How to Create a Warped Text Effect | Affinity Photo for Beginners #shorts

So this warped text effect is actually One of my favorites due to it being Completely non-destructive first start With a nice long font now we want to add A nice thick border around that font it Can be any color I'm sticking with black Below the text layer we're going to add A half tone live layer set to either Line or circular now it's time to add That wavy effect using twirl live layers First on the background I like to set The radius nice and high and you can Drag the troll effect around using your Mouse I'm using a total of two troll Layers on the background here and then Another two on the text itself nested Inside that text layer which is Important here this whole effect is Entirely Dynamic and you can even change The text color go ahead and grunge it up With a texture and we're done learning Even more Affinity photo tips and tricks Over at envirotutes plus like and follow For more

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