How to Create a Simple Magazine Template in Adobe InDesign

Ever wanted to create your own magazine Or learn more about publishing design Don't forget to subscribe to envato tips Plus for more free courses and tutorials I'm Ashley Harrell and in this tutorial I'll show you how simple it is to create Your own magazine template in Adobe InDesign which you can use as a Foundation for your own creative Magazine designs before we begin make Sure you check out envato elements get Unlimited downloads of design assets Templates and images like the one used In this tutorial subscribe now with the Link in the description Create a new document by going to file New document Set the units to millimeters And for the width we will be using 213. And for the high use 276.5 Scroll down to margins and change it to 13 on all sides and for the bleed change It to 5. And click create Select the pages panel and create two Additional Pages select all three pages And right click allow document pages to Shuffle these three pages will be our Front spine and back cover of our Magazine now select each individual Thumbnail and place them right next to Each other With the spine thumbnail selected in the Pages panel

From here go up to layout margins and Columns Change the margins to two millimeters Now we're going to change the width of Our spine to 10 millimeters Use the page tool to shift over your Spine and your cover At this point feel free to design your Cover back cover and spine Next I will show you how to set up the Inside pages of your magazine Now go to file new document Set the units to millimeters and leave The size just like the previous document Change the pages to 16 and make sure Facing pages is checked Now for the margins Change the inside to 14. and the bottom 214 and then change the bleed to inside Should be zero and the rest should be Five Now click on a parent Click on the a parent pages and go to Layout margins and columns Change the number of columns to three And the gutter to five Right click and select parent options For a parent We're going to change the name to parent Dash inside spreads and click ok Your type tool and here we're going to Create the Footers Go up to type Insert special character markers current

Page number Make sure it is right aligned now we're Going to change our character For this tutorial we will be using this Font Copy it and paste it And left align it Now take your type tool And give your magazine a name using the Same font Now we're going to edit copy edit paste In place and we're going to slide it Over to the right Right align this text as well and now I'm just typing the season for this Magazine Now select the type tool here we're Creating text frames I'm creating a Total of six so just copy and paste each One of those frames Hover over the bottom right corner of The first text frame and click on the Blank white square a chain link symbol Will appear next to your cursor click Into the next column keep doing this Until all of the text frames are linked Now go to your layers panel and right Click duplicate parent spread And now here we will rename our parent Spread The name we will give it is parent Dash Article opening spread and click ok For this particular spread I will be Deleting my page numbers or you can turn

Your page numbers to the paper Swatch in The swatches panel And I will also be changing the name of My magazine in the season to a 50 tint Of black Now let's renumber our Pages select page Number five and right click Numbering and section options click on Start page numbering ad and make sure You leave it at 1. And then click OK you're going to get a Warning box but you can still click OK And you can see where all the rest of The pages were renumbered and for your First couple of pages you can always use None now I'm going to show you how to Use your text frames from your a parent And B parent spreads From here all you have to do is click on Command shift on your keyboard if you're Using a Mac and this will activate the Text frame from here go ahead and paste In your text and as you can see it will Automatically flow to the next page And that's how you make a simple Magazine template in InDesign so if you Like this video and you would like to See more go ahead and hit that like Button and subscribe if you haven't Already and don't forget to click that Little bell icon to be notified of any New videos I'm Ashley Harrell thanks for Watching [Music]

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