How to Create a T-Shirt Mockup | Affinity Photo for Beginners #shorts

So creating a t-shirt mock-up in Affinity photo is incredibly easy thanks To the warp tool and a lesser known Layer blending option let's take a look At both of them so first let's select Our Graphics blend options using this Cog icon on the left we can tell this Layer to blend away the light parts of The graphic and that's going to remove The background and on the right side We're telling this layer to blend away From the lighter areas underneath the Layer And that'll make the graphic form to the Wrinkles and the shirts so it looks like It's actually on the shirt from here we Can then perfect that placement using The transform tool And finally using the mesh warp tool we Want to warp the graphic to fit the Perspective of the shirt we just have to Double click to create a Anchor Point I Like one right in the middle and then we Can push and pull to warp you can learn Even more Affinity photo tips and tricks Over at envato tets plus like and follow For more

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