How Evan Found the Structure Needed to GROW His Digital Marketing Agency | Seven Figure Agency

[Music] Biggest challenge we face was lack of Structure joining the coaching program Has been fantastic it's given us that Outline that structure the process Everything that we need to do in order To be successful as a business well we Had tried another coaching program Before joining the seven figure agency And it was great in terms of getting us Started and giving us a little bit of Structure But ultimately that coaching Program they weren't doing the same kind Of agency that we were wanting to be and When we found Josh and the Seven figure Agency it was exactly what we were Trying to build to be the best provider Of digital marketing services for a Local Home Service Company and he gave Us that structure in that outlines That's why we showed up here business Definitely changed big time since we Joined the agency coaching program the Senator agency coaching program I mean We went from 12 000 mrr to now just shy Of 70. we're going to hit 83 become that Seven figure agency probably by the end Of the year and a big component of that Is this program it gives you everything That you need in order to dial in your Business your systems your processes Your procedures your people your Finances everything it's the complete Package and it doesn't matter where

You're at in your business whether You're just starting out at zero or You're already in multiple seven figures There's something in this program for You and the people that are here are Phenomenal the people are absolutely Tremendous it's what keeps us coming Back it's what keeps us engaged and Involved in the program Josh has done an Incredible job of showing up in a way That allows him to attract those kinds Of people here Foreign [Music]

Building Your Agency Engine

All the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!

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