How To Create Custom Values

[Music]   Welcome to our quick tutorial and for today I'm 
going to show you how to create custom values   So first off we need to be inside 
an account or within a sub account   Then go to settings look for custom values and 
then click on the new custom value button enter   The name of the values for this example for this 
tutorial we'll be using let's say company quote   And the value will be long and prosper 
so once we're done we click on create That's it our custom value was already created 
so if you look for company quote you'll see that   The key is already here so the key is uh what we 
will be using within the system so for example   Um like if we're going to create 
an email or within the funnel   Um if we wanted to the system to Auto populate 
uh this value we just need to use this key   So that's uh actually the purpose of custom 
value so that um uh for example if you have   Like a value that you keep on using you can just 
use these Keys you can simply copy and paste them   And then the system will automatically populate it 
according to the value that you set it to so for   Example if this changes all you have to do is to 
edit the value here and what whatever or wherever   You use this key it will all automatically 
change to the value of the custom value so   Instead of you going into your email campaigns 
or to your funnels or websites and changing uh   The value of this particular custom value then all 
you have to do is to edit the value here and that   Changes uh the value within those particular 
parts of the system so and uh again you can   Create more custom values as you wish and that's 
it that's how simple you can create a custom value   And the fabric that you have any questions 
do not hesitate to ask all right that's it   For today you have a good day thanks for 
watching this short how-to video for more   How-to videos check out the 2023 how to playlist 
in the go high level YouTube channel [Music]

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