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My name is Austin Hauser and I run base Coat marketing before a seven figure Agency I was negative two thousand Dollars a month in mrr so before the Seven figure agency we had no vision no Direction uh we had a goal but no idea How to get to that gold uh so the seven Figure agency has really provided us With the means uh the drive and the Motivation to reach our goals Effectively and quick today we are at 90 92 000 a month at mrr uh and we achieved That over the last more or less 11 Months today life is very different for Myself and our agency Um we have a clear direction we know Exactly where we are today where we're Going to be a year from now three years Five years from now I cannot stress Enough how vital the seven figure agency Has been to Our Success a few things That we have implemented since joining The seven figure agency has been EOS It's helped us have a Clear Vision Accountability with every team member uh We now have daily goals weekly goals Quarterly goals Um we also know exactly where we want to Be financially not not only myself but Every team member and not only that but We can measure our client results so we Have a 100 client retention I need to Knock on wood somewhere after I say that But we really focus on delivering

Results for our clients everything that The seven figure agency preaches if You're considering joining a seven Figure agency I cannot stress this Enough do it invest in yourself it is my Number one point of feedback with Anybody that I'm speaking with the seven Figure agency helps you grow not only Your company but you as a person I Consider a lot of these people in this Room behind me family members I mean They are people that I talk to daily Weekly the seven figure agency has Helped get us to where we are today Hands down period end stop

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