How to Add Text to PowerPoint & Make Amazing Text Effects

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool To share all kinds of content winning Slides use everything text photos charts Videos and more but text is the key Ingredient that truly forms the backbone Of your presentations it's key to get it Right fortunately it's easy to transform Text and fonts into something special hi I'm Andrew Childress for envato tuts Plus I'm a presentation Pro and I'm here To show you how to add text to PowerPoint and make amazing text effects With PowerPoint text effects your slides Are sure to stand out the best way to Begin is with a premium template from Embato elements elements is an online Content resource with an unbeatable Offer unlimited downloads you can Download and use as many PowerPoint Presentation templates as you want all For one flat monthly rate plus elements Includes millions of other creative Assets you'll enjoy music stock photos And most important here fonts these pair Beautifully with your favorite PowerPoint slides explore envato Elements today and don't forget to Subscribe to envato touch Plus for more Great videos like this for this tutorial We'll use the stunning carbon PowerPoint Presentation template from envato Elements I have it downloaded in open in PowerPoint here and it's time to get to Work when you use a premium template the

Basic design work is handled for you as You can see slides like this one have Text already in place keep in mind these Words are just placeholders you can drop Your own text into their place to make Each slide truly your own to start Adding text click on a text box to Select it as you're seeing me do here Then select the contents inside you'll See them shaded in blue now simply begin Typing the placeholder words vanish Replace with your own this same step Works throughout any premium template Just swap out the existing text for your Words and you're well on the way to a Stunning slide deck of your own but what Happens if you want to add text but Don't have a placeholder in the right Spot you can always add your own text Boxes to do that find a blank spot on a Slide like this one then come up here to The insert tab you'll find it on Powerpoint's ribbon the list of options And menus across the top of the PPT Screen click on the text box button and Now you can insert a text box anywhere You choose find an open spot then click And drag with your cursor you'll see a Text box appear choose the right size And then you can type using your Keyboard as you can see it's easy to add Your own text to any slide in PowerPoint You've just added custom text to PowerPoint but your design journey is

Only just beginning now it's time to add Styles and effects to your text Begin by Selecting the contents of a text box Again then go back to powerpoint's Ribbon and click on the Home tab over Here on the left you'll see the font Group this is really the control center For font design and PowerPoint and it's Packed with options with many options to Choose from here is where you can add Font effects for example you can add Bolds italics and underlines plus you Can add Sleek Styles like shadows and Highlights then don't forget to explore Other features like the ability to Change font colors character spacing and Much more when you think about text Formats in PowerPoint think of these as Complementary features you don't have to Use just one instead try out new and Creative combinations for example you Can make text bold by clicking here then You can open up the Highlight menu to Change the text shading be creative the Options are Limitless here now let's Look at built-in text options in PowerPoint these save you the time of Devising creative designs on your own Select text again and come up here to The shape format tab found as usual on The ribbon here on the right find the Word art styles menu click the more drop Down and you'll see a gallery pane Launch word art is a 3D style for text

That's included with PowerPoint choose From any one of these designs and click On a thumbnail to apply the effect Finally you can add more pre-built Effects these sit on the text effects Drop down menu found right beside the Word art gallery here you can choose Font effects like Shadow reflection glow Level and more I'll browse through the Captions as you're seeing me do here Again whenever you see an effect that You like just click on it to apply the Design but what if you want to add Custom text effects easy select some Text like this then right click and Choose format text effects a sidebar Will launch here on the right with a Plethora of options for example you can Choose new and creative text fills I'll Add a pattern design by clicking on one Of these thumbnails on this tab you can Add fun designs like Shadows glows and More these add 3D effects to your Favorite text designs in PowerPoint Giving them creative and Unforgettable Styles let's work through some of these Options choosing new effects PowerPoint Is packed with features that make text Styling a breeze as you can see it's Easy to add in style text and PowerPoint Begin with a premium envato elements Template with thousands of options to Choose from you're sure to find the Perfect design and don't forget to

Explore the vast library of custom fonts On elements download your favorites now Then Style them with powerpoint's robust Design features before you go don't Forget to like this video then subscribe To our envato touch plus YouTube channel There you'll find many more tutorials Like this plus the channel includes Courses content roundups and so much More don't miss out I'm Andrew Childress For envato tuts plus and thanks for Joining me [Music]

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