you elaborate on This Uh yeah so so anytime I am working on

Building a snapshot or I have a test Account of any kind in terms of Sub-accounts if I'm working on SMS style Automation I have to add a phone number Uh in in order to to manage that uh how Do I you do that moving forward with all The regulatory stuff if if I need to Have a phone number but I don't want to Pay extra fees for Um and going through the process of of Uh registering right for a test account Well like you know it Snapshot that you're going to distribute To your own customers sure yeah or test Accounts yeah because I mean like yeah If you're sending 10 test SMS 100 test SMS it won't even matter like you don't Need compliance with that uh it's only When you cross a certain amount of Volume right that's when you need to Start thinking about your compliance so What I would suggest is build your Snapshot Buy a U.S phone number test whatever you Need to test delete the phone number and Start Distributing the snapshots that's It once you are confident that this Thing works Well well if I'm I mean I buy a phone Number and I keep it I I you know for a Dollar a month it's it's yeah smart I Have a necessary word I was gonna say Stop being a cheapskate but it sounds Like right but but if I have to start

Paying 15 a month across 35 sub accounts Yeah I don't think so I don't think you Will I think it'll be so yeah so so far So this is the so just a heads up to Everybody this is a crappy situation Twilio and thus us and thus you are all Sort of at the behest of the carriers Who sort of seem to be in the midst of Figuring things out constantly and Changing them and so but if the good News is for the moment it seems that if You're really low volume there's not a Lot of risk to you right what they're Really trying to do is they're trying to Build the most money out of them out of The mo the people who are sending the Most texts and your test accounts won't Hit that radar now that Canon will Change no doubt and be more official at Some point and that hopefully will be Good but for the moment Peter just by Phone or build a snapshot and get going Okay thank you Yes sir Appreciate it Peter next question we Have is from Mary update on recurring Calendars Um Decoding appointments Uh yeah so we're there it was due this Week but uh there are certain features That we have to do before that in order For recurring appointments to work the Way we intended to work so that's why it

Sort of got pushed a little bit so we Are trying for Christmas and sometime Before Christmas but then it's Definitely in the works and it's as a Feature it's ready it's just that is Another feature which is native email Notifications that we have to build in Order for that to sort of yield the Desired results you know if we don't Roll that out with the native email Notifications what will happen is every Time a recurring sequence is booked by a Customer he will start to get emails Times the recurrences you know so if There are 10 recurrences he'll get 10 Emails in one shot so just to prevent People from shooting themselves in the Foot we have to do this and that's why It's taking a little longer so apologize For that but yeah it's it's really close Thank you appreciate it next question we Have is from Peter uh it's about order Forms he's asking how do we how do we Access the amount charged and products Selected to be used in workflows Um so we are currently working on this And um the development is almost like 70 Done so in the next few weeks you should Be able to see that in the workflows And right now there's no way to to know Even in the confirmation email Uh in terms of the agency knowing what Was bought and how much for in the case Of uh multiple selections correct yeah

But for today no but that's what I said No the okay product trigger a place that You are working on currently that will Include all these changes like you know Your uh multiple selection of primary Products and the multiple quantities for Each product all that information will Be available for you on the workflows Thank you Next question we have is from Paul is There any way for Canadian agencies to Offer YX to their U.S customers Yes there is a hack uh Just change your go to your agency Settings change your country to the USA And at that point all of your clients Who are in USA uh according to their Location settings will see the X from Everyone else I understand this is not a very elegant Hack but I mean that's what we have to Do right Awesome thanks Shivam uh next question We have is from Derek he's a three-part The first one being when will we be when Will we be able to add product order Quantity filters to the workflow Triggers example someone purchases two Plus of a product send them down a Different path or ask them some Different questions Yes so this particular variation of the Feature is I mean we didn't do it in the Filter that we are going to reduce in

The next few weeks Um that is we see quantity is available For you to display that in an email and Send out those confirmation emails and All the stuff but then it it is not it Doesn't exist as a filter in the Upcoming release but it is something That we can add and I have taken it as Uh as one of the to do items for Ourselves Awesome thanks NASA the second part of The question is when will we be when Will we get more information on the Company feature and adding contacts to Companies within a workflow uh example This will allow us more control and Visibility over contact relationships Between business partners Hi uh Derek so are you do you mean to Say that you want to use the contacts Business field and map companies with it Is that what the question is here or can You give me a more uh any other example For the use of this would be of course Of course um yeah it's more I mean we Have a lot of business relationships Inside our different uh clients that we Work with and there always seems to be a Disconnect between them so if we have Someone who's signing up for a large Event and maybe has a guest maybe we Want that relationship to exist in that System so that when they come in for a Check-in for instance uh we can see that

Relationship very clearly and we're not Hijacking fields to try and find a Relationship uh so yeah they the company Feature was something we were looking Looking forward to and just wondering What what kind of updates you might have On that feature yeah sure so I think the Next upcoming one direct what's coming Is uh the automation feature which will Be launching so what basically that Would do is that if you have existing Contacts which has a business field Value right so in which you must have Mentioned earlier uh based on that Business name you will be able to create New companies and Associate contacts With it right so you will be able to Migrate all the existing contacts data To companies so you don't have to do it Manually that will be part one and the Part two also for the future right Anytime you're adding a new contact and You are providing any value in the Business real name it will automatically Map with the company also so it will be An auto sync uh which will be live so It'll have a it's a settings option so As long as you keep it on uh it will Work what I just mentioned in terms of The use case so that's uh that's the Next one which is coming in company and If you have seen the last release what We have done so we have we have started Building the Consolidated view uh for

Contacts under company right so if you Have a company and you have five Contacts what what we have done last Time is we have given you the task view So you can see all the tasks of contacts Which are part of the company right so You will be seeing scaling that part Also so you will start seeing maybe Notes after that and then you will have Appointments you will have conversations Etc so that's the roadmap what we have For company at this point in time uh Those will be in the next quarter or two But the company automation feature that That you can expect that to be released Uh by the end of this month Awesome thank you for the update And there's a third part to Derek's Question he's asking I believe Authorize.net was supposed to be really Re-released uh this quarter or released This quarter uh to be used within the Order system is there an update on that We are working on it right now Um so our plan is that if everything Goes for by plan we will we should be Able to have it in data at least by this End of this quarter uh so that's the Current plan so the scope of this work Will will cover the two-step and one Step order form Um and in the next quarter we are Planning to expand the offering to uh More areas of our platform like invoices

Uh memberships Etc so that that would be Coming up in q1 so yeah that's the plan Thank you Awesome thanks NASA and appreciate it Derek next question we have is from Stephanie there's two parts is there a Plan to connect the new payments and Products into memberships rather than Having them separated still Uh yes so we are vertically integrating With payments it Uh so how it will work like as we we Will there will be a two-way sink Between uh the membership offers and the Payment products so whenever you create A Uh products inside like a membership Type of offer product inside payments it Will automatically create a offer in Memberships and vice versa if that was Your question or like Uh once Um yeah that's perfect thank you All right And then the second part is is there a Plan to connect the new things you can Skip that one I accidentally pasted it Twice okay and then next question we Have is actually from you again will These new domains be able to be Purchased internet uh internally connect To the membership portal as well I think these are about the domains yeah So you guys are talking about when uh

That you're going to work on being able To write within the system Um and set up the DNS stuff so I was Just curious you mentioned uh funnels Websites and emails if that will also be Uh connected to the membership portal in Those links Or can we do that if you want to add That Uh I think that's such a wrong question Sorry I missed that uh could you please Repeat it Yeah I just said uh so with the new Domain purchasing you guys are going to Be doing Um internally in in the system well that You mentioned that it connects to Funnels websites and emails will it also Connect to the membership side yes yes People connect to all high level Products Awesome next question is from Stephanie Question with the new LC email can we Get rid of the connect SM uh sdmp button Sorry if this has been answered The connect smtv button at the location Level or at the agency level On the location level Um I love my users but they are very Very very due to technology and they Don't even understand the difference Between like a business email and Sending emails from the platform so they Keep thinking they need to set up

Connect their Google which they can't do Anyway We just get rid of that Uh and we want to get rid of it uh let's See uh I mean we wanted to get rid of it But then there were a lot of agencies Who were like you know hey why are you Taking petrol away from my clients maybe They want to use their own SMTP provider I want to have that flexibility so That's why we did not touch it but uh we Can definitely take a look at that Karthik and can you just make a note of It uh let's see what what kind of Solution we can build here Or just make it a feature that agencies Can turn off and on or something yeah Yeah that would help a lot of my Customer support for my team Got it thanks guys we can do something Like that Cool Thank you next question is from uh Tim And I want to ask you Tim we entered the Affiliate manager feature question yes We spoke about that earlier yeah I just Noticed that there was no mention of it During the product management update but Yeah but I'm fine thank you awesome Now that we're like an hour and 40 in Let's do one more question and then I Think a bunch of us have to jump okay Cool um it's from Tim could we change The default number to contacts displayed

From 20 to 50 or 100. Yeah I think I've answered that but uh To repeat that again Tim Um right now we don't have it yet but we Have plans to build save view option and That would be across different modules So that would be user level settings so When we work on that we'll definitely Take care of this great thank you we Don't have an area for this but uh we'll Share a roadmap so I think I'll be able To give you a better view Maybe by an Expert on this that's great that's one Of the biggest sources of user confusion It's like how come I can't see this Person I know should be there well Because you're only seeing 20 people so That'll be great I could use like 50 I Could use like 50 workflows 50 or 100 Workflows too 20s 20 is not enough it's a sports very Slow thank you definitely Awesome everybody well thanks so much For hanging out for this uh months Town Hall it is the last one of the year Don't forget in your agency account There's an ideas tab that'll take you Straight into the ideas board pre-logged In if you know you're wondering hey when Will high level do this search it there Upvote if it's there if it's not put it On there because the team uses that to Guide the decisions internally uh we Hope you all have a really happy

Holidays and a great New Year and we'll See you in the beginning of January [Music]

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