How to Add Fonts to Google Slides

When you work with text and Presentations you need to be sure it Stands out your words need to keep your Audience focused adding fonts is a great Way to do exactly that hi I'm Andrew Childress I'm a Google Slides Pro and in This video I'm going to show you how to Add fonts to Google slides in just a few Moments you'll know how to add new fonts In Google slides and create stunning Custom designs for this tutorial we'll Work with the beautiful premium layout Google Slides template from elements as You can see here I have it downloaded And opened up in Google Slides now let's Use it to learn how to add my own fonts On Google Slides consider the advantages Here fonts help your text stand out they Control the look and feel of every slide And they let you keep your audience Engaged with some careful styling you'll Impress every time we'll look at four Quick ways to work with fonts jumping to Slide number two here let's get to work First let's change the font type this Means swapping out the design for Another style I'll start by selecting This text here you'll see it shaded in Blue then let's come up here to the Toolbar menu at the top of Google slides In this font box I'll go ahead and click On this drop down when I do you'll see This whole list of fun options choose a New one and watch as it applies

Instantly as you could see there Google Slides includes many fonts let's see how To add fonts to Google Slides if you Don't want to use the existing options For this select text again then return Up here to the font drop down this time Let's choose more fonts the fonts menu Will appear up here at the top we can Search for designs using the search box These drop downs over here on the right Are filters think of them as a way to Refine your results for certain styles Of font when you see a font that you Want select it and choose OK it will Appear in my fonts and when we go back To the slide you'll see it up here ready To use in your slide deck let's explore How to add new fonts in Google Slides a Different way you can also use an Extension called an add-on to use Different fonts to do that let's go to The extensions tab up here on the menu From the drop down choose add-ons then Get add-ons this menu appears and on it We can search for a font add-on one Great option is extensis fonts so we'll Search for that with the add-on shown Here I'll click through these install Steps once complete I'll come back up Here to the add-ons menu then I'll click To open the extension it will appear Here on the right in this new sidebar Menu scrolling through you can see that All of these fonts are now available to

Me jumping forward here let's look at One last option it's easy to customize Existing fonts when you've added them to Google Slides transforming the size and Color of fonts helps them look amazingly Different once again I'll select some Text here then let's return to the menu Bar here in this size group you can Adjust your font size choose a value Type 1 in or click up and down using the Plus and minus buttons here you'll see Your fonts transform in real time Finally with this text color menu you Can change the color of your fonts there Are amazingly robust options built in Here and you can even use these custom Options if you need to match to a color Hex for example you just learned how to Add fonts to Google Slides as you can See it's an amazingly easy way to Transform the design of your Google Slides presentation that's all thanks to Premium templates from envato elements Elements offers an amazing deal Unlimited downloads of millions of Digital assets you'll enjoy countless Slide decks stock photos fonts and so Much more it's available all for one Flat monthly rate and don't forget to Subscribe to our envato touch plus YouTube channel for even more helpful Tutorials just like this one I'm Andrew Childress for envato touch plus and Thanks so much for joining me

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