Hostinger Website Builder Tutorial 2023 (Create a Professional Website Step-by-Step)

Hey everyone and welcome back to Medics Medium in this video I'm going to show You step by step how to build a Beautiful professional website using the Hostinger website builder we're going to Be covering every single step of the Process from signing up to hostinger to Customizing every aspect of your website All the way to launching your completed Finished website so whatever kind of Website you want to create maybe it's a Business website a personal portfolio Maybe a blog or an e-commerce website This video will teach you everything you Need to know to be able to build any Type of website using hostinger you're Gonna find all the topics we're going to Cover in this video down below in the Description along with the timestamps so If you're looking for a specific part You can just go directly there we have a Lot to cover in this video so let's get Started with the tutorial so the first Step is to sign up to hostinger and to Make sure you get the best deal when Signing up you want to make sure to use The first link Down Below in the video Description this link will take you to a Special hosting or page specifically Made for you my YouTube subscribers to Give you guys an additional discount on Top of the already discounted prices of The hostinger plans and I can guarantee You this is the best deal that you're

Going to find for hostinger anywhere so Scroll down click on that first link in The description and we'll start from There alright so once you're on this Page let's go to hosting and then click On website builder from here we want to Scroll down to where it says website Builder and web hosting just click on Add to cart and then here we're going to Have to choose a billing cycle meaning How many months in advance you want to Pay for your hosting your plan obviously The more you pay up front the cheaper It's going to be in the long run so for Example we have the 48 months option Which you're going to have to pay four Years of Hosting or in advance and then You get the first four years for only 299 per month and you also get three Months for free if you go with this Option and then we also have the other Options the 12 months and the 24 months Option there the plan will renew after That period at a bit of more expensive Price compared to this one so this one Will renew at seven dollars per month The 24 month option will renew at eight Dollars per month and then the 12 months Option will renew at nine dollars per Month and then we also have the one Month option which means you just pay on A monthly basis if you choose this Option then there's going to be a setup Fee of five dollars and then you're

Gonna have to pay twelve dollars each Single month Um to keep your website running so I Wouldn't recommend this option because Just by choosing the 12 months option It's going to be already a lot cheaper And you also get a free domain if you Choose one of these three options here So if you know that you're going to have Your website for a long long time I Would go with the 48 months option Because it is the cheapest option in the Long run but if you're not sure yet I Would just go with the 12 month option Which is what I'm going to choose for This video because I'm just going to Build an example site which I'm not Going to use after this video so once You choose your billing cycle then you Can scroll down and then here you're Going to have to type in your email Address to sign up for your hosting or Account once you have your email address Typed in here we can move on to the Payment options so here you can see all The payment options how you can pay for Your hosting or plan I'm just going to Stick with credit card and then you want To make sure to also use the coupon code Medics media so you can save an Additional 10 so just click on have a Coupon code and then type in Medics Media here click on apply and then it Will deduct an additional 10 of the

Price for your plan then just type in Your credit card information and click On submit secure payment then here Choose a secure password and click on Confirm and this will then take us to The dashboard of our host Stinger Account now the next thing we want to do Is confirm the email address that we've Used to sign up for hostinger so log Into your email inbox and then look for An email from hostinger that says verify Your email address open it and then Click on verify email and that's all we Have to do to verify our email address The next thing is going to be choosing Our domain name which is going to be the Name of your website for example the Name of my website would be but obviously you want To choose something that represents your Business or the website that you want to Create so here we can just click on Claim domain because the domain is Included in the plan that we have chosen For hostinger and then here the first Thing we're going to do is choose our Domain extension so this could Dot net or anything else that you can See here now personally I recommend to Always go with if you can so if You find a domain name where where domain is still available Sometimes it's quite hard so then you Have to go with with something like dot

Net but if you can always go Especially if you want to have an International website if you have a Website that's only like for people in Let's say Germany then you can also go For dot d e or whatever the extension is For your specific country now I'm going To try and find a domain name that is Available because again that's What I recommend so let's try Medics Media demo and see if this is available by Checking available check availability And as we can see this domain would be Available and we get it for free for the First year because we have chosen a plan Where this is included so now we can Just click on claim domain then here We're going to have to complete our Domain registration by just filling out Some personal details or the details of Your company if you're setting up this Website for your company and also enter Some contact details once you have all That filled out just click on finish Registration and then as they say here Our contact information will be reviewed And once that's done then the domain That we've chosen will be registered for Us so let's move on by clicking on Continue and then for some reason we get To this page where they offer us another Plan which we don't need so don't worry We can just click on skip I don't need a

Website and this should take us back to The dashboard where we can see an Overview of our domain status as you can See here we still need to verify our Domain contact details so we want to go Back to our email inbox and look for an Email that says important verify your Contact information for your domain now This email first ended up in the spam Folder for me so make sure you also Check the spam and junk folders and then Once you've found the email just click On this link here open anyway and this Should take us back to hostinger where Now we can see our email address has Been verified guide for the domain as Well so now we can go back to the Hosting or dashboard and click on check Status for email verification status and Now we can see that the email Verification status is verified great so Now that we have our hosting or account Set up and also our domain it's time to Create our website so let's go to home On the top menu and then under premium Web hosting let's click on setup then Click on start now and then here for These questions we don't actually need To answer them so I would just click on Skip I don't want personalized Experience here at the bottom and then Here we want to click on create a new Website click on select and then we can Decide between WordPress and the

Hostinger website builder now I've Already made a video on where I show you How to create a WordPress website using Hostinger in this case you would want to Click here and I'll leave the video in The description down below and case You're interested in creating a WordPress website but this video is all About the host single website builder so What we're going to do is select the Hostinger website builder right here Then here we want to make sure that our New website will be connected to the Domain we have registered before which Is this one here so make sure you select Your domain here and then click on Select so here we have two different Options on how we can start building the Basic structure of our website we can Either start with a template and then Just customize the template that we Choose or we can use the AI website Builder which will just ask us a couple Of questions about the kind of website We want to create and then it will just Create the website for us and after that We can still make changes and customize Everything if we don't like a specific Content or structure so I'm going to Show you how to use both of these Options I'm going to quickly show you How to use the AI website builder Because I actually think it's a good Tool and afterwards are going to spend

The majority of the time using a Template to create our website and then Customizing everything using the website Editor so if you want to use the Aisa Builder you just click on use AI website Builder here and then here like I Mentioned before we're going to have to Tell this tool what kind of website we Want to create and what the name would Be so I'm just going to name my brand Just Medics media and then for the Website type let's say we are building a Business website and then we also have To give a short business description so I just prepared something here where I Tell this tool that my business helps Plug businesses increase their affiliate Marketing Revenue so once you have all This filled in you just click on create A website and just like that the AI tool Has created a website for us that is Specific to what information we have Given the AI tool so for example you can See it says maximize your affiliate Revenue here in at the top which is the Main benefit of the company we're Creating this website for so this Definitely makes sense to have this here At the top then when you scroll down you Can see the layout that this Business Website could have and then you can also See the text here this says we help you Identify potential partners that are Aligned with your business goals and

Values so this is all customized to what You have given the AI tool so also just To create ideas for text and content This is very useful and what's also cool Is that You can check out different templates That the AI has created for you so now We are on the first template but then if You go to the bottom here you can click On the second one and then we have a Different layout that we could also use For this Business website you can just Scroll down and see which one you like The best we also have a third one by Clicking on the third one we can see This would also be a design that would Work if you like this one you can just Keep it and then you can also click on Style and check out different colors so Just by clicking on different color Palettes you can see that you have Different options on how to quickly Change the overall design of your Website now you can also add pages by Clicking on pages here you can add a Blog Page portfolio page a store even or An appointments page where people can Make appointments to schedule a call With your business So this is how the AI editor works but You don't have to just take the website They give you you can also click on Create again and then you the AI will Try again to create a new layout for you

Once you like one layout then you still Probably want to make some changes Obviously you can click on edit here on The top right and this will then take You to the hostinger website builder Where you can customize everything by Drag and drop adding elements deleting Stuff changing text and so on I'm going To show you exactly how to use this Editor but we're going to actually start From a template because I also want to Show you how to choose a template for Creating a website so I'm going to click On this little back arrow here on the Top left and click on try AI Builder or Change template which will take us back To the options where we can choose a Template or use the AI Builder so this Is going to be the starting point for Building a website starting with a Template so the easiest way to find a Great template for the type of website You want to build is just by looking at These categories here at the top so for Example if you would want to build a Website for a restaurant you could just Click on the restaurant category and Then see all the templates that were Pre-made for creating a restaurant Website if you want to check out one of These templates you can just click on Preview here and then you can just Browse through this website you can also Click on the links here to check out

Different pages of this template and you Can also see how it looks like on a Tablet or on a mobile phone now by Choosing a template you're not giving up Any design options or options for Specific features for your website this Is just going to give you a basic layout Along with some default fonts and colors And images that you can then change Everything about later in the editor Which I'm going to show you next so Don't worry if you're not going to find The perfect template to start your Website with just choose the one that You like that you think think might work And then we're going to go from there I'm going to show you how to change Everything about your website so for This video I'm gonna go with I'm going To click on the services category and I'm going to go with the present Template I think this one looks very Modern and clean and we could use this One for pretty much any type of website So I'm going to click on select the Template here and then I'm going to Confirm change template and this will Then take us back to the hostinger Editor so this is where we can customize Our website on the left side we have a Menu for customizing different elements Of our website and throughout the video I'm going to cover each of them and then On the bottom we also have website

Settings which we're also going to go Over in this tutorial and then on the Top we can switch from the desktop view Which is the one we are on right now to The mobile view to see exactly how the Website looks on a mobile phone and Later on we're going to go into this View to optimize our website for small Smaller screen sizes as well and you can See our website is already on the domain That we have registered before and then We have the save button the preview Button when you click here you can see How the website looks like and you can Also click on different pages to see how They look like now when I go back to the Editor just click on back to Editor to Get back here the go live we're gonna Click later on when we are finished with Our website so that's basically it for The editor let's start customizing the Website so to customize your website is Actually quite easy on this website Builder it's quite intuitive so for each Element that you have on the website by Hovering over them you can see a blue Outline which means that this is an Element that is on your website if you Want to customize this element or change Anything about it you can just click on It and then you can see these options Here at the top so we can edit the text We can duplicate this element we can Have it hidden or shown on different

Screen sizes we can delete it if you Want 2 and then we also have some more Options here when we click on the three Dots so let's say we want to just change The text so we can just double click Which will go directly into the edit Text option or you can just click on it Click on edit text and then we also get To this option so let's say for this First line we're just going to say we Help you and then later on we're going To say boost sales or something like That and then here we can also change The size so the heading size right now It's a heading 4. we can also change the Font which I wouldn't recommend because We can later on change to font of the Entire website then here we can change The font size so we can make it smaller We can make it larger we can make it Bold italic underlined and so on and we Can also add links here so now let's Also change this text I just usually Double click and then let's say boost Sales and now here I notice that it's Kind of too large so I'm just going to Highlight it and then change the font Size to let's say 100 or let's say 80 80. then then let's say we also want to Change this image here we just click on This image element and then we can see The options here at the top click on Change image and then we can click on Replace image and you can simply upload

Any image that you have on your computer Or you can also click on free images if You want to use stock images of Hostinger so I'm just going to type in Something like business and then let's Just choose this image here click on add To page and then we can see the image Was replaced and then moving elements on Your page is also very simple you just Click and drag the element you want to Move and then you can place it in any Position that you want now here you Notice these blue lines here these are Kind of guidelines that should help you Align elements correctly so everything Looks very nice so let's say we want to Move this element here and then let's Say we want to move this just on the top And you can see it kind of snaps to These blue lines to make sure everything Is the line perfectly now you can also Change these these snap grid lines in The background by just clicking on the Entire section here and then you click On these edit section gear icon and Click on layout then here you can change The row height for example or the row Gap to just change the the grid lines And be able to put everything a bit Closer together or have everything a bit Further apart so I usually just leave Everything as it is because it works Pretty well by with the default settings And like I've already mentioned if you

Want to remove any element on your page Just click on it then click on the trash Icon and then the element disappears From your page now if you want to add a New element to the page you can simply Come over here and click on ADD element Then we can see different kinds of Elements we can add like some text a Button an image a video and so on so Let's say you want to add a button to The page we just click on the element Here and then the button element will Appear in the canvas we can then drag And drop this one wherever we want it to Be let's say we want to have it right Here and then we want to also click on Edit button and make sure this button Goes somewhere so we can change to link 2 to a page on our website so let's say We're going to just send them to the Contact page and then we can also look At this style and then change let's say The text size here or the color whatever You want so now you understand exactly How to add remove and edit different Elements on your page but it's also very Important that you understand how a page Is structured so the structure of a page Is basically made up of different Sections so the first section is Basically the header that you can see Here on top this is going to be on every Single page just so that your visitors Can easily navigate through your website

I'm going to show you how to edit this Header later in the video and then after The header we have the content 10 Sections which you can see here outlined In blue and you can also see here it Says section So within each section we Can add elements and edit them however We want but they have to be within a Section and then when we scroll down Here we can see the next section then Here we can see the third one and you Can just edit each element within each Section now if you want to add a new Section you can just hover over an Existing one and then you can see the Add section button you can just click Here and then you have some different Options you can either add a blank Section by just clicking here or you can Add a pre-made section provided by Hostinger so for example let's say you Want to add a gallery section we just Click on the different Gallery section Elements and then we can just click on One that we like and by just clicking on It it will insert into this page and if You want to move this one we can just Look at the menu items here at the top We can move this down we can move it up And we can also duplicate the section if You want to and of course we can also Just delete any section by just clicking On the trash icon and then when we Scroll all the way to the bottom of this

Page we should find the footer section So this is also a special section just Like the header which is usually visible On any page of your website you can have Your logo here some social media links Other important links content Information and so on and you don't need To have this visible on any page of your Website you can also just click on this Hide icon here and then you can hide This section on any page that you want Now before you go ahead and customize The content on your page I would highly Recommend to go into website Styles here On the left side this is where you can Change the overall style of your website Like the colors the fonts the buttons Styles and also the basic animation Which just means how your website will Load when somebody clicks on different Links so you can have the fade option Here you can have the slide option or The scale option or no animation at all Personally I stick with the slide option But the reason why I want you to go into Website Styles before changing anything Is to basically choose your font before Making any adjustments because when you Click on different fonts here you're Going to notice that you're gonna have Sometimes some formatting problems like You can see here the button is over the Text because now the text size is larger Because we have changed the font from

This one here to this one so you want to Make sure to choose the font first Before you change anything so you don't Need to go back again and rearrange all The elements after you have changed the Font so this is something that's very Important to save you some time now Let's look at how to manage your pages Of your website so let's go to pages and Navigation here on the left side and This will open up the navigation menu so Here we can see the main navigation this Is what will be displayed in the header Of your website so people can easily Navigate through your website first of All when you want to change or adjust or Edit any other page you can just click On the page here and then the page Editor will change to the page you have Selected and you can change any element Here now if you want to rearrange pages In the top navigation menu you can just Click and drag them whatever position You want them to be and specifically for This one the projects link you can see This is not really a page itself this is Kind of a drop down menu which is a cool Feature to kind of sort your pages in Your header navigation menu so here you Can see you can just click or hover over This project link then you can see the Different pages here so this is a great Way to organize your different pages now If you want to add a new drop down menu

You can just click on this add new drop Down here and then you can basically Click on the gear icon rename it let's Say this is social media and hit enter And then we can just drag any page under This social media drop down menu and Then we can see here we have one page Under this drop down menu if you want to Add external links you can just click on ADD link here and then you can just type In any URL so let's say let's say we Want to add our YouTube channel we can Just add our YouTube link and then we Can name this one YouTube click on Save And then we have this link here and when People click on it they will get to Whatever URL we have typed in if you Want to hide specific Pages or you just Don't want to have them in the Navigation menu you can just drag them To the height from navigation menu here At the bottom and then the page will Still exist so you can still link to it But the page will not be in the the main Navigation here in your header Now to Create a completely new page on your Website you can just come down here and Click on ADD page and then just like we Had with the section we have some Pre-made layouts we can choose so let's Say we want to add a privacy policy page We could use this template here or for a Project page we could use this one here Or you can also just click on new empty

Page and then start with a completely New empty page now you can name this Page here so let's say this is Testimonials and then let's say save and Now we can see we have a completely Empty page so we only have the header And the footer and if you want to add a Section we just click on ADD section Here and then we can just add any Sections let's just say we add a just an About section let's add this one here And then this will enter it into the Page and we can just change anything However we want to now to change the Design and the layout of your header you Just simply click on it and then you can See the options here so when we click on Edit navigation it will simply open up The pages and navigation which we Already went over then we have change Logo so let's just quickly change the Logo to our own click on upload files Here and then let's go to logo and I'm Just going to use this Medics media logo Select and now we have our logo here we Can also change the width to make this a Bit larger like this that looks fine Then we can also click on layout here And then we can change the menu position So currently it's on the right side we Can also change it to the middle or to The left side if you wouldn't have the Logo here I'm just going to leave it Here on the right side we can also

Change the spacing if you want to all Kinds of different options then the Style you can change the color you can Make it a transparent header so just go Through this menu by yourself and Experiment with what you think looks the Best then also make sure you don't Forget to edit your footer which is Again all the way on the bottom so here For example I would just also change This logo to my own now we need actually A wide version of the logo so I'm going To use this one and then here we can see It doesn't really fit so I'm gonna have To drag this out like this and then you Can change the contact details here Address social media icons and then if You again don't want to have this footer Displayed on specific pages so let's say Let's go to let's say the about page Then let's say we don't want to have the Footer on the about page we can just Click on the hide button here click on Hide on this page and then the footer Will not be shown on the contact page Now once you're done editing your page On the desktop view you definitely also Want to go to the mobile view by Clicking right here and then optimize Your page for mobile as well so here Everything already kind of looks good Because I haven't changed too much from The template but usually you're going to Find some misaligned elements and then

You can just come in here and drag them To whatever position you want them to be Make sure everything looks good make Sure everything is inside of the screen Canvas here and for example here I can See the logo is too small I would just Click on the header change logo change The width to make this a bit larger and The cool thing here is that anything Would change on the desktop or sorry on The mobile view it doesn't affect the Desktop view so when we go to desktop View the logo still has the same size And all the elements are in the exact Same position so make sure you edit your Website on desktop first and then go to Mobile once you're done on desktop and Optimize everything for mobile as well Now you can also use the hostinger Website builder to build a Blog all you Got to do is go to the left side menu Click on blog and then click on start a Blog and this will add a new log page to Your website now you can see we already Have four different blog posts kind of As placeholder content but if you want To create a new blog post you would Simply click on add new post here at the Bottom and this will open up a new post And editing this blog post is also very Easy so for the title we just click on This title section and then click on Change post title and then we can change Everything here so I've quickly asked

Chat GPT which is an AI tool to write me A quick blog post so this is the title Here I'm just going to paste this in Here and then I also have a quick Description here at the bottom I'm just Going to paste that into the description Box then you can also change the post URL here the author so let's say this is By me Simon and then we can also change The post date or schedule the post if we Don't want to go live with it Immediately so let's click on Save and Then for the actual con content of the Blog post we can use this text Fields Here at the bottom to basically paste That in here and then you're probably Going to have to do some formatting so What I like to do is just make this Field a bit smaller to make this easier To read and also change the color of This text so you can do that here we're Going to make this let's just make this Black and then also change the let's say We'll make this a paragraph one and make Some other adjustments as well so this Is probably how I would format the blog Post content now when we go back to blog Now we can see we have this new blog Post here and what I would do is just Duplicate this block as a template so Then in the future I can use this one as A template for my other blog post so I Don't have to always create the blog Post page every single time you can also

Add elements to your blog post page so You could for example click on ADD Element then add a button add videos add A gallery whatever you want for your Posts we can also organize our blog Posts into categories by going back to Blog and then clicking on the gear icon On the bottom and then we can add a new Category here so let's say we're going To add the blogging category and now for Each blog post we can basically go to The three dots go to the gear icon and Then we can click on categories and add This blog post to the categories we have Created so let's say this belongs to the Blogging category click save and then we Can also see here that this is in the Blogging category you also have the Possibility to create an e-commerce Website an online store where you can Sell products and accept payments Directly on your website so if you want To create an e-commerce website you want To come over here and click on online Store and then click on ADD store and This will add a store Page to our Website now to finish setting up our Store we want to go to online store and Then click on manage store here at the Bottom and then we want to name our Store so let's say this is just the Medics media store click on continue Then here set your store country and the Currency you want to sell products in

Then click continue and this will take Us to our online store dashboard where We can start by adding our own products So let's click on add products here then We have some different types of products We can sell like we can sell physical Products Services digital download Products whatever you need I'm gonna Just click on physical here and then I'm Going to upload an image of an example a Product that I'm I want to sell so let's Just choose this one here and then we Can give the product a name so let's say These are earbuds Pro 7. you can also Add a subtitle a ribbon and then a Description for the product then here we Can set the price let's say this is 79 Dollars and we can also set a discount Price so we can say this is on sale and Now it's 59 and we can track the Quantity if we want to then we can set It right here so let's say we have 100 In stock but if you do that make sure You always update your stock otherwise It will just say it's sold out and People can't buy it anymore and we can Also add options if you want to or also Add categories so let's click on Save And then here under products we can see The product we have just added and we Can also just delete all the other Products that we are actually not Selling by just going to the three dots And then clicking on delete and then we

Can go to categories as well so we can Add a category let's say we're going to Add an earbuds an earbuds category click On save or actually just assign the Product already so this product would Belong to the earbuds category then Let's click save once you get a sale on Your store you can just go to orders Here and then you're gonna see the order Right here you can also see your Appointments here if you're gonna Um the ability to set appointments on Your site and then you can also click on Discounts and add discount codes to send Out to your audience to give them an Additional incentive to buy products on Your store now let's also go to Store Settings here on the left side this is Also very important and you want to go Through each of these menus to set up Your store so for store details just Make sure the currency and measurement Units are correct then for company Information you want to enter your Company information because that's going To be displayed on the invoices then for Payments you want to make sure to add a Payment provider otherwise people won't Be able to check out and you can't make Any sales so I would just add the stripe Option here just click on connect create Your stripe account or connect your Stripe account if you already have one And then we want to go to shipping as

Well so here is where we can Define the Shipping rates that we're going to Charge our customers for sending the Products to them so there's a default Shipping rate set up at zero dollars for For people in the United States we can Adjust that if you want to by just Clicking on it and then we can change The rate here so we can click on edit And then let's say we want to charge Nine dollars for the regular shipping to The United States now we can also go Back here and then add other zones if You want to ship to other countries as Well so let's click on create Zone then Let's say we're going to ship to Canada And then add the country here we're Going to look for Canada right here and Then let's click save and now we can add A shipping rate to the Canada shipping Zone by clicking on ADD option here and Then let's say this is also a standard Shipping let's say to Canada it's going To be 15 click on ADD and now we have These standard shipping at 15 make sure You also remove the regular one if you Want to add free shipping to the options So I'm going to click on delete here and Then go back to shipping and now you can See we have a shipping zone or a Shipping price for the United States and Also for Canada and you can create as Many shipping zones as you want on as Many shipping rates as you want now

Let's go back to Store settings and then Click on checkout here you can change Some options for the checkout page add Terms and conditions private policy Required phone number and so on and then You can also check out the emails here That will be sent out directly to the Customer once they order like an order Confirmation and shipping confirmation And so on and you can check out the Preview here and also edit them then for Taxes you can set up tax rates you're Going to have to charge your customers Depending on where you're located and Where they are located you can add that Here and then invoices as well by Clicking on invoices you can change the Invoice logo you can change the title And so on so when we go back to the Editor by clicking on this button here At the top left this will take us back To the editor and now whenever you want Want to go back to this online store Dashboard you simply click on the online Store button here at the top that is now Available now that we have opened our Online store just click on it and this Will take you back to this dashboard now I also want to show you the AI tools That the hosting website builder gives You to make building your website easier So when we go to AI tools here on the Left side we can see that we have three Different tools the logo maker the AI

Rider and the AI heat map let's check Out the logo maker first here you can Basically have ai make a logo for you so Here we first have to log in again using Our hostinger account so we're going to Click on login here and then we have Access to this tool so it will ask us a Couple of questions like what our brand Name is let's say our brand name is Medics media a slogan we can also add But this is optional and then we have Brand industry so let's say we are in Let's say blogging and then click on Start creating and then the the AI tool Gives me a couple of suggestions of what My logo could look like now these are Pretty basic but we can still make some Changes so we can click on describe logo Here and then we can tell the AI how we Want our logo to look like so we can say Something like please use a rocket icon And then click on Create and then we Have some more suggestions with my Description that I have given here what I requested so once you like a logo you Just click on it here and then you can Make some additional changes for example We can just click on change icon here And then make change the icon we can Change the layout so to have the the Image or the icon on the top the text on The bottom and also you can add a slogan Right here if you want to once you're Done just click on download for free and

There you go you have a free logo made By AI another useful AI tool is the AI Rider so when you click on the air Rider You can generate different texts for Different types of websites so for Example let's choose the topic Health And Living and then choose the category Gym and let's say you're looking for a Text for the about section and then the Text should be in English let's click on Generate text and then we have some Different texts that we can use for the About section of our gym website so this Is just usually for getting some ideas And then adding your own twist obviously But this can really help you getting Your writing started when creating Content for your website and then the Last AI tool is the AI heat map so I'm Not quite sure how accurate this is but This should show you how the attention Of the visitors will go to on your Website so the darker and the more red It is the more the attention will go to This area so you can use that Information to kind of optimize your Website for conversions make sure people Actually see the buttons on your website That leads to the next page in the Funnel and also to increase the user Experience of your website by just Making sure the important elements are Actually seen by people visiting your Website now to optimize our website for

Search engines we want to go to Analytics on the left side menu and then You just want to go through all these Menu items here so under general Settings here you can add a favicon a Favicon is just a small logo that will Be displayed at the top of the browser So right here we can see the hosting or Favicon and you would just want to add a Square version of your logo to make Everything branded you can also add a Preview image that will be displayed on Social media Pages like Facebook when Somebody shares your website you can Have a cookie Banner if you want to and Then you also want to go to analytics Here actually we want to go to SEO Because we don't have any analytics yet Because we haven't had any visitors Under SEO we want to make sure to go Through these prompts to make sure we Optimize our website for SEO so let's Say we're going to name this Medics Media Consulting and then click on Next Step Then the website language should be English a page description so let's just Say description obviously you want to Add something that makes sense for your Website again you can use something like Chat GPT to create a description for Your website you don't have to come up With it by yourself alright so I've Actually just asked chatgpt to write me

A quick description for a website that Helps blog businesses increase their Affiliate Revenue just gonna copy and Paste this description in here and then Click on next step and then we can add Some keywords for the website so blog Businesses affiliate Revenue that looks Good you can also add optimize affiliate Marketing that's fine click on next step And then here we can see a preview of How our website would look like like in The Google search engine so if you like This you can just click on finish or you Can change the SEO title here and the Meta description here if you want to you Want to make sure to add keywords that People are actually looking for so they Have a chance to actually find your Website and so you can get customers for Free so let's click on finish now if you Want to add the possibility to look at Your website in different languages you Can just click on languages here on the Left side and then click on select Starting language this is going to be The default language so for this website Let's say this is English I'm going to Choose English here and then we can add More languages so we can just click on ADD language here at the top so let's Say we also want to add German we could Just click on German here and then click On ADD language then we can use this Through opt-on menu to add the correct

Logo to each of the languages and now to Actually translate the content of your Your website to the other language you Want to make sure to choose the language You want to translate the contact in so In my example this would be German and Then we can change anything so we could For example go to pages and navigation And then go and change all of these Links here so go to the gear icon Settings and then I'm going to change Projects to projecte which is German Click on save or I could just change the Text here so let's say via Elfen Dia and Then whenever we change to German this Will is what will be displayed we can Change back to English and then you can See this is this is English this is also English but when we change back to German then the language actually Changes but it is kind of a lot of work To change all the content to the other Language but if you have multiple Visitors that are going to be native in That specific language it can definitely Help increase your business so now you Know pretty much everything you need to Know to build build your custom website Once you're done you want to make sure To publish it to the world so let's Click on go live here at the top right And then click on go live this will now Make our website available to the world And people can actually go and see our

Content on the website here you can see Congratulations and it's already Connected with the domain that we have Registered so we can just click on go to Your site and then it will open up here And we can see our domain and the Content we can navigate to different Pages of the website and test out if Everything works whenever you want to Update your website simply open up your Hosting or editor and then make all the Changes and click on update website on The top right and then the changes will Be live as well now the last thing I Want to show you in this tutorial is how To set up your custom email so we have For example registered the domain And I want to create an email that is Info so to to set up Our email we want to go back to the Hosting or dashboard by clicking on the Back arrow here and then go to back to All the websites Click on leave then once we're here we Want to click on emails on the top menu And then we can see here our domain Let's click on manage and then you can Either go with the business email or the Free email for this video I'm going to Go with the free email which should be Enough to start out so I'm going to Click on select here and then here we

Can set up our email so I'm just going To use the prefix info so info at you can also use Your name Simon at whatever you Want then also set a password for this Email And then a password recovery email and Then click on create new account then Click on done and now whenever you want To check your emails or send emails Using this address you can simply come Over to emails and then go to the three Dots go to access Webmail log in with Your password and this will take you to Your email inbox where you can read Emails that you receive and you can also Send out emails with your professional New email address so I hope this video Was helpful to you setting up your first Website using hostinger if it was please Give this video a thumbs up I'd really Appreciate that and maybe even leave a Comment down below if you want to see More in-depth tutorials just like this One make sure you subscribe to the Channel as well

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