How to Create a Halftone Effect | Affinity Photo for Beginners #shorts

To Infinity photo has these amazing live Filters that no one seems to talk about So let's cover how to create a super Cool half tone effect in literally Seconds using just those first place Your text a in nice fat font is gonna Work best next we're going to throw a 0.5 pixel dotted outline in a bright Yellow color now we can go to the live Layers right at the bottom of the layers Panel and choose halftone let's set it To color and do a cell size of just 15 And a contrast of 80. now into our layer Effects where we can add a slight Gradient and three outer shadow effects Let's do 25 across the board applying With the angle to get that spread out Half tone effect the best part is this Is entirely non-destructive change fonts Add designs change anything and Everything whenever you can learn even More Affinity photo tips and tricks over At envato tuts plus like and follow for More

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