How Seven Figure Agency Made An Impact On Shawn’s Agency | Testimonial

Hi my name is Sean tiberio I'm the owner Of a agency called REI toolbox when we Got started with the seven figure agency We were barely sitting at about the Nineteen thousand twenty thousand mrr Range so prior to joining seven figure Agencies some of the things that we were Looking to solve uh was early on it was All about finding more clients we knew We had a pretty decent system we knew we Could get some proven results we were Stumbling and kind of tripping over our Feet finding consistent flow of new Clients to come in into the program into The different services that we were Offering so as we stand today where We're currently at with our mrr is just Shy of about the 76 000 mrr range so Life is way different and quite honestly A lot better Um like I said at the beginning we were Just struggling to find clients today We've got a very consistent stream of New clients coming in even to the point Where we're starting to turn away some Clients and really we've gotten honed in On the ideal client that we want to Serve which has freed up a bunch of time It's made life easier for of the team It's made life easier for myself and my Partner we've been able to scale so if You've been looking at the seven eight Figure agency if you haven't quite Pulled the trigger I would encourage you

To do it this group is amazing even just Being around being around the community Hearing little things it's really Powerful to be around somebody that was Where you're at today and learn from Them just how quick they were able to Make a couple changes and I personally Believe if you're an agency owner and You're not part of this groove you're Missing out because a lot of these Agencies are scaling really fast making Business happen but more importantly Being able to create the impacts and Then start to really enjoy life

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