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What's a digital marketing agency owners On today's video I want to talk a little Bit about the scaled agency Organizational chart and so if you're in That place in your agency you're trying To figure out how do I grow in a way That continues to deliver world-class Results but doesn't require me to work 60 hours a week where I can get more Done without more of my personal time You're going to want to watch this video [Music] When it comes to growing and scaling Your digital marketing agency I'm a big Student of the game I've read a lot of The books on this particular topic just Kind of as it relates to growing and Scaling in general and I highly Recommend you check out scaling up by Vern Harnish traction by Gina Whitman The e-myth Revisited by Michael E Gerber If you've read any of these books type Yes in the comments but really in my Mind you know it started with the e-myth Revisited which kind of walks you Through the idea that as you run your Business you can't be the technician and In agency world that applies you know You can't be the web designer the SEO Specialist the Facebook ads person right You need to be the owner of the business So that you've got a business that can Operate and grow without you in order to Make that a reality you actually have to

Remove yourselves from all of the Positions in the business you have to Operate as the CEO and so with that Thought really in my mind the the number One book on truly scaling your agency Today and kind of scaling a business is This book called traction by Gina Wickman which outlines the idea of EOS The entrepreneur operating system and so That's what we've ruled out in our Agency that we that's what we've rolled Out in a lot of the agencies we work With in seven figure agency and it Really is a great methodology for Growing and scaling your business but Both of these books actually all three Of them talk about the fact that the Starting point for growing your agency Is to map out an organizational chart E-myth and scaling up call an org chart Traction and EOS refer to as an Accountability chart like what are the Key accountabilities within your Business and so really that's phase one Regardless of where you're at in your Agency whether you're at you know seven Figures eight figures maybe less than That you know you really need to map out What is the organization look like as a Whole and so I wanted to share with you The the key positions you're going to Need to to put in place as you grow and Scale and help you figure out where that Sits on your accountability chart or

Organizational chart and show you what a Scaled multiple seven figure agency or Chart looks like so number one as you Grow and scale the first thing you have To remove yourself is operations and Delivery like you need to remove Yourselves from the position of doing The SEO of doing the pay-per-click of Doing the actual work and then you need To remove yourself from the management Of that you need an operations person That can take accountability and Ownership of the delivery side of the Business Now once you've got that squared away You have to remove yourself from account Management which is meeting with the Clients doing the monthly review seeing The vision managing the retention Process to keep those clients on board And then ultimately you're going to want To remove yourself from the actual sales Process the marketing process I think You want to hire a marketing support Type person and then ultimately sales But usually that's the order right we Move ourselves from operations then we Remove ourselves from account management Then we get a personal assistant to help With our personal Endeavors and the Marketing Outreach type stuff and then You want to remove yourself from sales So in any business whether you're Talking about the agency or anything in

General usually you're going to have These key functions within the business Right you're going to have uh marketing And sales which is how we get clients Operations and delivery like the actual Doing of the work then you're going to Have some type of account management Retention and then admin and finance That could be HR admin Finance um if you Think about this from an EOS perspective And you're running an agency that you Want to grow and scale you're going to Have the Visionary also referred in a Lot of cases as the CEO this is the Person responsible for setting the Direction of the company what Niche will We serve how much will we charge what Innovative things will we do in terms of What we do for our clients to generate World-class results putting together the The vision and the direction of the Business Second to that you need an integrator Could be referred as your cheap Operations officer you know depending Upon how you're phrasing it and kind of What path you're looking at from an EOS Perspective the integrator is the person That runs EOS kind of manages the level Tens and makes sure that all of the Things within the business are happening On time and usually when I see an agency That's just chasing their tail in a lot Of ways they're trying to be the

Visionary in the integrator right they Want to set the vision they want to set The goals they want to be the one at all The conferences learning and kind of Coming back with great ideas but then They're trying to make themselves Operate the business as well so they're The one trying to project manage and put Things in Click up and hold things Accountable and that's usually a recipe For failure if you look at this on a Colby assessment usually an entrepreneur A visionary Is going to be like very high quick Start but very low Follow through Right and that's almost all Entrepreneurs and we're good at that We're good at like starting things and Taking risks and getting things off the Ground but since our follow through is Low you know we can we tend to fail Right we tend to fill and delivery side Of the equation and so an integrator is Usually going to be someone that's high Follow through but 10 10 to be like Lower quick start so they're not going To take the risks they're not going to Roll out new Services every day they're Not going to try and jump from one Niche To the next they're very much like okay I've got the gold the Visionary has and I'm going to carry that forward and so If you're struggling in your business

And you're not getting the type of Momentum that you're after you probably Need an integrator that can be that Person that keeps things on track Follows things through does the meeting Rhythm with the with the team on a very Consistent basis Um so we've got the vision here we've Got the integrator and then we need Sales and marketing so and you could Probably split that up at some point Where it's you've got someone that's Responsible for the marketing of the Business running the webinars setting up The podcast interviews doing the cool Old Outreach finding the events to Exhibit at filling the funnel running Facebook ads for the agency and then You're going to have a sales person or a Sales team that takes the sales calls Takes prospects through the consultative Sales process usually building that team Is secondary to building the operation Account management side of the business Because usually as the Visionary you Step into this role you're usually Pretty good at sales you're usually Pretty good at marketing and so you kind Of sit in that seat until operations is Um is fully fleshed out so we've got Sales marketing then we've got Operations and delivery and this is Usually the most important aspect a lot Of times your integrated around the

Early days will also be your project Manager so they're running EOS but They're also kind of sitting in that Seat of what do we have project wise What do we need to do with the website SEO pay-per-click social media and Actually making sure that the work is Getting done on time and they're holding Schedules this could be in Click up or Base camp or whatever project management System that you've got you've got so Many overall in Ops that's responsible For getting the work done and then Departmentally you've got the key Functions that you run within the Business like in ours we've got web Development SEO paid ads and those are The main operational delivery we've also Got marketing automation right and you Want to have people in each one of those Seats or maybe it's somebody that Handles all of them So we've got sales operations the doing Of the work definitely need to have a Separate department for account Management so the account managers Typically aren't the people that do the Work they're the ones talking to the Client showing them what you're doing Setting the pace for kind of what the Outcomes are keeping those clients on Board and as you grow you're probably Going to have a launch coordinator like If you're bringing on more than five to

Six clients per month you probably want A dedicated launch coordinator that's Managing that launch process hey get Your usernames getting the password Sending the welcome box kicking things Off in a professional way and account Managers right and that number is going To grow over time and those people are Managing the relationship with the Client they're saying hey you know Here's what we did last month here's Where we're headed here's what we need From you here's why you're paying us This monthly fee and usually you're Going to need one account manager per 25 To 30 clients depending upon how complex Your service offering is depending upon How much you have your account managers Do for every 25 or so clients you're Going to want another account manager to Manage that process to manage that Relationship and then you want to have Somebody sitting in the admin and Finance side of the equation so Administratively right Um you know you've got paperwork to fill Out yeah people have to be paid Um the finances need to be reviewed like Are bills getting paid or they're not Getting paid Um and a big mistake I see with a lot of Agencies is and on the dotted line This Is the Visionary the the CEO you as the Owner of the business are trying to sit

In this seat right you're the most Important person in the company you're Thinking about the vision but you wind Up getting bogged down at admin work Where you can definitely find a high Quality VA that understands this admin Stuff and can be responsible for Processing the payroll and running the Books and keeping everything up to date And so I want to encourage you not to Put yourself in this seat get somebody That can step in and support you in this Role you know on paper this is this is Kind of what the the org chart looks Like as you grow you're going to need More web developers right you know maybe You're doing 10 15 20 websites a month You might need more web developers as You as you grow and you're kind of Delivering SEO to clients where you're Creating content and you're you know Doing all of that work you're going to Need more people to help in SEO uh paid Ads right and so these these charts Start to grow as you scale so the most Important thing depending upon where You're at in your business whether You're you know at twenty thousand a Month right now or 220 000 per month you Need to have an organization chart like This where you're clear these are the Key functions within the business and Then you need to make sure that you and The team know who sits in each one of

These seats the rule is only one person Per seat you can't have two people Trying to be Visionary you can have two People trying to be the director of Accounts right one person needs to hold That accountability and so what I'm Going to encourage you to do is set up a Chart like this and put your name in the Spots that you sit right now maybe you Sit in multiple spots that's okay Find the things that you do well find The things that you enjoy Um and figure out the things that you Don't the things that drain your energy And start to remove yourself from these Positions over time again the way I Outlined it at first usually first thing You're going to remove is operations you Need someone to actually deliver from The clients second thing is going to be Account management which is retaining Those clients third thing is going to be Admin and finance like get a get a VA Get an assistant get an executive Assistant that can run that and then Fourth is going to be sales and Marketing and it's a beautiful thing Once you've got all of these key Functions in the business fulfilled you Really have a business that can start to Operate without you where the clients Are being sold they're being onboarded They're cert being delivered and they're Being retained at the highest level

Possible Um I was just going to show you guys as A point of reference uh this is what our Scaled accountability chart looks like Right we've got Visionary integrator Sales marketing client relations all of The account managers operation support It's on a whole separate page Um project management and then admin and Finance hopefully this is helpful I've Got a couple of documents I want to Share to help you think through this Scaled uh process within your agency One's called the key positions as you Scale which is depending upon whether You know when you're at 10K versus 30k Versus 83k plus which of these roles do You really need to put in place and I've Outlined that on a document called how To scale your agency you can get it by Going to scale It's a free document that walks you Through like here are the key positions Here's an organizational chart template That you can work from that you can Modify and then here are the positions You're going to need to fill in as you Scale hopefully this has been helpful to Have an example of how to really think Through your organizational chart your Accountability chart within your agency If so hit the like button drop me a Comment in the comments below share this With another agency that might benefit

Um be sure to hit the Subscribe button So that you can get new videos like this That we're rolling out and I'd love to Hear what your plans are as you grow as You scale again step number one go build Out your accountability chart figure out Who's in each of those seats today and Decide what you're going to replace Yourself from next right the goal is to Make more money but also to have more Freedom and you do that by removing Yourself from the the functions within The business so that you truly have a Business that can operate without you so That's it for now grab your Accountability chart template by going To sevenfigure scale and I'll See you soon

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