Hiring Update Almost to 400!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so this is a Little bit of a different one actually So normally I'm out here with just Feature stuff but you know when we first Started high level and um we really saw This as a partnership between us and you Really us being your team uh trying to Make sure we're doing a great job on the Product side and on the engineering side Um and on the support side and one of The things I want to give you a quick Update on and I think is really super Useful is Um the team that is behind you so if you Look at the graph in front of me here What you'll see is we're actually uh We've added 61 new people since the Beginning of this year and actually we Are on track to hire 400 by the end of This quarter and the reason I think this Is important is because of who these People are so we're a very engineering LED organization so the majority of These hires um a little over half are Going to be in the engineering side but The other half are all in really in Support and success Um and we're making all of these Investments because we feel like We want to make sure that we're always Backing you up so whether it's obviously New features and and uh functionality Which is always awesome and amazing um

But also just the ability that when you Have setup issues or questions or Whatever that we're there to help you Out and so I'm pretty excited Um some of these people are still in Training of course um although we did Have a Class come out yesterday and I've Already seen our our wait times on the Sports side drop uh pretty quickly so Props to the support team Um but I just want to give this quick Update and let you know that we are Investing heavily in people Um to try to make sure that we're doing A great job so when you're out there and You're wondering who these crazy cat Levelers are and what they're doing just Know that you have a 400 person strong Team Um backing you up all the way uh all the Way to your customer and making sure That you know you can do a great job for Them and we take this really seriously And so I just wanted to say thanks uh For as always always humbled uh to have You here um but just know that we are Working our tail off over here to make Sure that we're continuing to invest in Future success for you and always Backing you up so anyways hope you're Having an awesome Friday and on that Note uh talk to you soon thanks

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