How A MultiChannel Strategy Can Help Your Digital Marketing Agency Deliver Results & Retain Clients

Hey guys on this video I want to talk About some delivery strategies in your Agency and how you can generate better Results and ultimately retain your Clients at a higher level [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I know in my agency one of the things we Struggle with is we started as an SEO Company we started as plumbing and HVAC SEO getting websites and client sites Ranked in our Niche and it worked in a Lot of cases but in some cases it didn't So we were always trying to figure out What can we do that will generate Consistent measurable results for our Clients and so over the years what we've Moved to and what I suggest almost all Of our seven figure agency members do is Rather than just being single Channel Like if you happen to be really good With Facebook ads okay I'm just going to Run Facebook ads or if you happen to be Really good with pay-per-click I'm just Going to run pay-per-click ads in every Case when you're relying on just a Single Channel that's your single point Of failure and a lot of times Your your ability to retain clients on a Single Channel becomes extremely Challenging like sometimes it's a win

Sometimes it's a fail when you go Multi-channel which means let's say We're going to do the website SEO and Google ads or we're going to do the Website SEO and Facebook ads and you Have a mix of services you can bring to The table it it does a couple of things To improve the deliverability and the Results that you get for your clients as Well as to retain so let's talk a little Bit about the delivery on on the front End just using SEO as an example right Hey we're just going to do SEO if that's All we did it takes some time right the Client signs up they give you their Credit card it's like okay we're going To get to work we're going to write this Content we're going to update the Website we're going to claim these Directories we're going to build some Links and you guys know if you're Running SEO strategies it could be three Months six months nine months before That really starts to bear fruit right And you've got to be really good at Selling and positioning a client to take Their 1500 2500 per month for them to be Okay waiting that long and trusting that Eventually it's going to bear fruit Right or if you just did pay-per-click Maybe you can be pretty quick to Generate a pay-per-click campaign and Get it off the gates but let's face it Your cost per lead from pay-per-click is

Quite a bit higher in some markets There's more competition there's more People bidding on those same terms When you're relying on a single Channel You're slower to generate results and You're less consistent what we found was When we started to learn multi-channel Solutions for our clients We were able to blend the result so Let's just use as an example our agency Plumbing and HVAC SEO we work with Website SEO pay-per-click in almost Every case that way we can come out of The gates and say hey look we're going To start to do the SEO strategy right We're going to write this content we're Going to build this website but Initially what we can do is we can turn On a pay-per-click campaign we can set Up some landing pages we can drive some Paid traffic and so right out of the Gates in the first weak they can start To see some action they can start to see Some lead flow it might not be a slam Dunk high-fives all around return on Investment but we know right out of the Gates they're going to get something Tangible something measurable that's Going to move the needle for them now Over time because we're not Reliant just On the pay-per-click strategy the SEO Starts to pick up and we find that our Cost per lead and the quality of lead From SEO tends to be even better it

Tends to be even higher and so we can More consistently give our client a Result whether it's the SEO the Pay-per-click database reactivation Start thinking about ways to generate Quick wins for the client we can Generate better return on investment Which as agency owners is the name of The game right if you can't get the Client a return on their investment and Show them the value for what they're Investing there's no way that they're Going to stay so that's from One Piece Generating more consistent results just Makes sense to go multi-channel the Other thing is you become a lot more Sticky one of the hardest things in a Digital marketing agency business is we Want to sell retainer-based clients we Want those clients to stay with us long Term not just for three months on a beta Test and let's see how it goes we want Them to be with us a year two years Three years down the road when you're in When you're handling their website their SEO their pay-per-click you've got more Value that you're bringing to the table So they're not going to judge you on a Singular thing they're not going to Judge you just on the website or just on The SEO they're going to be looking at The Blended result and so what we found In our agency going from single channel To multi-channel was was a game changer

We were able to charge more we were a Lot more confident our ability to Generate results and we were able to Retain the clients at a much higher Level so I'd love to hear from you guys What are your thoughts here in the Comments are you multi-channel single Channel do you see how running on Multi-channel strategy in your agency What help you generate better results Let me know if you got value from this And this is something that you think You'll benefit from please be sure to Press the like button or the Subscribe Button and stay tuned for more videos on How to land clients deliver world-class Results retain the clients that you do Have and scale your agency to the next Level I'll talk to you soon

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