How to Create an Alien Movie Poster

In this tutorial you'll learn how to Create a tribute to the original alien Movie poster complete with the alien egg And a green glowing effect to recreate The alien 1979 poster we'll be using Adobe InDesign and a Photoshop glow Effect to replicate the omnius Atmosphere of the alien film poster Don't forget to subscribe to envato tips Plus for more free courses and tutorials I'm Ashley Harrell and in this tutorial We'll look at how to design a movie Poster through effective use of layout Color and movie fonts to give the movie Poster design depth and atmosphere Before we begin make sure you check out And follow elements get unlimited Downloads or design assets templates and Images like the one used in this Tutorial subscribe now with the link in The description [Music] The first thing you want to do is create A new document Set your units to inches the width will Be 27 and the height will be 40. Make sure facing pages is unchecked and Change your margins to one inch set your Bleed to 0.25 on each side Go to your layers panel and start Renaming your layers let's start off With background and from there we will Do metal Then egg

Then smoke The next one will be type And the last one will be paper texture First we're going to start off with the Background layer so lock all of the Other layers Now we're going to make two color Swatches we're going to make a deep Black color swatch and we will make a Neon yellow green color swatch And also if you're intending to share This poster online rather than print it You can switch your color mode to RGB Which will give your green a more neon Appearance Now on your background layer use the Rectangle tool to create a shape across The whole page and set the feel to deep Black Using the ellipse tool we are going to Make a wide oval shape at the bottom and Fill it with the neon yellow green With the oval selected go to object Effects transparency and set the mode to Hard light And then click on gradient feather and Change the type to radial and adjust Your gradient stops And then click on directional feather And set the bottom feather to 8 inches Now click on the metal layer and use the Rectangle frame tool and draw an image Frame across the bottom of the poster Now go to file place and place the

Texture metal image And rotated 180 degrees and make sure it Fills the frame Now return to the gradient feather Options and we're going to change the Type to linear and the angle will be 90 Degrees and again adjust your gradient Stops And then click on edit copy and edit Paste in place And on this layer we will change it to Soft light Type out the name of your movie poster I Will be using the word alien And using the font mbf atom change the Size to 50. Center it and change your tracking to 6000. And use paper for the Swatch And then go towards the bottom of your Poster and type out a slogan for this Example I will be using in space no one Can hear you scream Select your font and change your size to 43 with a tracking of 30. And place this closer to the glowing Light at the bottom Now we're going to go over to photoshop And open up your egg image go to select Subject and create a mask from this egg Image and now open up your elephant skin Texture photo And place it on top and right click Create clipping mask and change this

Layer to linear burn And duplicate it And change this layer to divide with an Opacity of about 60 percent Now we're going to place the chameleon Skin texture And of course make sure it covers the Entire egg And right click create clipping mask and Change this layer to lighter color with An opacity of 24 percent Now we're going to duplicate this layer But we're going to change this layer to Subtract and opacity will be 20 percent Now we're going to place the gecko Scales texture And I will place this over half of the Egg And then duplicate this layer and I will Transform it and flip it horizontal And merge both of these layers together And create clipping mask and change this Layer to subtract And the opacity will be 17 percent Now we're going to place one of the oval Shape glass images onto our egg And of course right click create Clipping mask and change the split mode To screen Now make a selection from the egg and Add a channel mixer adjustment layer And then add a solid color layer above It change it to the dark gray black from The swatches panel

And then right click Create clipping mask and from the Channel mixer layer we will apply a Inner Glow Change the blend mode to screen opacity 100 the color will be white The technique will be softer The Source will be Edge The Chuck will be 17 size 70. Change this layer to screen with an Opacity of 25 percent place all of your Layers within a folder and change this Layer to egg Create another folder and name it Neon Working on a new layer in the neon Folder ensuring the option in the top Control panel is set to shape use the Pen tool to draw a rough crack shape Across the top part of the egg Set the feel of its crack shape to a Very pale neon yellow Now double click this layer and now we Will apply an outer glow set the blend Mode to screen opacity should be 100 The color should be a neon color The size should be 90. And range should be 47 percent Now duplicate this layer And then on the effects change the blend Mode to pin light with an opacity of 65 Percent Change the spread to 20 and the size Will be 250. Now on this bottom layer change it to

Pen light With an opacity of 86 percent And then on this top layer change it to Pen light as well with an opacity of 70 Percent Now we're going to file Place some of The smoke images Position it over the right side of the Crack and place it within its own group Create a new color fill layer And use the colors 218 255 and 104. Right click create clippy mask Set this layer to pin light with an Opacity of 77 percent Now take both of these layers and Duplicate it And adjust this to the other side of the Crack And make sure you file save your egg as A PSD file Before you leave Photoshop open up one Of the smoke images we will tint this One with a neon green Swatch as well And save this as a PSD Now move back over to InDesign and we Will unlock the egg layer And we will file place our egg that we Saved as a PSD Now go up to object effects transparency With the X still selected And we will bring down the opacity to 93 Percent Then select Inner Glow And change the mode to multiply

Using the Deep black Swatch The opacity will be 97 The technique softer Source Edge size Will be one And choke will be 15 and then change the Noise to nine And now we will add a gradient feather Effect to the image And again adjust your gradient stops And change your angle to 53 degrees Now to make the glow of the crack egg Really pop we can enhance the vibrancy Of the glow effect use the pencil tool Or you can use your pen tool to trace Along the line of the crack And set the stroke Wick to something Very thin For this example I will use 0.1 and set The stroke color to paper And then let's apply a outer glow effect And choose the neon yellow green swatch For the color Set the opacity to 100 percent The size will be 3.6 and the noise will Be 7. And change the spread to 46 percent Now to enhance the 3D quality of the egg Use the ellipse tool to draw a wide oval Over the bottom half of the egg and set The fill to paper And now change our transparency And the opacity will be 75 percent Now click on gradient feather and apply A radial gradient with the transparent

Part of the gradient at the outer edge Of the oval Continue to adjust the radial gradient Until you get it the way you like Now uncheck the smoke layer And place the separate smoke file that We saved as a PSD Place it near the crack Now go to your transparency effect and Change the mode to hard light And the opacity will be 75 percent And then click on gradient feather So that we can dissolve those edges a Bit As a final finishing touch unlock the Paper texture layer at the top of the Layer sequence and file Place one of the Paper textures into the frame so that it Extends across the whole poster Now go back to your transparency effects And we will change this mode to multiply With an opacity of 75 percent So now that you're finished it is time To save our poster and now we're going To export it for print To export your poster as a printable PDF Go to file export and choose PDF print From the format options in the dialog Box that opens choose press quality from The preset options and include the bleed In your export alternatively you can Also file export your poster design as a JPEG or PNG image for sharing online And that's how you make a alien movie

Poster in InDesign and Photoshop so if You like this video and you would like To see more go ahead and hit that like Button and subscribe if you haven't Already and don't forget to click that Little bell icon to be notified of any New videos I'm Ashley Harrell thanks for Watching [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign

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