How To Create a Sub Account

Foreign [Music] Hey everyone Welcome to our quick Tutorial and for today I'm going to show You how to create a new sub account from Your agency So first off we need to be on your Agency level so Let's go to sub-accounts And then go to create new sub account And then but as you can see here you do Have the option to choose from these Vertical snapshots depending on the type Of Niche for your business so you can Either use this you can use a black Snapshot or you can also use your own Snapshot once you already have your sub Accounts available Or you can also use unimported Snapshot So for example if you copied a snapshot From another account you can also use That so that whatever it is on these Snapshots it will be copied over to the New sub account that you'll be creating This also shows you what type of account That you'll be creating if it's a SAS Account or a regular account so usually These options are available for the 497 Plan or for the Pro Plan but if you're On the on the starter plan then it'll Just be the regular account so for this One it will just be a regular account Let's just go ahead and do a traditional Way of creating a new sub account let's

Say that we will be creating it from Blank And then just let's hit on select and Continue And then you'll be seeing this map so it Will ask you to type in your company's Address you can do that and it will Locate the business for you or your Address so let's just say that we own a 7-Eleven in Hong Kong So let's use this and it's going to find It and then just click on this part just Confirm that that's a business Then for the account info just put in Your account information so that Includes your first name your last name And your email as well All right so City this uh if it's Required Um you won't be able to save it so make Sure that you input all the information Needed so zip postal code for Hong Kong Is 999.077 time zone Is actually plus eight so again that Depends on where your business is All right so once you're once you're Done entering all the information just Hit save And that's it it will create the account For you if you go to sub accounts It'll be listed here Or all the sub accounts under your Agency you can also search for the sub

Account by typing in the name of the sub Account that you are looking for so Let's look for the one that we just Created so this one All right so that's it if ever that you Have any questions don't hesitate to ask If you do have a good day thanks for Watching this short how-to video for More how-to videos check out the 2023 How to playlist in the go high level YouTube channel [Music] Foreign [Music]

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