How our premiere coaching membership took On Purpose Media to the next level!

The seven figure agency Why We join I Mean my business partner said hey I Found this great program I think we Should look at it for a coaching aspect Of things we actually had a previous Coach beforehand and we wanted to get to That next level and we thought Josh in Terms of what he's doing within the Industry within the space being in Plumbing and HVAC as well for us made Sense for us to join and it was just Natural and I'm actually really glad That we did because the network in the Camaraderie is absolutely amazing we Joined at I don't know 12 15 000 per Month in mrr and getting to that seven Figure Mark is still you know the golden Multiple seven figures beyond that is Really what we're trying to accomplish Go on a call come as a guest Josh has Lots of guests get onto the roadmap take A look at the event go for two days That's how we started we went to the Roadmap live went through it and he Shares everything with you the abundance Mindset within the agencies is Absolutely phenomenal if you really are Serious about growing your agency you Growing your business I believe that This is one of the Premier coaching Opportunities in groups out there for Agencies [Music]

Building Your Agency Engine

All the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!

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