How to Change the Color of Clothing in Photoshop #shorts

Okay there are a million different ways To trade into the color of clothes in Photoshop but this one it's one of my Go-to's first select the close of the Object selection tool is going to be Your best bet it doesn't have to be Perfect because we're going to add a Mask and then clean up that mask using Select hand mask And for easy adjustments later let's Right click convert this to a Smart Object and now filter camera raw filter I'm going to use the color grading Section but you can use any of these Settings here the basic and color mixer Sections will do the trick just as well But color grade lets us Target those Mid-tones darks and lights specifically Which is excellent for close And we can bring back some Shadows by Duplicating setting that duplicate to Multiply and then playing with the blend Of settings And you can check out envirotets plus at for the written version And Subscribe to our YouTube channel for Even more tips tricks and tutorials [Music]

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