How To Create a Form

Foreign [Music] Welcome to our quick tutorial and for Today I'm going to discuss about how to Create a form within high level So first off we need to be inside a Sub-account in order for us to create a Form so once you're ready inside that Sub account just click sites Look for forms and choose Builder So on the upper right you'll see two Buttons if you're into organizing stuff Then you'll definitely love the create Folder button So once you've already created the Folder just simply click on ADD form for You to start creating your form So now we have a black form and in order For us to populate the form you can just Simply click and drag from the pre-built Custom fields on the right so for Example we'll choose full name Bone and email So once you're ready have what you need You can just simply click on Save form As simple as data So in order for you to rename the form Just go to options And then type in the name of the form so For example Regeneration form Something like that so on this option as Well this is where you can find two Options that whenever someone clicks on

The submit button for your form you can Just choose To like redirect them over to a Different website or Um it just shows them a message so you Can tweak the background tweak the font Color And you can even add your Facebook pixel ID here And then on page view you have these Actions same thing on form submission And another thing is that if ever that You'll be Embedding the form onto a website it Could be like a WordPress site you can Just simply click on the integrate form Button You have different embed layout types That you can choose from And then once you're done just click on Copy form link or the copy embed code So let's just click on one just to see So it copies to your clipboard And once you're done and that's done And yeah another thing if ever that You don't have the custom field that you Need for the form that you're creating You can actually create your own by Going to fields and then clicking on Custom fields And you can just simply click on add Custom field but definitely I will be Discussing that in a separate video So that's it for today and if you have

Any questions don't hesitate to ask Thank you and have a good day Thanks for watching this short how-to Video for more how-to videos check out The 2023 how-to playlist in the go high Level YouTube channel [Music]

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