How To Create An Organizational Chart for Your Agency | Full video on our Youtube Channel!

I want to talk a little bit about the Scaled agency organizational chart and I Highly recommend you check out scaling Up by Vern Harnish the e-myth Revisited By Michael E Gerber traction by Gina Wickman which outlines the idea of EOS The entrepreneur operating systems Actually all three of them talk about The fact that the starting point for Growing your agency is to map out an Organizational chart regardless of where You're at in your agency you really need To map out what is the organization look Like as a whole number one as you grow And scale the first thing you have to Remove yourself is operations and Delivery remove yourselves from the Position of doing the SEO of doing the Pay-per-click of doing the actual work And then you need to remove yourself From the management of that you need an Operations person that can take Accountability and ownership of the Delivery side of the business well you Have to remove yourself from account Management you're going to want to Remove yourself from the actual Marketing process and then ultimately Sales

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