How to Create a Glowing 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

Have you been looking for a Photoshop Text effect that is both easy and Eye-catching well look no further I'm Ashley Harrell and in this tutorial I Will show you how to use Smart objects And layer styles to create a 3D retro Glowing text effect but before we begin Make sure you check out envato elements Get unlimited downloads of design assets Templates and fonts like the one used in This tutorial don't forget to subscribe To envato tips Plus for more free Courses and tutorials the first thing You want to do is create a new document That is 1600 by 1200 with a 72 Resolution Create a solid color fill layer and fill It with two four two nine two e Double click this layer and let's add a Gradient overlay Change the blend mode to linear burn The opacity should be 20 percent and for The gradient set the first color to White And then the second color will be a b a B a b Change the scale to 150 percent And the style should be radial and click Ok Now we will place the metal texture Resize it so that it covers the entire Background Change this layer to soft white with the Opacity of 40 now grab your type tool

And type out your word And make sure the font size is 400 and The tracking is 100. the font color I am Using is E8 A505 rename this layer to text And right click convert to Smart object Now we are going to duplicate this layer And make this top layer invisible Now Open up your actions panel Create a new set and name it Extrusion And click ok Create a new action and name it action And click on record Duplicate the text copy layer Press command t or edit free transform And hit the down arrow key twice in the Right arrow key twice as well and now Click the stop recording icon at the Bottom of the actions panel now click The play selection at the bottom of the Actions panel 10 times so that we will Create 10 more copies of this layer now Select all of the text copy layers and Go to layer arrange reverse this will Place the last copy layer at the bottom And bring the first to the top now Deselect the first and last layers and Then place the remaining selected layers In a group and call it Extrusion Rename the text copy layer to text front In the text copy 12 layer to text back Duplicate the text front layer and Change this copies fill value to 0 and Then duplicate it

Double-click the text copy tool layer And apply the following layer style Let's add a bevel and emboss with these Settings size should be zero soften Should be zero and make sure you're Using Global light with 120 degrees Angle and altitude of 30 degrees now Let's add a drop shadow with these Settings make sure your blend mode is Set to multiply with an opacity of seven Percent distance should be three spread Should be zero and size should be two Now right click this style layer and Choose copy layer style select the rest Of the Extrusion layers right click and Choose paste layer style now we're going To duplicate the Extrusion group drag The copy to place it on top of the text Front copy to layer and change its field Value to zero Double-click the text front layer and Apply this layer style let's add a bevel And emboss Change the style to Inner bevel Technique should be smooth the depth Should be a hundred percent direction Should be up the size should be three Change your gloss Contour to this one The Highlight mode should be screened With an opacity of 50 and the shadow Mode should be multiplied with an Opacity of 15 now let's add a contour Make sure you select Cove deep The range should be a hundred percent

Now let's add a stroke the size should Be one blend mode should be screen Opacity a hundred percent and now we Will add a gradient The first color should be zero e zero e Zero e The next color is six five six zero five A The next one is f-e-f-e-f-e After that we're gonna do six F seven Three seven six Next color is 3C 3D 3F The next color is f b f 7 f8 The next color is two nine two eight two Six The next color is zero eight zero eight Zero six The next color is six a six nine six Five And the last color is one one zero D 0 a Now let's add an inner Shadow change the Blend modes multiply with an opacity of 35 percent The distance should be nine the choke Should be six and the size should be 18. Now we will add an inner glow change the Blend mode to linear light Opacity is a hundred percent and the Color is D1 Cc90 change the source to Edge choke Should be zero size should be 90. And for the Contour adjust it so that it Is similar to what I am doing on video Now we will add a outer glow change the

Blend mode to screen opacity should be a Hundred percent and the gradient will be The following The first color is four two three F Three a The next color is F5 F4 F zero The next color is six six six two five Nine The next color is a a three eight seven Next color is 696-357 The color after that will be nine F nine Six eight seven The next color is 606.25d And the final color will be a f a five a C Make sure the technique is set to softer The spread is 28 the size is 10 and the Contour is set to Cove Now let's add a drop shadow change the Blend mode to multiply with an opacity Of seven percent distance should be Three and the size should be two Double-click the text front copy layer And apply the following layer style Let's add a bevel and emboss The depth should be a hundred Direction Up size should be 10 and soft n should Be zero Make sure the angle is set to 138 and The altitude is set to 21. The gloss Contour should be Cove Now let's add a contour make sure that You select Cove and that the range is a Hundred percent now let's add a stroke

Now your gradient should automatically Pop up or be the default of what we used Last time now double-click the text Front copy to layer and apply the Following layer style the technique Should be chisel hard the size should be 10 make sure you uncheck the use Global Light box the angle should be 110 with An altitude of 26 the gloss Contour Should be comb you may have to adjust This slightly In the Highlight mode should be screened With an opacity of 50 and shadows should Be multiplied with an opacity of 15 now We will add a contour Now here adjust your Contour so that it Looks similar to what I am doing on Screen Now copy and paste the text front layers Layer style to the text back layer And then double click the text back Layer to adjust the following settings For bevel and emboss change the size to Six For Contour change the cone to inverted And for drop shadow change the opacity To 70 percent The distance to 20 and the size to 50. Now double click the Extrusion group and Apply a gradient overlay The blend mode should be multiplied The first color will be 0 C 0 B 0 C The next color will be three eight three Six nine three

S8 F4 E8 For the next color three eight three six Three nine And the final color will be zero C zero B zero C Now double click the Extrusion copy Group apply an outer glow effect with These settings The blend mode should be linear light Opacity should be 35 and the color we Are using is a9f6ff The size should be 27 And the Contour should be ring and Change the range to 75 percent Group all of the visible text copy Layers and Extrusion groups you have and Call the group text effect Now double-click the text effect group And apply an outer glow effect with These settings change the blend mode to Screen Opacity should be 50 and the color we Are using is 399da7 And the size should be 150. Now open up your ice layer and make sure It covers your entire background Then change this layer to linear burn And the opacity should be 15 percent Now let's add a gradient Now for our gradient field we will use The color 433469 the next color will be five E six Four seven four And the last color will be D4 B2 8A

Change this layer's blend mode to color With an opacity of 15 percent Go ahead and duplicate this gradient map Again but we're going to change this Layer to soft light with an opacity of 50 percent And that's how you make a 3D glowing Text effect in Photoshop so if you like This video and you would like to see More go ahead and hit that like button And subscribe if you haven't already and Don't forget to click the little bell Icon to be notified of any new videos I'm Ashley Harrell thanks for watching [Music] Thank you

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