How to Create a Glow Effect | Affinity Photo for Beginners #shorts

So there are about a million ways to Make a neon glow effect in Affinity Photo but this one is my favorite let's Take a look I'm going to set my neon Pink and triangle here to a screen and Everything else is going to be done Using layer effects So first a very thin white outline Next a white Inner Glow is set to Overlay at 100 opacity and an 85 radius So it's nice and bright now a gradient Overlay set to a soft light now to pile On the glow with an orange glow setting And the three outer Shadows stacked Right on top of one another because yes You can use Shadow layer styles to Create glow and Light And you can drag and drop the Slayer Style onto any layer you'll want to Glow Including text shapes and brush Strokes And you can learn even more Affinity Photo tips and tricks over at Envirotutes plus like and follow for More

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