How to Create a Painted Filter Effect | Affinity Photo for Beginners #shorts

Believe It or Not Affinity photo does a Lot of things better than Photoshop live Layers being one of them let's create a Full digital painting effect using just Those for some quick tone mapping Adjustments this will be our only Destructive setting And our first live layer is going to be A strong D noise with everything but Luminance detail set to 100 and we're Going to then duplicate that layer using Ctrl command J so our image is super Smooth Our next unsharp mask live layer will Bring back some of that detail And a live lighting layer will bring in Light and even more detail this setting Will change from image to image just Make sure type is set to directional And we're going to finish all of this Off with a quick hsl saturation boost And we're done you can go back and Change any of these settings at any time Because live layers are fantastic learn Even more Affinity photo tips and tricks Over at envato touch Plus

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