How Seven Figure Agency Helped April Build Momentum For Her Agency

My name is April Edwards I'm with deck Builder marketers we cater to Construction companies that build Outdoor living spaces before I joined Seven figure agency mrr was not my Vocabulary when I joined sevenfigure Agency I was really looking to Niche Down and make a bigger impact in a Particular vertical as opposed to trying To do everything for everyone currently I am at 30 000 mrr and am thriving in Our industry everybody knows who I am Who deck builder marketers are and we Have so much momentum going that we're Really looking forward to the future Since I've joined seven figure agency Life is different in that I have so much Confidence for the future and have went From having an EKG machine graph for Revenue to stability and just building Something that can make a bigger and Impact not only my family's lives but my Teams lives and the clients that we Serve and that is probably the most Fulfilling part with where we are now so If you're thinking about joining seven Figure agency just do it Josh Nelson in The entire crew with seven figure agency Are the real deal they're completely Genuine and they are constantly Improving what they're doing they're not That they even need to and if you're not In any type of coaching or Community Just join it's a no-brainer

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