How To Cloak Affiliate Links: Hiding Affiliate Links with Domain Names [Tutorial]

Hey and welcome back to vid Society so Today I am inside of one of my ClickBank Accounts where I do a lot of testing you Can see here Um on the 29th I had just a small amount Of twenty dollars coming in and then Over the past few weeks it's really Jumped up from some videos that I've Been testing with on promoting products And this is something I'll probably be Making videos on for you guys over the Upcoming weeks as well but what I want To do in this video is I want to show You how to do a 301 redirect with an Affiliate link so what does that mean Well normally when you create an Affiliate link they look really ugly People don't want to click on them and a Lot of people don't like to use tools Like bitly or get a WordPress plugin Like pretty links and take the time to Go through to do this so another option You have and in my own opinion after Doing affiliate marketing for nearly 20 Years this way improves conversions Drastically and that is by buying your Own domain name and then redirecting That through your affiliate link so let Me give you an example let's say we go To the marketplace And let's just click on top offers And we can see the top offer right now Has an insane gravity score of over a Thousand which is crazy but this product

Is called alpalene and so this is a diet Weight loss supplement and if I want to Promote this product I come over here And click on promote you can add a Tracking ID click on create hop link and This is the link you get now this is an Ugly looking link and most people if They see this under your video or on Your social site website or whatever They're not going to click on it so how Can you make this look better what you Can do is you can copy this link and you Can go set up or buy a domain name of Your own so for example I actually went Out and bought a domain name called so this is called alpalene So I thought let's do something short Something similar but something that's Not going to get us in any type of a Copyright issue so I just done Alp and it was available so now if People want to visit this website Through my affiliate link I would just Put visit and so if we were To do that and we type in The address bar you hit enter you can See now it redirects directly through my Affiliate link which is this right here And it takes them to this website where They can go purchase this and I still Get commission from it and it looks like A legit domain name so people are going To be more likely to click on it to Visit it or to type it in so in this

Video I'm going to show you how you can Create these using 301 redirects by Buying your own domain names so let's Scroll down through here and try to find Another offer that maybe we want to Promote here's one here called gluco Trust so if I click on this Uh it takes us to this website here Where it looks like they're going to be Selling pills or some kind of Supplements and so let's say I want to Promote this I want to make a video Around this maybe I use the chat GPT to Create some kind of a script for a video And then I want to promote this create An affiliate link for it so what I can Do and what I'm going to highly Recommend is that you use namecheap for This because what I'm going to show you There's not very many domain providers That will do exactly what I'm going to Show you here and I found this out the Hard way by using name Silo and I have Over 100 domains on there and some of The domains do not work right because They don't offer the kind of redirect That I want them to do so namecheap does Do this it's very easy and I want to Show you step by step how to do it so The first thing we have to do is we got To come up with our own name that's kind Of based around gluco so what we can do Is go to this website called lean domain Search and you want to type in a word

Based on on the product you're going to Be promoting so for this one it's going To be gluco and we're going to click on Search and this is going to go out and Give us hundreds if not thousands of Ideas you can see here this one has over 4 600 domains that we can Buy that has the word gluco in it so I'm Sure out of all of these we're going to Be able to find something we want Something preferably that's short but Something that looks legit so you can Look through here and you can keep Scrolling and scrolling and looking uh But this one here actually looks really Good gluco direct here's one called Max Glucose I really like that one you want To click on this just to make sure it's Available because sometimes I've done This and it says it's not available but You can see here the is Available so I'm going to copy this And then I'm going to go back to Namecheap now obviously if you don't Have an account with namecheap you'll Have to sign up for it I'll put a link For it below the video if you want to Use my affiliate link for it if not That's fine but you can see here you can Buy domain for 6.98 so what I'm Going to do is come in here and paste This click search and you can see here That it is available and for me it's the Regular price of 9.58 so if you're new

To namecheap you can actually get it at That discounted price so after you do This you want to click on add to cart And you want to go ahead and purchase it You don't have to add anything extra to It just skip all this stuff go down to Checkout now on this page if you want This to Auto renew every year you want To make sure this is ticked otherwise if This domain name expires after a year's Time then that domain will no longer Work for you and somebody else can buy It and use it so you want to make sure If you want to continue using this to Set it up for auto renew the domain Privacy keep this on one it's free it Just hides your personal info so people Can't search and see who actually owns This domain name so just keep that Ticked and then you just want to click On confirm order and click on pay now Now that we've purchased our domain name We can come over here and click on Manage and then you want to click on This tab that says Advanced DNS and this Is where we're going to add the Affiliate link so you can see here in This box there are two lines already That has what they call records in them And what we want to do is go back to ClickBank and we want to come in here And grab our affiliate link And then we're going to go back and You're going to see one here it says URL

Redirect record with an at sign and then A value you want to click in this value Box and you want to delete what's in Here and paste your affiliate link And then where it says unmasked you want To click this box and do a permanent 301 Redirect And then check this box and then when You do that Is going to automatically delete the Other record that's in there but there's One more thing that we want to do and This is what a lot of other web hosts do Not do so if you see this at sign that Means if somebody just types in Max it's going to redirect them To this affiliate link But what if they type in because if they do that It's not going to work that link will Not work so what we have to do is add a New record And we're going to scroll down and click On URL redirect record and this time Under the host we're going to put www And then under value we're going to Paste our affiliate link again now we're Going to click the drop down do Permanent 301 and tick this check box Again so now it's saying okay so if Someone either clicks or types in it's going to redirect To this link or if they click on a link Or type in with a it's going to redirect To this link and that's all there is to It now sometimes you may have to wait up To a few hours for everything to change Over but most of the time if you buy a Brand new domain name you click on that Manage button and come in here and Change this within the first five or ten Minutes after you buy it it doesn't take Very long at all for this link to start Working so let's go ahead and try it and See if it works And you can see it's already working and It redirected us to get And added my hop Link at the end which Is my affiliate ID for this product so If someone buys it I will get commission For it so now what I can do is I can Take this and if I create a Video I can put this link underneath in The description box and use that instead Of those ugly links like this the ClickBank or any other network provides So you can use this for any affiliate Link it doesn't matter it doesn't have To be ClickBank it can be it can Be Warrior plus jvzoo share a cell it Really doesn't matter any affiliate link Will work with this strategy and I Promise you guys this drastically Increases conversion rates because People trust these types of links more Than they do those ugly affiliate links So I hope you found value in this video

If you did please let me know in the Comments below this video subscribe to My my channel and I'll make sure I let You know when I upload new videos and I'll see you guys on the next one have a Great day

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