How to Change Hair Color In Affinity Photo | Affinity Photo for Beginners #shorts

Did you know you can change your hair to Any color in Affinity photo using it Just three tools thanks to the refined Edge tool it makes it super easy first Duplicate your photo using control Command J and make a super Slappy Selection around the hair using the Selection brush tool really sloppy don't Overthink this add a layer mask remove The selection using control command D And right click refine math because this Is where we're going to let Affinity Photo do all the heavy lifting selecting Each small hair strand and fly away Once we are happy with that Let's press OK and now all we have to do Is drop an hsl adjustment layer and Adjust the Hue don't stop there though You can use any adjustment layer here Like a brightness contrast to add some Shine or a recolor layer for a more Monoclimatic hair look learn even more Affinity photo tips and tricks over at Envato elements like and follow for more

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