How to Convert PowerPoint (PPT) to Google Slides Presentations

Imagine you're working in Google Slides But you want to use a PowerPoint Presentation file is that a problem Absolutely not it's easy to open PowerPoint files in Google Slides hi I'm Andrew Childress from envato touch Plus In this video I'm going to show you how To convert PowerPoint PPT to Google Slides presentations on import when you Know how to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides you expand your design options in Moments you can start using your Favorite PowerPoint designs and Google Slides you'll want to start with the Premium PowerPoint template from envato Elements elements is a creative Powerhouse with a winning offer Unlimited downloads for a flat monthly Rate you can download and use as many Premium PPT slide deck templates as you Want elements also includes unlimited Access to millions of other digital Assets you'll enjoy stock photos fonts And more don't forget to subscribe to Envato touch plus today for more great Videos just like this one for this Tutorial we'll work with the beautiful Enjoy power point template from envato Elements I have it downloaded and now Let's launch Google Drive here on Google's Chrome web browser I'm working On Windows here but you can use a Mac as Well now let's look at the first method To convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

Here in drive I have a folder open where I'd like to store a PowerPoint Presentation notice this text here in The middle drop files here this is a Handy feature that makes importing a Breeze with Google Drive open go ahead And launch the file explorer here on Windows browse to a stored PowerPoint File that you have on your computer once You find it click on the title like this Then drag it over your Google Drive Window as you're seeing me do here then Drop it into place Google Drive will Upload your file it may take a few Moments depending on how big the file is And how fast your internet connection is Running once the PPT file is uploaded Double-click on it here from your file List by default the presentation will Launch in Google Slides it will Automatically convert it into a format That you can edit right in the web app It works exactly like any other Presentation in slides this is a quick And easy process that saves you time day After day now you can make edits to Slides as you're seeing me do here Google Slides offers more ways to add PowerPoint slides for example you can Open a PPT file from inside an existing Presentation with a blank presentation Open go up here to the file menu in the Upper left corner of your screen click On it then choose open you'll see the

Open a file dialog box launch on these Tabs here click upload choose browse and Repeat the earlier steps of browsing to A store presentation find one you want To use and click to insert it again Google Slides will upload the chosen PPT Slide deck from there you can edit it Like any other slide deck in Google Slides now imagine this scenario what if You only want to use a handful of slides From PowerPoint in Google Slides Fortunately there's a feature just for You with an existing presentation open You can choose slides to import without Pulling in the full deck to do that at Go back to the file menu this time Choosing import slides the import slides Menu will open on screen click upload Here and then find a PowerPoint file on Your computer click on it and then click Select down in the lower corner you'll See these thumbnails which show each Slide in the presentation deck to choose Slides to import click on individual Thumbnails like this when you're Finished making selections click on Import slides the layouts you've Selected will upload and convert right Into your Google Slides presentation Deck keep in mind PowerPoint Presentations aren't the only slide Decks that you can convert to use in Google slides for example you may like To use the popular free software

OpenOffice presentations made there are Saved in dot ODP format you can use These in Google Slides too to do that Return to your Google drive home page Then repeat what you did earlier to Import a PowerPoint find your open Office presentation file and drop it Into place Google will upload the Presentation and convert it for use in Google Slides as you can see it's Amazingly easy to convert PowerPoint Presentations to use in Google slides With multiple ways to upload you can Make the conversions in seconds in no Time you'll be working with your Favorite PPT presentations and Google Slides it's a great way to use your Favorite styles while enjoying the ease And flexibility offered by Google Slides Try it today don't forget to use the top Premium templates from envato elements With thousands of designs to choose from Your creative possibilities are Limitless browse the library of Templates and join today before you go Be sure to click like on this video then Subscribe to our envato touch plus YouTube channel there you'll find Countless helpful tutorials just like This along with content roundups courses And more you can't afford to miss out I'm Andrew Childress for embato tets Plus and thanks so much for joining me Foreign


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